Nearly One-Third of House Dems Skip “Emergency” Vote To Address USPS “Crisis”

While Democrats’ falsely claimed that there was a “crisis” taking place with the USPS that needed to be addressed, nearly one-third of their members failed to even show up to work on this unfounded “emergency” on Saturday:

Their refusal to not even be present demonstrates again why they cannot be trusted. After claiming the Post Office was facing a crisis necessitating an emergency session of the House, 68 of their members couldn’t even be bothered to show up for some of the votes held, voting by proxy instead.

This is what we have come to expect from Speaker Pelosi and Democrats. Whether it’s instituting proxy voting so they can pass whatever legislation they want regardless of who is present, promoting ballot harvesting so they can manufacture the results of elections across the country, or passing federal mandates that would give Washington D.C. control over elections that should be run by state and local governments, they have a track record of railroading our democratic process so they can achieve their political goals.