Tom Marino

Tom Marino


Marino Introduces Legislation to Improve Safety and Security from Active Assailant Threats


Washington, D.C.—Today, Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) introduced H.R. 6803, the Active Assailant Training, Readiness, and Response Act.

The Active Assailant Training, Readiness, and Response Act will create a new grant program within the Department of Education to improve safety and security from active assailant threats, including those involving school violence.  The federal resources from the grant will be awarded to accredited universities so they may serve as training and response hubs to schools, hospitals, and other institutions in the university’s region.

The recipient of the grant must clearly define the region it will serve, and it must provide consultation and training on preparing for active assailant incidents, techniques for responding rapidly to such incidents, and post-incident assistance to those affected.

Congressman Marino issued the following statement:

“One of the most important jobs of the federal government is ensuring the safety and security of all of our country’s citizens.  Despite efforts undertaken by Congress, it is clear that more work needs to be done in this area.  My legislation will ensure that vulnerable institutions such as schools and hospitals have the resources they need to prepare for and respond to active assailant incidents.  Accredited universities are a prime candidate to provide this training, as they are likely to have a high level of familiarity with many institutions within the region they will serve.  I look forward to working with my colleagues to advance this legislation.”

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Marino Delivers on Regulatory Reform Commitment Through Permit Streamlining



WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the House Judiciary Committee held a mark-up of H.R. 5468, Permitting Litigation Efficiency Act, introduced by Congressman Marino.

The Permitting Litigation Efficiency Act is bipartisan legislation that will streamline the federal permitting process by requiring federal agencies to take action on permit applications within a specified time period. If an agency fails to act within the time period, the agency is subject to a presumption that it has caused an “unreasonable delay.” This presumption serves as a powerful incentive for agencies to conclude their permit reviews within sensible timeframes.

The federal permitting process has become an immense burden for businesses, state, and local governments. The Hoover Dam was built in five years. Modern projects, however, are often bogged down by years or decades of bureaucratic red tape before they even get off the ground. Reforming this process will improve job creation and help our nation reach its full economic potential. This legislation is key to seeing those reformations are accomplished.

Congressman Marino issued the following statement:

“After hearing from countless constituents and listening to witness testimony here in Washington, it has become abundantly clear that the federal permitting process has hamstrung economic development and job growth. This legislation will restore accountability to the permit review process thereby providing certainty to local and state governments and businesses with development plans. The PLEA Act ensures a comprehensive and responsible environmental review while restoring predictability and sensibility to the federal permitting process. I am pleased this bill was referred favorably out of the Judiciary Committee.” 

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The Case for Brett Kavanaugh


Congressmen Marino Op-Ed: The Case for Brett Kavanaugh
Williamsport Sun-Gazatte
August 31, 2018

United States Supreme Court nominations are one of the most important responsibilities the Constitution entrusts to the President.


The President has put forward Judge Brett Kavanaugh. A Jurist with impeccable credentials, President Trump clearly took this responsibility very seriously and I commend his decision.


I respect Judge Kavanaugh’s straightforward approach to the bench: apply the law as written and enforce the text, structure, and original understanding of the Constitution.


A ‘Judge’s judge’, the Supreme Court has endorsed his opinions more than a dozen times, including dissents that have become law of the land.


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Rep. Marino Statement on FBI's Firing of Special Agent Peter Strzok


Washington, DC- Today, Representative Tom Marino (PA-10) released the following statement regarding the FBI's firing of Special Agent Peter Strzok.  

"As I said to Mr. Strzok directly, his high opinion of himself cost him his job at the FBI. He damaged trust in a most respected American institution and in doing so, was appropriately removed from his position. The FBI's internal review, IG report, and Strzok's testimony strongly indicated that he allowed his bias to affect his work at the bureau. This is a justified action for the FBI to take in course correction the from recent departures in proper investigative procedures."

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Marino Supports Extension of National Flood Insurance Program


Washington, DC- Today, Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) released the following statement after the House passed an extension to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through November 30.  

Representative Marino issued the following statement:

“Pennsylvanians across the 10th District rely on the National Flood Insurance Program to protect their homes. Given the recent storms and the onset of hurricane season, it is critically important that Congress provides this extension of the program so families and businesses are provided the certainty needed for the remainder of this hurricane season.

“While this program is in need of reform, letting it expire would leave constituents of PA-10 vulnerable to potential financial calamity. NFIP policies are vital due to a simple fact: anywhere there is rain or a body of water, there is a potential for a flood. I encourage my colleagues in the Senate to pass this extension and I look forward to working with them on a long-term solution that meets the needs of Pennsylvania families and businesses.”

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House Passes Resolution to Support ICE


Washington, DC- Today, the House of Representatives passed, H.Res. 990, legislation that denounces calls for the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement performs vital functions that protect American families. Last year ICE agents arrested more than 127,000 aliens with criminal convictions or charges. Criminal aliens arrested by ICE agents in 2017 were responsible for more than 76,000 dangerous drug offenses; 48,000 assault offenses; 11,000 weapon offenses; 5,000 sexual assault offenses; 2,000 kidnapping offenses; and 1,800 homicide offenses. ICE agents also removed a million pounds of narcotics and more than 4,800 gang members from the streets of this country. Additionally, ICE has accounted for the removal of approximately 1,716 illegal aliens that posed national security concerns since September 11, 2001.

Representative Marino issued the following statement:

“Some of my colleagues have launched an assault on ICE and other law enforcement agents who secure our borders from threats of gang violence, the importation of harmful narcotics, and from terrorists with intentions of attacking the homeland. ICE’s role in our nation’s security is paramount and their service deserves our utmost respect. Calls to abolish ICE are irresponsible, threaten national security interests, and denigrate the thousands of men and women who enforce our nation’s immigration laws that keep us safe.” 

