Thankful for Nurses – but not what Obamacare does for them

Amy Dertz has been a Registered Nurse since 2007 in Oakland, California. She recently penned this piece about how her work experience has changed under Obamacare.

She describes it as “a killer burden.”

“Hospitals delaying and denying care to patients as the ACA enables more Americans to buy into this deeply flawed system. If the ACA is successful in contributing to keeping patients out of the hospital, inpatient care will be reserved for patients with acute, severe illnesses and the number of hospital nurses will drop dramatically.”

This influx of patients, combined with an increase in health care costs has put intense pressure on nurses around the country.

“Nurses are working harder than ever with fewer resources,” Dertz writes. “My patients are not healthier. With the ACA there are more patients entering hospital infrastructures that have been diminished.”

And Oakland, where Dertz works, is not alone. In Gastonia, North Carolina, Nurses are facing a 25% pay cut. The reason? Obamacare.

This week is Nurse Appreciation Week, yet instead of feeling appreciated for their incredible work and strength, nurses are receiving pay cuts and unfair work shifts all because of this health care law.

Our health care system is broken and in desperate need of real, patient-centered reform. House Republicans are pursuing alternatives that provide access to affordable care, while maintaining the high-quality care our nurses strive to provide for patients.