Steve Stivers

Steve Stivers


Investing in Research is a Bipartisan Goal



              I recently had the opportunity to meet with some Americans whose lives have been forever changed by cancer.  A group of constituents from the 15th District who are a part of PanCAN – the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network - took time to share their experiences with me.  Hearing their stories only reemphasized the urgency and the importance of finding a cure.  Pancreatic cancer has surpassed breast cancer, and is now the 3rd leading cause of cancer-related deaths in this country.  This, and all other forms of cancer, is taking far too many loved ones from their families, and it is affecting lives across the political spectrum.

              Cancer doesn’t discriminate by age, gender, or political affiliation.  That is why I am proud to join my Republican and Democratic colleagues in the Congressional Caucus on Deadliest Cancers, and to co-Chair the Biomedical Research Caucus with Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN).  Both of these bipartisan groups of lawmakers advocate for funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), because supporting their research and technological advances is key in finding cures for diseases like pancreatic cancer.

            Additionally, as a part of the Continuing Resolution passed in May, there was a $2 billion increase to the NIH.  In a time of budgetary constraints, this increase demonstrates widespread support and that cures to diseases and cancers are a top priority.  It is also the fulfilment of a promise that Congress made to the American people last year when the 21st Century Cures Act was passed with bipartisan support and signed into law by President Obama.

            This law, which was recently enacted, works to modernize and personalize health care, support research, and streamline the system to deliver better and faster cures to more patients.  It is paving the way for a new generation of health care innovation, and I am excited to see the difference it will make for the far-too-many Americans whose lives are unfortunately touched by cancer.

            As the House of Representatives continues to debate the budget, I know that my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will agree: doing our part to find a cure for cancer does not require hours of debate. 

            If you have questions or comments regarding the appropriations process, or Congress’s investment in cancer research, please contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-2015, my Hilliard office at (614) 771-4968, my Lancaster office at (740) 654-2654, or my Wilmington office at (937) 283-7049.  For more information on where I stand on the issues before Congress, you can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and sign up for my e-newsletter at




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Stivers' Statement on the Passing of Congressman Regula


Regarding the passing of Congressman Ralph Regula, the following can be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH):

“Congressman Regula devoted his life to serving the people of Ohio,” Stivers said. “In his nearly four decades in the House, he offered leadership and an excellent example of what it means to be a public servant.  My thoughts are with his wife, Mary, and the rest of his family.”


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Stivers Statement on House Passage of the NDAA


Regarding the House passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the following can be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH):

"It is our military’s job to protect and defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic – and they do this job bravely every day. Today, the House fulfilled its job by passing the National Defense Authorization Act to give our military the resources they need to be successful,” Stivers said. “This bill improves our missile defense system to protect against the growing threat from North Korea, rebuilds our military that has been crippled by budget cuts, and restores readiness so we can address the threats our nation faces.”


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Considering Attending a Service Academy?


Since the United States Military Academy first opened its doors in West Point, New York in 1802, service academies have provided young people with the incredible opportunity to obtain an exceptional education, and to serve their country.  As a Brigadier General in the Army National Guard, I am extremely proud of the students who make the courageous choice to join the tradition of military service by attending one of these schools.

If you, or someone you know, is considering seeking an appointment to the U.S. Military, Naval, Merchant Marine, or Air Force Academy, the time to begin the process is now.  In addition to the standard application processes typical to most colleges and universities, prospective students must also seek a nomination from a Senator, the Vice President, the President, or a Congressional Representative, such as myself.  The Congressional authority to nominate outstanding high school students from Ohio’s 15th District to service academies is a special source of pride for me. These young men and women are among the best and brightest and I am continuously impressed by the accomplished applicants each year. 

There are some basic requirements: applicants seeking my nomination must be citizens of the United States and of Ohio’s 15th Congressional District who are at least 17 years of age, but have not yet reached their 23rd birthday by July 1, 2017.  Additionally, qualified applicants will not have been married or be under any legal obligation to support a child.  Most importantly, these men and women have excellent moral character.  They are emotionally stable, trustworthy, motivated and have a drive to serve a purpose bigger than themselves – protecting the freedom, liberty, and traditions of our great nation.