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Rep. Marino Statement on U.S.-Russia Summit


Washington, DC- Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) released the following statement after the joint press conference following the U.S.-Russia Summit.

“America’s relationship with Russia is not binary and many of the issues discussed from energy, cybersecurity, and denuclearization need mutual dedication to reach solutions. However, Russia is not our ally and their motivations are not based on the promotion of democracy and human rights like the United States. Russia and President Putin cannot be trusted.

“As a former prosecutor and Department of Justice employee, my experiences tell me the recent indictment of 12 Russian military intelligence officers came with merit and have facts to back them up. U.S. intelligence agencies have bountiful evidence to confirm Russian activity in our democratic processes.”

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Rep. Marino Questions FBI Agent Strzok in Joint Hearing


Washington, DC- Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) released the following statement the following statement during the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees’ joint hearing on “Oversight of FBI and DOJ Actions Surrounding the 2016 Election: Testimony by FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok.”

"This afternoon I had the opportunity to question FBI Agent Peter Strzok. I remain completely disheartened and disappointed with his actions leading up to the 2016 election and his explanation of those actions today under oath. 

"As a former District Attorney, US Attorney, and Department of Justice employee, I expect better judgment from those protecting the interests of the American people in the law enforcement community.  It is unfortunate that after 22 years of service, Agent Strzok’s attitude and arrogance has led to a complete dereliction of his responsibilities as an FBI agent."

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Congressman Marino to Co-Host Live Tele-Town Hall on Opioid Crisis Featuring Special Guest TV’s Dr. Phil


Special 90 -minute telephone discussion designed to help constituents concerned and/or affected by opioid abuse and addiction

Toll-free call will be co-hosted by Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-03)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressmen Tom Marino (PA-10) and Mike Kelly (PA-03) will be cohosting a toll-free telephone town hall meeting TONIGHT for constituents of the Tenth and Third District to ask questions and receive guidance from Special Guest  Dr. Phillip C. McGraw and his team about the ongoing national opioid epidemic.

WHAT: A free tele-town hall to provide information to Pennsylvanians affected by the opioid crisis, including those struggling with addiction as well as their concerned family members and friends.

WHO: Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10)

            Congressman Mike Kelly (PA-03)

            Dr. Philip C. McGraw, a.k.a “Dr. Phil”

WHEN: Wednesday, July 11, 2018

TIME: 6:30pm-8:00pm

CALL-IN INFORMATION: To participate, dial 877-228-2184 and enter event ID 19013 at the time of the event.

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Rep. Marino Praises Nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court


Washington, D.C.— Congressman Tom Marino (PA-10) released the following statement regarding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanuagh for Justice of the United States Supreme Court:

“Brett Kavanaugh is a superb choice for the United States Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh has served with distinction on the D.C. Circuit and his credentials are well-known. His record shows that he respects the power the Constitution grants in our system of government, upholds the rule of law, and will judge cases impartially before the high court.

I am confident President Trump chose the right person to replace Justice Kennedy and I look forward to Kavanaugh’s service on the Supreme Court. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to confirm him as soon as possible.”

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Contact Information

410 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3731
Fax 202-225-9594

Committee Assignments

Foreign Affairs


Tom Marino came to Congress in January 2011 in much the same way he arrived at other destinations throughout this life: with a sense of purpose, a clear set of goals, and a common-sense approach to finding solution to serious problems.

Though he had previously talked about running for Congress, it wasn’t until he found himself so frustrated by the direction the nation was taking that he declared himself a candidate in early 2010.

He emerged the victor of a three-man Republican primary race and went on to defeat two-term Democrat incumbent Chris Carney by 10 percentage points in November 2010.

With his two children at his side, he was sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives on January 5, 2011, becoming part of the largest freshman class in decades.

Tom was re-elected to serve a second term in 2012, receiving 66 percent of the vote in the general election.

Marino maintained his standing on three House committees – Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, and the Judiciary – and six subcommittees, two of which he serves as Vice Chairman.

The assignments are a good fit for the attorney who gained a reputation as a tough prosecutor, first as Lycoming County District Attorney and then as U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

But when Congressman Marino tells working people that he knows where they are coming from, he means it.

That’s because he is never far from his blue-collar roots and the middle-class Williamsport neighborhood home where his mother still lives.

Tom, one of four children to Vivian Marino and the late Joseph Marino, is a second-generation Italian-American.  His father was a janitor and a fireman and his mother was a homemaker.

Tom married his high school sweetheart, Edie, and went to work in the manufacturing field.  It wasn’t until he was passed over for a promotion that he realized the importance of a college education.

So, at 30 years old, Tom sold his truck and Edie worked full time as he enrolled in college.  Tom earned his bachelor’s and law degrees in five years, attending the former Williamsport Area Community College, Lycoming College and Dickinson School of Law.

He practiced law for several years before being elected to two terms as District Attorney for Lycoming County.  He later served as U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, where his name became synonymous with cracking down on organized crime and drug trafficking.  He was the first U.S. Attorney to attend the Top Gun PA X training classes and completed a National Security Seminar at the U.S. Army War College at the Carlisle Barracks.

Tom returned to work as a private-practice attorney for two years before deciding to run for Congress.

Tom and Edie have two adopted children, Chloe and Victor, and live in Cogan Station, Lycoming County.

A three-time cancer survivor, Tom is active in community events and enjoys reading, motorcycle riding, weightlifting, running, and spending time with his family.

Besides his committee work, Tom is involved with a number of congressional caucuses, and serves as Co-Chairman of the Cystic Fibrosis Caucus, Congressional Kidney Caucus, and the Congressional Caucus on Foster Youth.

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