Nunes Points Out Democrats & Media’s About Face On Whistleblower Testimony

REP. DEVIN NUNES: In previous hearings I’ve outlined three questions the democrats and the media don’t want asked or answered. Instead of shedding light on these crucial questions, the media are trying to smother and dismiss them. Those questions start with what is the full extent of the Democrats prior coordination with the Whistleblower and who else did the Whistleblower coordinate this effort with? The media have fully accepted the Democrats’ stunning reversal on the need for the Whistleblower to testify to this Committee. When the Democrats were insisting on his testimony, the media wanted it too. But things have changed since it became clear the Whistleblower would have to answer problematic questions that include these: What was the full extent of the Whistleblower’s prior coordination with Chairman Schiff, his staff, and any other people he cooperated with while preparing the complaint? What are the Whistleblower’s political biases and connections to Democratic politicians? How does the Whistleblower explain the inaccuracies in the complaint? What contact did the Whistleblower have with the media, which appears to be ongoing? What are the sources of the Whistleblower’s information, who else did he talk to, and was the Whistleblower prohibited by law from receiving or conveying any of that information? The media have joined the Democrats in dismissing the importance of cross examining this crucial witness now that the Whistleblower has successfully kick-started impeachment, he has disappeared from the story as if the Democrats put the Whistleblower in their own witness protection program.