NEW VIDEO: Adam Schiff’s Partisan And Unfair Process

With Adam Schiff’s track record of spreading false allegations about collusion, fabricating a call transcript during a congressional hearing, and lying about his dealings with the whistleblower, he can’t be trusted to run a fair investigation.

House Republicans are now calling for a vote to censure Schiff over his efforts to purposely mislead the public.  Take a look back at his history of lying and deceiving the American people in the latest House GOP video.


SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: I’m so proud of the work of Chairman Adam Schiff.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: There’s ample evidence of collision. … There was circumstantial evidence of collusion. … But look you can see evidence in plain sight on the issue of collusion, pretty compelling evidence.

HUGH HEWITT: Adam Schiff came on and he went full Alice in Wonderland queen of hearts. Verdict first, trial later. I believe he destroyed his credibility.

SHANNON BREAM: Top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee under fire tonight for reciting what he later called a parody of President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: And I’m going to say this only seven times so you better listen good. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? Lots of it.

SHANNON BREAM: Not the words in the transcript.

REP. CHRIS STEWART: The dishonesty of how this investigation is being run and I wish we could elaborate that on Chairman Schiff and the dishonesty that he’s displayed.

SAM STEIN: First off, have you heard from the whistleblower? Do you want to hear from the whistleblower.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. We would like to.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: The New York Times writes, “House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff received an early account of the accusations against the President before the official whistleblower complaint was filed.”

SAM STEIN: It’s put him in some trouble. He clearly wasn’t being forthright in that interview with us a couple weeks ago, and he should have been.

REP. LEE ZELDIN: There was no new investigation that had to get created. This whole thing is a fairytale. Adam Schiff is misleading you.

REP. JIM JORDAN: This is Adam Schiff’s partisan and unfair process that he’s going through.

SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: I’m so proud of the work of Chairman Adam Schiff.