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Washington, DC (March 16, 2017) The House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Federal Lands held a hearing today on infrastructure needs and management accountability at the National Park Service (NPS) and Forest Service.

“The Forest Service’s maintenance backlog continues to increase as the agency fails to maintain our forests. The National Park Service’s failed leadership and growing land portfolio are main drivers of the maintenance backlog. In the past, forest roads were managed in part by timber sales, but without appropriate management, the agency has simply denied access to these roads all together. We see this first hand in Sierra County, where the community faces a devastating economic outlook due to the Forest Service’s management plan. The plan imposes economic hardships on farmers, ranchers, recreationalists, and timber producers that are the economic engines for that region. Now more than ever, the Forest Service needs to reassess their processes and procedures, and address the needs of the surrounding communities that are affected by their actions,” stated Rep. Pearce.

Carlsbad Caverns National park is one of the most enchanting sites in the nation, let alone the State, and contributes greatly to the local economy of Carlsbad. The National Park Service is responsible for the maintenance of these caverns, including the elevators that are heavily relied upon for access. These elevators have continuously broken down and NPS has failed to address persistent issue. Rep. Pearce remains a vocal advocate for a permanent solution:

“My office has met with the park service at Carlsbad Caverns multiple times regarding the continuous issues with the elevators, and they admit that the issue is not due to a lack of funding, but an absence of future planning and slow-moving processes. When the elevators initially broke down, NPS did not initiate a plan to get them up and running. We saw this in 2015 when both sets of elevators broke with no plan in place to fix either of them and in 2010 when a 9-month project took 22 months and ended up greatly exceeding its budget, eventually costing 5.2 million dollars. The caverns are vital to the health of the economy in Carlsbad, and the park service must review their processes and start planning ahead to ensure that these types of issues do not happen again.”

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Las Cruces, NM (March 14, 2017) Congressman Steve Pearce today announced he will host a town hall this Saturday, March 18, 2017 at 12:00 PM MST in Las Cruces, NM. The community discussion will be held at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum at 4100 Dripping Springs Rd, Las Cruces, NM.

“I’m fortunate to represent a district that is so passionate and engaged in issues that affect the livelihoods of themselves, their families, and that of New Mexico. It’s important that we take immediate action to come together for commonsense solutions that build up our communities for generations to come,” stated Rep. Pearce. “Districts across the nation are facing a difficult political climate right now, which is why I have invited leadership from Indivisible Groups of Southern New Mexico to co-host this town hall with me. I enjoy having a direct yet respectful conversation about the priorities of New Mexico, and I look forward to doing so this weekend in Las Cruces.”                                                                                        

Rep. Pearce continued to state, “This process is not easy, but it’s the path we have to take to find common ground on issues from health care, to tax reform, to the security of our southern border. As we meet for the community discussion this weekend, we must keep in mind that our actions moving forward are only as effective as the conversations we are able to have.”

This is Rep. Pearce’s fourth town hall in less than two months. Rep. Pearce’s telephone town hall had more than 10,000 participants from New Mexico, and over 300 constituents showed up to join in on the discussion at the town hall in Ruidoso. Rep. Pearce’s most recent successful town hall was held in Hobbs, NM. Check out the video stream from Rep. Pearce’s Facebook page here.


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Hobbs, NM (March 11, 2017) Congressman Steve Pearce today hosted a town hall meeting at the Lea County Event Center in Hobbs, New Mexico. The event lasted nearly two hours and covered a wide range of topics including health care, tax reform, our nation’s defense, and education.

"I enjoy being able to have a respectful conversation about the future of New Mexico and our nation. We have many opportunities in New Mexico to put people back to work, strengthen our economy, and bring greater possibilities for generations to come. I'm confident in the progress we'll be able to make as a state if we continue this conversation, and believe this town hall should be seen as a model to other districts across the country," stated Rep. Pearce. "As we move forward, Congress must remember the responsibility we have to articulate the important decisions being made that will directly affect the livelihoods of our communities. We will make more progress working with a two party system, with input from both sides for common sense solutions. I enjoyed today's town hall and look forward to hearing more from the residents of New Mexico's Second Congressional District."

Check out the town hall on Rep. Steve Pearce’s Facebook page here.

Rep. Pearce addressing residents of NM-02.


Rep. Pearce in the audience taking constituent questions.



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Washington, DC (March 10, 2017) Congressman Steve Pearce sent a letter to Secretary Zinke of the Department of the Interior calling for a 90 day extension to the comment period for the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Mexican Wolf Recovery Program’s Release and Translocation Proposal. This will give local communities and governments who are directly affected by the program suitable time to provide their input.

“The introduction of the so-called ‘recovery plan’ of the Mexican wolf has been disastrous to the surrounding local communities in New Mexico. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s recovery plan blatantly disregards the serious concerns of ranchers and farmers whose livelihoods are affected by the program. Now, the Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed another release of wolves without providing a proper comment period to allow local communities time to submit their concerns,” stated Rep. Pearce.

