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Rep. Massie: Massie v. Pelosi Lawsuit is a "David vs Goliath" fight against Pelosi's COVID Mandates.

2021-12-02 16:54:41

Rep. Massie Asks AFL-CIO: Do You Support Members Who Apply For Vaccine Mandate Exemptions? 11-17-21

2021-11-17 20:51:15

Rep. Massie: "Biden is Committing Violence on the American People" with Vaccine Mandate 11-10-21

2021-11-12 17:47:36

Rep. Massie Asks: Are Religious Exemptions Being Granted As Required by Federal Law?

2021-11-02 19:30:20

Rep. Massie Offers Gun-Grabbers Examples of "Good Guys With A Gun" Stopping "Bad Guys With A Gun"

2021-11-02 00:00:20

Rep. Massie: Democrats' Unconstitutional and Hurtful Red Flag Law "Turns Due Process On Its Head."

2021-10-29 17:05:03

Rep. Massie Tells Kennedy: COVID Vaccine Mandates are "Biden's War on Women of Childbearing Age."

2021-10-28 17:52:47

Rep: Massie: If We Don't Want To Ruin Our Supply Chain, End These Unscientific Vaccine Mandates

2021-10-27 19:52:11

Rep. Massie: Biden's Spending Is Creeping Us Closer To A Socialist Country

2021-10-26 22:18:14

Rep. Massie: Garland Can "Absolutely Answer Questions" About Whether Feds Encouraged Jan 6 Breach

2021-10-26 16:48:32

Rep. Massie on COVID Mandates: "Never Should These Vaccines Be Mandated For Anybody." 10/20-2021

2021-10-25 17:14:20

Rep. Massie: It's Fraud to Deny All Requests for Religious Exemptions from Vaccine Mandates 10-21-21

2021-10-22 14:55:32

Rep. Massie Questions Attorney General Garland- Were Federal Agents Present/Agitating on Jan 6th?

2021-10-22 13:31:09

Rep. Massie's Video Presentation to AG Merrick Garland 10-21-21

2021-10-21 17:00:51

Rep. Massie: "People Could Spend The Rest of Their Lives in Prison for Violating the MORE Act."

2021-10-01 16:48:07

Rep. Massie: Vaccine Mandates are a "War on Frontline Workers and First Responders" 9/23/21

2021-09-24 21:35:23

Rep. Massie: Feds Shouldn't Be Bribing States to Adopt Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws 9/13/21

2021-09-14 16:15:54

Rep. Massie Offers Amendment to Defund Vaccine Passports 9/14/21

2021-09-14 17:25:31

Rep. Massie: Joe Biden's Vaccine Mandate is Illegal, Unscientific, and Hurtful 9/13/2021

2021-09-13 19:45:49

Rep. Massie on KET: 8/24/21

2021-09-08 16:44:11

Contact Information

2453 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3465

U.S. Representative Thomas Massie entered Congress in November 2012 after serving as Lewis County Judge Executive. He represents Kentucky’s 4th Congressional District which stretches across Northern Kentucky and 280 miles of the Ohio River.

U.S. Representative Massie attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. During school, he invented a technology that enabled people to interact with computers using their sense of touch and leveraged that technology to found SensAble Technologies, Inc., which raised over $32 million of venture capital, created 70 jobs, and obtained 29 patents. The hardware and software he developed is now used to design automobiles, jewelry, shoes, dental prosthetics, and even reconstructive implants for wounded soldiers.

In Congress, Thomas serves on two committees: the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure and the House Judiciary Committee.

The House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure has jurisdiction over roads, bridges, mass transit, railroads, aviation, maritime and waterborne transit. The Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over laws that affect intellectual property, industrial hemp, civil liberties, firearms, and other topics that were among the reasons Thomas ran for Congress!

Thomas lives on a cattle farm in Kentucky with his wife and high school sweetheart, Rhonda, and they have four children.

He’s honored to be able to serve the citizens of Kentucky’s 4th District.

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