Military Funding: Testimonies from our Troops

For months we have been talking about the readiness crisis our military is facing.

That’s right, crisis. Due to mammoth budget cuts to defense spending, military equipment, the same tools and weapons designated for our safety, are failing and endangering those who work to maintain them.

The unfortunate and unacceptable reality is that there are too many planes that can’t fly, too many ships that can’t sail, and too many soldiers that can’t deploy all while threats are mounting.

These are not just our concerns, but the expressed concerns of our military leaders.

Here’s exactly what they have to say about the readiness crisis that they are facing.

“We have become one of the smallest, oldest-equipped, and least ready forces across the full-spectrum of operations, in the Air Force’s history…”

-Gen. Stephen W. Wilson, Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force

“If we have to fight tonight, I don’t want it to be a fair fight. If it’s a knife fight, I want to bring a gun. If it’s a gunfight, I want to bring in the artillery, and the artillery of all of our allies. But as I said during Congressional testimony last year, sequestration could reduce us to wielding a butter knife in this fight.”

-Adm. Harry Harris, U.S. Pacific Command Chief

“When you have these budget issues and essentially cut the water off a little bit, that stagnates our training which immediately influences our ability to react,”

– Cap. Frank Gilliard, U.S. Air Force Reservists

Do you agree that our military is facing a readiness crisis? Talk to us, tell us what you think about this issue! Let your voice be heard.

“Our modernization budget, which is how we build future readiness against the forces we will face in the future, is 50 percent of what it was in 2009.”

-General Daniel B. Allyn, Vice Chief of the United States Army

“The competitive advantage that the United States military has long enjoyed is eroding.”

-Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

“We are stretching the force to the limit, and we need to start turning the corner on readiness”

-Hon. Heather Wilson, Secretary of the Air Force

“Our Navy faces increased demand without the size and resources required to properly maintain and train for our future. And every year we’ve had to make tough choices often choosing to sacrifice long-term readiness to make sure we be ready to answer the call today.”

-Adm. William Moran, Vice Chief of Naval Operations

“Marines don’t get ready when the crisis occurs. We must prepare those next to deploy and maintain a ready bench to respond to crisis or contingency, with minimal notice…The instability of the current fiscal environment, compounded by current shortfalls in our Operation and Maintenance accounts, impact our ability to maintain a ‘ready bench’.”

-Gen. Robert Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps

“Today we are outranged, outgunned, and outdated…An unintended consequence of current fiscal constraints is that the Army can no longer afford the most modern equipment, and we risk falling behind near-peers in critical capabilities.”

-General Daniel B. Allyn, Vice Chief of the United States Army

Freedom isn’t free. It never has been. Our servicemen and women risk everything to ensure our way of life. As they face unimaginable enemies, it is our duty as Congress to ensure that they are fully equipped to do their jobs as safely and effectively as possible.

We must restore military funding now.