NDAA: Confident in our National Security

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The Army is the smallest it has been since before WWII. Unbelievably, the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy are being forced to cannibalize parts from ships and planes to keep others in working order and to fight the threats that face America. In the news, we see stories of the issues caused by seven years of disinvestment, and it’s directly impacting those who serve to protect our country.

As Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX) puts it, “In times of so much uncertainty, we must ensure our military remains the strongest fighting force in the world.”

But pulling parts from planes on display in museums in order to keep them flying is a far cry from being ready and prepared to respond to an immediate threat to our nation.

In fact, this is unacceptable. Says Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), “We would be putting [our men and women in uniform] lives in increased danger by reducing their numerical strength and not providing them with the training they need.”

To provide our military with the resources they need to keep us safe, the House recently passed a defense bill known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA will work to strengthen our military to keep Americans safe and secure in their lives, and includes a “much needed pay raise for our troops,” according to Rep. John Carter (R-TX), whose district includes Fort Hood.

In a recent press conference on Capitol Hill, House Armed Services Committee chairman, Representative Mac Thornberry (R-TX), marked the passage of this critical legislation by acknowledging, “Our troops are facing a serious readiness crisis, they don’t expect us to fix it instantly, but they expect us to understand it and begin to take action to fix it, and that’s exactly what this bill does.”

In the current global landscape, the threats to the United States are evolving and becoming more diverse than ever before. The NDAA works to ensure that our military has the resources necessary to fight proliferating threats like ISIL and others.

President Obama vetoed this legislation last year. Another delay like this will continue to put our troops at a disadvantage. The best way to ensure that our country remains strong is to guarantee that the fruits from generations of sacrifice are not endangered by momentary political goals.

We cannot afford politics when it comes to our safety.

Americans should be confident in their security, and the NDAA works to restore that confidence and improve the readiness of our military to respond to the threats that face our nation.

Watch the full NDAA Press Conference here.