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Communications • February 4, 2013

President Obama has accumulated an unprecedented amount of debt in just four years. That’s why we’re voting to #RequireAPlan from his administration to present a balanced budget or tell us exactly when he would achieve one. It’s the responsible thing to do. Check out the chart below comparing his reckless spending to the past 43 …

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Communications • January 23, 2013

Hardworking American families and small businesses have a budget, yet Senate Democrats have failed to pass a budget – the most basic responsibility of governing – for almost four years. That shameful record must end, this year. That’s why the House passed No Budget, No Pay. House Republicans have passed a responsible budget in each …

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#NoBudgetNoPay Social Media Toolkit

Communications • January 23, 2013

The House passed the No Budget, No Pay Act today with bi-partisan support. The principle is simple: if the House or Senate fails to pass a budget, Members’ pay will be withheld. It’s time for the Senate to act, but we need to keep the pressure on them by sharing information about this bill and …

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Chairman Lankford (R-OK) Delivers the Weekly Republican Address (VIDEO)

Communications • January 19, 2013

In this week’s address, Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee James Lankford (R-OK) calls on the Democratic-controlled Senate to join us in reining in wasteful spending and passing a budget. The Senate has gone 1,361 days without passing a budget, despite being legally required to do so each year. The president’s last budget received …

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Chair McMorris Rodgers in POLITICO Playbook

Communications • January 11, 2013

POLITICO Playbook January 11, 2013 THE JUICE – Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of eastern Washington, new chair of the House Republican Conference (#4 in House GOP), is the highest-ranking woman in Congress. The fifth-termer sat down with Playbook in her Conference office in Cannon: “Coming out of the 2012 election, there’s a renewed focus among …

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1,350 Days since the U.S. Senate Passed a Budget

Communications • January 8, 2013

Today marks 1,350 days since the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate passed a budget. The Republican-led House of Representatives has passed two budgets in that time, keeping our commitment to the American people to reign in Washington’s wasteful spending and preserve the futures of our children and grandchildren. Spending is the problem, and Senate Democrats must take …

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