Rep. Pearce continued to state, “it goes without saying the Fish and Wildlife Service’s recovery plan is not effective and does not provide the kind of accountability the people of New Mexico deserve. I hope that Secretary Zinke takes a close look at the flaws of this program and works with states and local governments to develop a new and improved recovery plan that works for those who are most affected.”


In January 2015, FWS listed the Mexican wolf as an endangered subspecies and dramatically increased the roaming area for the Mexican gray wolves without the input of community members and local governments. The recovery plan admittedly lacked an objective and measurable criteria for the down-listing and delisting of the subspecies of wolves in accordance with the Endangered Species Act.

Last year, the Department of the Interior’s Office of Inspector General released a scathing report of the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program. The report revealed some serious structural issues with the program as well as disturbing actions taken by FWS staff overseeing the program.

To this day, FWS has continued to utilize the same recovery plan for the Mexican gray wolf from the early 1980s, failing to update the plan to include recovery criteria as required by federal law. As a result, this recovery plan is outdated and ineffective – which prompted Arizona and New Mexico to sue.


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Washington, DC (March 10, 2017) The U.S. House of Representatives this week voted on three bills to reform the legal process, protecting individuals and businesses across the nation. Congressman Steve Pearce voted in favor of these pieces of legislation to increase transparency and accountability within the legal system.

“Our Constitution provides the framework for our legal system that guarantees liberty and justice for all. Over time, this system has pivoted from protecting the people to favoring trial lawyers, who has the most money and time through lengthy litigations, forcing undue burdens and high costs on innocent individuals and small businesses,” stated Rep. Pearce. “I voted in favor of these three bills to begin the process of reforming our legal system, so that New Mexicans are protected from frivolous lawsuits. These reforms will help shield local businesses from the undue hardships of flawed litigation, saving time, money, and access to jobs in New Mexico.”

The three pieces of legislation that passed the House include H.R. 725, the Innocent Party Protection Act, H.R. 720, the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act, and H.R. 985, the Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act. This was part of the House’s effort to provide real legal reform across our nation.


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Washington, DC (March 9, 2017) Congressman Steve Pearce released the following statement today following President Trump’s meeting with community bankers, which included Rebeca Romero Rainey, Chairman and CEO of Centinel Bank of Taos and the current Chair of the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA).

“Community banks are the cornerstone of the New Mexican economy. These local banks support small businesses, provide financial support to families, help multiple generations plan for the future, and make buying a new home possible for so many. Yet, the federal regulations that have resulted from Dodd Frank have driven thousands of these community institutions out of business. It’s comforting to see President Trump sit down with community bankers from around the nation who are directly connected to the success of our local economies, to gain a further understanding of the massive burden federal regulations impose on working families.  Most importantly though, it’s great to see New Mexico represented in these discussions. Rebeca Romero Rainey was named the head of her family’s bank at the age of 23. Since then, she has dedicated herself to fighting for fair regulations that allow community banks to serve their neighbors, while also protecting consumer choice,” stated Rep. Pearce. “As a member of the House Financial Services Committee, I’ve seen and fought against these harmful and unnecessary regulations that harm our local communities. When this happens, small businesses are squeezed out of the marketplace and unable to compete with larger firms, hindering job growth and crippling our economy.”   

“I will continue fighting on the House Financial Services Committee for greater opportunities so people can achieve financial independence, raise the standard of living, and earn success – but this cannot be done without involvement of local bankers, community leaders, and every day citizens who are just making it by in our current economic environment. I look forward to working with community bankers and the Administration to unleash the banks from crippling regulations and take the hassle out of banking for people in New Mexico,” stated Rep. Pearce.


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Washington, DC (March 8, 2017) Congressman Steve Pearce today announced he will host a town hall this Saturday, March 11, 2017 in Hobbs, NM at 9:00 AM MST.  It will be held at the Lea County Event Center, Banquet Hall, 5101 N Lovington Hwy, Hobbs, NM 88240. This comes after Rep. Pearce hosted a telephone town hall that included over 10,000 participants and an in-person town hall last week in Ruidoso, NM, which drew over 300 residents.

“We had over 300 people at the town hall last weekend, and while we did not agree on everything, it allowed us to have a civil discussion and conversation about the health of our communities and the direction of our nation. As we move forward with a new Administration, it is imperative that we focus on things we can agree on, like greater opportunities for our children, safer communities, and a stronger economy,” stated Rep. Pearce. “Our state and our nation can accomplish great things if we put aside political disdain and unite around the desire to improve.”

Rep. Pearce continued to state, “this weekend, I’ll be back in my hometown for the Lea County centennial celebration. While there, I look forward to hearing from people in the community about what is important to them and their families. Together, we can work to find solutions that achieve our common goals for a stronger New Mexico.”

Lincoln County Democratic Chair Nina Grunseth attended last week’s town hall and highly praised Rep. Pearce on his demeanor and overall control of the crowd stating, “the Congressman answered every question he was asked… The answer may not have been the one that we wanted, but he did answer.”

Read more about last week’s town hall in Ruidoso News here.


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Washington, DC (March 7, 2017) Congressman Steve Pearce today released the following statement after the House Republicans released their plan to replace Obamacare.