If you fulfill these requirements, the next step is to submit an Application Request Form to my office by Friday, September 22, 2017.  Application packages will then be distributed and must be returned by Friday, October 20, 2017.  These applications are designed to determine academic and athletic achievement, community involvement, and leadership experience.  Based on these qualities, the 15th Congressional District Academy Review Board will interview applicants and make nomination recommendations in November. 

This is an extensive process, because attending one of the service academies is both an honor, and a responsibility.  And I know that there are exemplary students in the 15th District who are up to the task.

If you have any further questions about the nomination process, I encourage you to contact Branden Meyer in my Lancaster office at (740) 654-2654 or visit my website at, and click on the “Service Academy” tab. 


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A Hat-Trick for Local Student in Ohio's 15th Congressional District Art Competition


WASHINGTON, D.C. - This week, Cassidy Boyuk traveled to Washington, D.C. to see her artwork displayed in the halls of the U.S. Capitol building. Boyuk, daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Boyuk, is a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School, and the winner of Ohio’s 15th Congressional District Art Competition.

This is not Boyuk’s first trip to the Capitol.  Her 2016 submission “Reflections,” took first place last year, and her self-portrait was awarded third place in 2015.  In addition to a trip to the Capitol, Boyuk’s painting, “Fading Memories,” was one of the pieces honored at the competition awards ceremony at the Columbus Museum of Art, along with other Central Ohio students from the 3rd and 12th Congressional Districts.

“It is a tremendous honor to represent so many talented young artists in the 15th District,” Congressman Steve Stivers (OH-15) said.  “I want to congratulate Miss Boyuk, as well as all our winners for their hard work.  Every year, we receive incredible pieces of art, and this competition is a fantastic way to highlight their skill.”

 The annual Art Competition showcases the talented high school students of the 15th District.  This year’s competition featured over 200 submissions from 17 schools.

Jocelyn Burton, from Clinton-Massie High School, took home second place for her drawing, “Portrait.”  The work will be displayed in Stivers’ district office in Hilliard, Ohio. 

Sarah Karnes’ piece, untitled, will also be displayed in the Hilliard office.  The Clinton-Massie High School student’s drawing was awarded third place. 

Hunter Nessley’s photograph, “Full Dress,” won the People’s Choice Award.  The People’s Choice Award goes to the work of art with the most votes in favor of the piece on Stivers’ Facebook page. Nessley is a rising senior at Bloom Carroll High School.

The following schools participated in this year’s competition:

  • Franklin County: Central Crossing High School, Upper Arlington High School, Franklin Heights High School, Hilliard Davidson High School, Hilliard Darby High School, Grove City High School, Canal Winchester High School, Bishop Hartley High School

  • Fairfield County: Pickerington North High School, Amanda Clearcreak High School, Berne Union High School, Bloom Carroll High School

  • Clinton County: Clinton Massie High School

  • Madison County: Tolles Career and Technical Center

  • Pickaway County: Logan Elm High School

  • Perry County: New Lexington High School

  • Ross County: Unionoto High School

The Congressional Art Competition is held every year to recognize the extraordinary artistic talents of the nation’s high school students. The goal of the competition is to support and promote the arts and to foster creativity and artistic expression among our nation’s youth. The Congressional Art Competition began in 1982 and since that time, more than 650,000 high school students have been involved with the nationwide competition.

Cassidy Boyuk, pictured here, with her winning piece, “Fading Memories,” in the U.S. Capitol Building.


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Building Up the 15th District


Whether you’re sitting in your car, bumper-to-bumper on the highway, or sitting at your desk breezing through the information highway that is the Internet, infrastructure is impacting your daily life.  Roads and bridges, buildings and dams, broadband access – all across the 15th District, people are seeing the results of strategic investments in infrastructure, and that is why it remains a top priority for the 115th Congress.

In one way or another, every community in the 15th District relies on infrastructural improvements to grow and advance their business community, but it means something different in each county.  In Southeast Ohio, for instance, broadband internet access is unreliable at best, and in the 21st century, it is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in order to attract businesses and jobs. 

That is why I held a roundtable in Hocking County, and am forming working groups in all affected counties to create private-public partnerships among the stakeholders invested in the digital divide.  We are working to bring together local, state, and federal elected officials, as well as internet providers and private, nonprofit organizations like ConnectOhio, who all agree that internet access means more than just surfing the web.  One Ohio University study found that broadband access correlates with lower poverty rates, infant mortality, and even cancer incidence.  When infrastructure includes broadband access, it can improve lives far beyond cutting down on traffic jams.  That is why I am hopeful that any funding legislation introduced in Congress to address our nation’s roads, bridges, and dams will also include money to bring rural communities up to speed.

