“New” House speaker elected

Democrats across the country promised they would not support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker because “new leadership” was needed in Washington.

Many of them broke that promise on their first day in office. Specifically: 
-Gil Cisneros (CA-39) – San Francisco Chronicle, 6/21/18
-Andy Kim (NJ-03) – New Jersey Globe, 6/23/18
-Haley Stevens (MI-11) – Detroit News, 7/31/18
-Rashida Tlaib (MI-13) – CNN, 8/9/18
-Jahana Hayes (CT-05) – NBC Connecticut, 8/8/18
-Linda Sanchez (CA-38) – CSPAN, 10/5/17
-Seth Moulton (MA-06) – Roll Call, 5/1/18
-Brian Higgins (NY-26) – Buffalo News, 6/14/18
-Tim Ryan (OH-13) – Dayton Daily News, 7/10/18
-Ed Perlmutter (CO-07) – NBC News, 8/13/18
-Filemon Vela (TX-04) – NBC News, 8/16/18

And there are a handful more who previously dodged the question entirely, before ultimately opting to support Pelosi today.

Here’s why Pelosi is the perfect leader for today’s Democratic Party:

  • She’s too liberal and completely out of touch
  • She’s already been rejected by voters in the past
  • She thinks building a border wall to protect our country from drugs and crime is “immoral

But is she really going to be calling the shots?

  • Pelosi is dealing with a full-on liberal revolt by some of the loudest voices within her own party
  • Their first day in the majority has been marred by public displays of infighting and division

Bottom line: The “new” face of the Democratic Party will be a constant reminder of their decades of failed policies and inability to connect with everyday Americans.