"It is no secret that Obamacare is collapsing. In Congress, we are left with two options – Do nothing or take action to replace it with a more sustainable system. For New Mexico, this means protecting the coverage people have, while also expanding choice and affordability,” stated Rep. Pearce. “But this proposed plan is not perfect. It does contain a much needed transition period for the State Medicaid program, which has the potential to greatly benefit New Mexico. Yet, it continues many of the same mandates that have driven health insurance prices up for millions, making coverage unaffordable and inaccessible. Significant questions remain about the implementation of this plan, its affordability for consumers, and its ability to be signed into law."

Rep. Pearce continued to state, “I’ve continuously heard from people in my district who are unable to afford coverage due to skyrocketing premiums and either forced out of the marketplace completely or forced into Medicaid. It is no question that we need to repeal Obamacare, but we must work together to establish a suitable plan to replace it.”


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Ruidoso, NM (March 5, 2017) Congressman Steve Pearce yesterday hosted a town hall meeting at the Ruidoso Convention Center. The nearly two hour event covered a wide range of topics from tax reform, Medicaid, and Medicare to public lands management, immigration reform, border security, and education reform.

“We had over 300 people at the town hall yesterday, and the most important take away is that we all came together to have a civil discussion and conversation about the health of our communities and the direction of our nation,” stated Rep. Pearce. “The entire room was energized, yet individuals on both sides of the political spectrum were able to engage in the important dialogue of the day. The success of our nation rests on the will of the people to make their voice and their desires known. During the town hall, I heard from mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, veterans, and so many more. It was wonderful to be able to engage with each and discuss what is important to their families and within their communities.”

Rep. Pearce continued to state, “While the room did not agree on everything, it did agree on a few key facts. We all want a stronger, healthier economy in New Mexico, we all want better opportunities for our children, and we all want our communities to be safe. We as New Mexicans are in a unique opportunity to come together to find solutions with the new Administration that will achieve our common goals. Neither New Mexico nor the nation have the time or the resources to continue to allow political disdain to rule the conversation – we must work together. I am extremely pleased so many different viewpoints were represented yesterday. Our State and nation can accomplish great things when we unite around the desire to improve.”


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Washington, DC (March 6, 2017) Congressman Steve Pearce is seeking an Office Manager for his Las Cruces district office. Responsibilities include providing administrative support and providing constituent services to those residing in New Mexico’s Second Congressional District. Ideal candidates will have previous experience in office management, the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills along with strong organizational skills. This position is a key part of a large, active, and cohesive staff team. Qualified candidates will demonstrate they can work well with others and those who exemplify the ability to work in public service will be preferred. A valid driver’s license is also required.

Please send a cover letter, resume, and one writing sample to No phone calls or drop-ins. Deadline for application submission is March 13, 2017.


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Steve Pearce was born in 1947 to a large working-class family.  He was raised in Hobbs, New Mexico, where his father worked as a roustabout, selling vegetables on the side of the road to make ends meet.  With six children to feed, times were often hard in the Pearce household, but his upbringing has made it easy for Steve to relate to the hardworking people of southern New Mexico.

Steve attended New Mexico public schools his entire life, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from New Mexico State University and an MBA  from Eastern New Mexico University.  During the Vietnam War, Steve served as a combat pilot, flying over 518 hours of combat flight and 77 hours of combat support.  He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and two Air Medals, as well as seven other military medals and four exceptional service awards.  Steve continued service at Blytheville Air Force Base in Arkansas, and attained the rank of Captain.

In addition to his firsthand knowledge of the military and its importance to America, Steve is a respected small-businessman who thoroughly understands the economic issues facing our country.  He and his wife Cynthia long owned and operated Lea Fishing Tools, an oilfield services company in Hobbs.  Because of this role, Steve is well aware of the regulations and taxes that plague small-business owners, and wants to help get government out of the way of these hard-working Americans.  Having built his business from the ground up, Steve created 50 jobs in his community.  He is confident that small businesses throughout southern New Mexico form the backbone for job creation and economic growth.

In 1996, Steve was elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives, where he served until 2000.  During this time, he was elected as Caucus Chair and served on the Appropriations Committee.  He was widely recognized for his work in economic development, in which he applied the commonsense principles he had gained as a small-business owner.

In 2002, Steve was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, where he served until 2009.  With the retirement of Senator Pete Domenici, many New Mexicans were concerned about the loss of a strong conservative voice representing New Mexico in the Senate.  Steve again answered the call to serve by leaving the House and running for U.S. Senate.  His bid was ultimately unsuccessful, but in 2009, amidst an economic crisis, the passage of the President’s healthcare bill, and expansion of government regulation, Steve decided to again run for Congress.  As he explained to friends and family, he made the tough decision because he was afraid for his country, and wanted to keep fighting for New Mexico.

Today, Steve continues a lifetime of service as New Mexico’s only conservative voice in Washington.  Steve was appointed by his peers to serve on the House Committee on Financial Services, and as chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus.  He continues his work making New Mexicans’ voices heard, helping to create jobs in southern New Mexico, and fighting for the liberty of all Americans.

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