Morning Joe panel mocks Lerner’s lost emails

Joe Scarborough: "Who are these idiots?"

The story from the IRS that Lois Lerner’s emails could be lost forever doesn’t pass the smell test, even for MSNBC’s Morning Joe. A panel this morning struggled to get through the segment without constant laughter, despite co-host Mika Brezinski’s best efforts.  “Let’s all keep a straight face while I read this news story,” she said.

Joe Scarborough was sarcastic throughout. “That’s the great thing, that e-mails are forever, at least in advanced civilizations,” he said. “Even I know that if you have a hard drive and can’t find an e-mail, you can get a little nerd to come in and they can find them for you.”

Brzezinski went on to read the story: “The emails will possibly, may be, nowhere to be found. Lost forever.  Republican Senator Orin Hatch was told Lois Lerner’s crashed hard drive was actually recycled.”

“I like how they use the word ‘recycled’,” mocked host Joe Scarborough. “instead of ‘we trashed the evidence and tore it up and buried it’, no. We were earth friendly.”

In a more serious tone, Scarborough went on to say, “How does the Internal Revenue Service go to a taxpayer and say ‘oh you can’t find the receipts? You either find the receipts and justify this or you’re going to jail.’

“Shouldn’t somebody from the IRS go to jail if this is a standard they hold the rest of Americans to?”