Other communities are benefitting from more traditional improvements.  Recently, I had the honor to be a part of the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Carroll 33 Interchange in Fairfield County.  The $44.5 million project eliminates the Winchester Road / U.S. 33 intersection with ramps and connectors, and is already reducing accidents and saving commuters from wasting hours in traffic. Successes like this reaffirm the value of these investments; it is not only making travel safer and easier, but it is creating jobs and spurring the economy.

That is also why I am extremely grateful for the hard work of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, and all state and local officials that have been working diligently to complete the dam at Buckeye Lake.  For the entrepreneurs and small business owners, the failed dam has resulted in lost profits over the past few summers, and the local economy has taken a hit.  I am excited to see that the infrastructure plans for a fully operational lake are ahead of schedule; the annual Fourth of July Parade will return this year, a sure-fire sign of improvements and an indication of successes and enjoyment to come.

The advantages created by sound infrastructure are undeniable, which is why I am currently working on legislation to open up untapped oil resources and use the funds exclusively to provide a new, dedicated source of revenue for these essential projects.  As we continue through the 115th Congress, I am looking forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to bring tangible change and improvements to our communities.  

If you have any comments or suggestions as we work to move our district and our country forward, please feel free to contact me in my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-2015, my Lancaster office at (740) 654-2654, my Hilliard office at (614) 771-4968, or my Wilmington office at (937) 283-7049.  I also encourage you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and through my e-newsletter at


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Stivers Reintroduces SAFE Transitional License Act


WASHINGTON – This week, Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH) reintroduced the SAFE Transitional License Act.  This bill changes the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE) by providing regulatory relief for loan originators in an effort to make a smooth employment transition between bank and non-bank entities.  Representatives Joyce Beatty (D-OH), Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Bruce Poliquin (R-ME) joined as cosponsors of this bipartisan legislation.

“An unintentional consequence of the current law is inhibiting job mobility and putting independent mortgage lenders at a considerable disadvantage in recruiting talented individuals,” said Stivers. “Rather than leaving a job on a Friday and starting a new job on a Monday, as most of us do, a loan officer who moves from a federally-insured institution to a non-bank lender must sit on their hands for weeks, even months, while they meet the SAFE Act’s licensing and testing requirements.  This is despite the fact that they have already been employed and registered as a loan officer.  This is simply unfair.”

Currently, the SAFE Act requires mortgage loan originators (MLOs) employed by non-bank lenders to be licensed, which includes pre-licensing and annual continuing education requirements, passage of a comprehensive test, and criminal and financial background reviews conducted by state regulators. These MLOs are also registered in the National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS).  By contrast, MLOs employed by federally-insured depositories or their affiliates must only be registered in the NMLS, and do not have to meet testing and specific education requirements.

Stivers’ legislation would make a minor change to the SAFE Act to require states to issue transitional licenses to individuals who were employed by a financial institution and are a registered loan originator.  These individuals would be able to continue originating loans for 120 days after being employed by a state-licensed non-depository entity.  Similarly, a state-licensed loan originator in one state who takes a similar position in another state would have a 120-day grace period to obtain a license in the new state.

This bill is a simple solution that would allow these individuals to continue working and underwriting loans, while in no way weakening the important consumer protections of the SAFE Act.

Last Congress, a version of this bill introduced by Stivers passed the House of Representatives, but was not considered by the Senate. Read more about this legislation by clicking here.


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Stivers Statement on Today’s Attack


Regarding today’s attack on the Republican Baseball Team, the following can be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH):

"An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us," Stivers said. "I condemn today's horrific attack on the Republican Baseball Team this morning.  I pray for the victims, and thank the first responders for their efforts to respond and save lives. I hope we can all maintain civility in our politics.  We can disagree on issues without personally attacking each other."

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Creating Jobs for Ohio’s 15th District


When someone says, “tell me about yourself,” what are some of the first things that come to mind? For many of us, we would talk about our spouses, children, and hobbies. Another topic that would almost certainly come up is our job. A job is where we spend most of our day. A job puts food on the table, provides for children, and prepares you for retirement. A job can give you a sense of pride.

