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Welcome Back, Madame Speaker

Press Team • July 7, 2019

All: As Congress reconvenes this week, Speaker Pelosi is coming off her latest major defeat with even more hurdles in her way: RACHAEL BADE: “Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has sort of always been known for her grip on her caucus in the House, is sort of seeing cracks in her armor right now and faces …

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“Master Legislator” No More

Press Team • June 27, 2019

House Democrats are in complete disarray as Speaker Pelosi – who has referred to herself as a “Master Legislator” – is facing an uprising from her caucus for refusing to bring the Senate’s overwhelmingly bipartisan border aid bill to the floor: Remember: This is the world in which Speaker Pelosi now lives. In being forced …

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Enforce the law? Pelosi: “What’s the point?”

Press Team • June 24, 2019

House Democrats have been careful to avoid revealing their real immigration agenda since claiming the majority. But this morning, that all changed when Speaker Pelosi spoke candidly about her support for open borders. Pelosi: “In terms of interior enforcement, what is the point?” Her comments, which were made during a “Speaker in the House” event …

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Dem Leaders Refuse to Condemn Extreme Comments… Again

Press Team • June 19, 2019

Like clockwork, House Democratic leadership is circling the wagons around Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after she accused the United States of operating “concentration camps” at the border, clearly referring to those used to exterminate millions of Jews in World War II. After Ocasio-Cortez’s comments sparked widespread, bipartisan outrage, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is refusing to condemn her. …

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Regarding Today’s Budget Committee “Hearing”

Press Team • June 19, 2019

Today in the Budget Committee, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats will hold a hearing that’s been billed as a discussion of “Poverty in America.” In reality, they’re simply providing a platform for liberal activists to promote their far-left agenda. Here’s some of the rhetoric you can expect from the witnesses: William J. Barber II called …

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“Concentration camps”?

Press Team • June 18, 2019

Virtually everyone in America recognizes that there’s a humanitarian crisis at the border, with one notable exception: Democrats in Congress. The New York Times Editorial Board has urged Congress to act twice, Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said the immigration system was “overwhelmed,” and Border Patrol agents are on track to apprehend over a million …

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To Defend Extreme Proposal, House D’s Resort To Outright Lies

Press Team • June 12, 2019

During today’s “Medicare for All” hearing in the House Ways & Means Committee, Republicans pointed out the danger in a system that eliminates private health insurance and forces every American into a one-size-fits-all government plan. The Democrats’ bizarre response reveals just how desperate they are: Here are some facts Rep. Jayapal is leaving out: The …

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Democrats Put Abortion Litmus Test Front And Center

Press Team • June 9, 2019

The extreme, far-left agenda embraced by Democrats is most pronounced when it comes to the issue of life. This morning, George Stephanopolous asked Beto O’Rourke if there was “any room in the Democratic Party now for those who oppose abortion.” He responded by stating it would be “very hard” for him to believe they could …

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House D Leader Admits Pelosi Has Lost Control of Her Caucus

Press Team • June 2, 2019

The third-highest ranking Democrat in the House told Jake Tapper this morning that Democrats have every intention of beginning impeachment proceedings against President Trump: Tapper: “It sounds like you think the President will be impeached, or at least proceedings will begin in the House at some point but just not right now.” Rep. Clyburn: “Yes, …

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Dems’ Anti-Israel Agenda On Display Again This Weekend

Press Team • June 1, 2019

From San Francisco to the halls of Congress, today’s Democratic Party is infested with deep-seeded anti-Semitism and hostility toward Israel. Look no further than Speaker Pelosi’s home state: The California Democratic Party is grappling with six separate resolutions that repeatedly demonize the state of Israel at their convention this weekend. Here are a few examples: …

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