Mourning for Millennials

Millennials have bills, never-ending student loans, and dismal job prospects. They have college degrees, responsibilities, and ambition to find work that makes them proud — yet why is this group of Americans struggling to find jobs?

What separates Millennials from prior generations? Their crippling debt. Not being able to acquire decent paying jobs eliminates opportunity to pursue their goals — which for many means their own place. Recent studies show there are now more young adults living at home than ever before. This doesn’t mean that’s desired though — Millennials have an ardent yearning to buy their own homes.

Sure, there are benefits that come with living at home, like not having to spend practically half of their low-paying salary on rent — but there aren’t enough home-cooked meals in the world that can compensate for their frustration and stifled independence.

And while there are many Millennials who live independently, a significant amount of them still receive financial assistance from their parents. And even if they are on their own, wages are tight — which means there is little to no room left for saving.

This generation grew up during Obama’s presidency, and his Administration hasn’t given them the necessary tools to strive in this economy. A stagnant economy combined with rising costs has resulted in bad math for Millennials around the country.

Millennials, we empathize with your frustrations and we hear you. You are ambitious, you care about the work you do, and you sincerely want to make this country a better place.  It’s time for a change, and House Republicans are ready to successfully take on the problems with our economy. For the sake of our future leaders — it’s time for solutions, and House Republicans stand ready to implement them.