(Not) Making the Grades: The 2015 Economic Report of the President

Today, the Obama Administration released its report card — the annual Economic Report of the President.  President Obama used 2015’s report to push his economic agenda — including trade, business tax reform, and family economics.

We give his report an “F.”

The President continues to argue that more spending and more government regulation will help the middle class, and insists on blocking the spending cuts Americans so desperately need.

If the President’s approach had worked, why would we be in the middle of one of the slowest recoveries in history? Would we still be missing 5.5 million private-sector jobs? Would Americans still be struggling under stagnant wages?

President Obama’s economic approach is deleterious to American families. Growth comes from the ground up — not from overbearing, top-down approaches. And Americans know a strong economy has roots in Main Street — not Washington, D.C.

House Republicans want straight “A’s” on America’s economic report card — not “F’s” (for Failed Policies). By empowering the people and local economies we represent, economic opportunity will flourish. By balancing our budget and cutting unnecessary federal projects, we can put more money back into the programs that help American families — not hold them back.

House Republicans have already passed countless solutions that will put Americans back to work, cut costly regulations, and put economic choices back into the hands of the people they affect. And we’re just getting started. We need the President to understand that sometimes, grades rely on collaboration. Republicans stand ready to work with the President to get Americans back to work and present the country with a stellar report card.