Mimi Walters: If government gets out of the way…

At the age of 18, Rep. Mimi Walters (R-CA) cast her first vote for President Ronald Reagan.  This vote was made possible by the women pioneers who in 1920 fought to secure their constitutional right to vote — not only for themselves, but for all women.

Her vote for former President Ronald Reagan sparked an interest in Walters that led to her future service in the People’s House. Today, she is blazing the trail alongside her colleagues in Congress with a mission: to free industries from harmful regulations and empower them to make their own decisions.  She recalls the formative years, working in male-dominated industries, where she saw first hand the challenges women face in the workforce while balancing a family and a career.

In her latest op-ed, appearing on Forbes.com, Walters writes, “At times, it was a struggle to balance the two, but I never doubted that women can have it all,” says Walters. “If government gets out of the way of entrepreneurialism and allows businesses to thrive, I am confident women will compete and succeed.”

Read Walters’ op-ed published on Forbes.com by CLICKING HERE.