That’s why, ever since I came to Congress, one of my top priorities has been to create more jobs in our communities and boost our economy. Whether it is through reducing regulations to help small businesses, or fixing our nation’s tax code to help our economy, I have remained committed to policies that will grow jobs. However, another issue is often not the availability of jobs, but the connection between job seekers and businesses with open positions.

To help this need, I have hosted a Job Fair in my district every year I have been in Congress. In April, my seventh annual Job Fair was held at The Ohio State University where over 80 employers were in attendance with thousands of open positions. Participating companies included those in health care, such as Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Ohio Health; food service and retail, such as Wendy’s and Target; finance and banking, such as JP Morgan Chase and Huntington National Bank; and construction and contracting, such as Stronghold Construction and Stanley Electric.

The Job Fair also featured special resources and workshops for veterans who have returned home and need assistance with resume writing, interviewing, and leveraging benefits towards employment. There was also a special workshop for mature job seekers, giving them important tips and tools for finding employment.

I want to thank all of the companies who participated in my Job Fair this year, as well as all of those who came to look for a job. Moving forward in the 115th Congress, I will continue working on ways to create jobs and connect job seekers with businesses in our communities. 

If you are interested in attending a Job Fair in the future, be sure to watch my website for updates and subscribe to my enewsletter at I also invite you call my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-2015, Hilliard office at (614) 771-4968, Lancaster office at (740) 654-2654, or Wilmington office at (937) 283-7049 if I can be of assistance with any issue facing the federal government.


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Stivers Statement on Anthem Leaving Insurance Marketplace in Ohio


Regarding today's announcement of Anthem leaving the insurance marketplace in Ohio, the following can be attributed to Congressman Steve Stivers (R-OH):

"Yet again, we are seeing an insurance company exit the Ohio marketplace, leaving thousands in my district - including four entire counties - without an insurer on the individual market," Stivers said. "This announcement is another reminder that the status quo of Obamacare is hurting Americans."


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Contact Information

1022 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-2015
Fax 202-225-3529

Raised in Ripley, Ohio, Steve Stivers learned from his mother and father the importance of family, hard work and public service, which have been the values he has carried with him through his life, whether as a student at The Ohio State University, a soldier serving overseas, as a State Senator, or as a Member of Congress.

Stivers is currently serving his third term as a Member of Congress and represents Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, which is made up of 12 counties including: all of Athens, Clinton, Fairfield, Hocking, Madison, Morgan, Perry, Pickaway, and Vinton counties, and parts of: Fayette, Franklin, and Ross counties.

Stivers is serving his third term his third term on the Financial Services Committee, which oversees the banking, insurance, real estate, public and assisted housing, and securities industries. Members who serve on the committee also work on housing and consumer protection legislation and oversee Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Federal Reserve Bank.

In addition, Stivers has been tapped to serve on the Committee on Rules, which is charged with determining which bills reach the House Floor for a vote. Historically, the Committee is often known as “The Speaker’s Committee” because it was chaired by the Speaker up until 1910 and is the means through which the Speaker of the House manages the House Floor. The Committee also determines how long and under what rules the full body of the House will debate each bill.

Throughout his career, Steve Stivers has led the way supporting programs and initiatives to encourage job creation, promote economic development, and put our country’s fiscal house in order. As he wrapped up a successful first term in office, two of Stivers veterans bills, the HIRE at Home Act and TRICARE for Kids, were rolled into the National Defense Authorization Act and signed into law by the President. In his second term in office, Stivers had two bills make their way to the President’s desk. These two bills, H.R. 1391 and H.R. 4189,would re-name two postal facilities located in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District after our fallen veterans. These bills are a small measure Congress can take to honor the lives of brave service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Prior to running for Congress, Stivers served in the Ohio Senate and before that worked in the private sector for the Ohio Company and Bank One, where he focused on promoting economic development and encouraging job creation.

A career soldier, Stivers has served 29 years in the Ohio Army National Guard and holds the rank of Colonel. He served the United States overseas during Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar and Djibouti where he led 400 soldiers and contractors and is proud that each and every one returned home safely to the United States. Stivers received the Bronze Star for his leadership throughout the deployment.

Stivers received both his bachelor’s degree and his MBA from The Ohio State University and resides in Columbus with his wife, Karen, and children, Sarah and Sam.

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