Scott Tipton

Scott Tipton


Tipton and Maloney Legislation Ensuring Treatment during Examination Appeals Process Passes Out of Committee


WASHINGTON D.C. – Representatives Scott Tipton (R-CO) and Carolyn B. Maloney’s (D-NY) Financial Institutions Examination Fairness and Reform Act of 2017 (H.R. 4545) has been approved by the full Financial Services Committee with a bipartisan vote of 50-10, and will now move to the House Floor for consideration. 

Currently, federal financial regulators each have their own appeals review processes, each with their own rules and their own stipulations about what regulatory decisions can be appealed, causing supervised financial institutions to grow concerned about the timeliness, transparency, standards of practice, and application of the law in these appeals.

H.R. 4545 would resolve these problems by moving the federal financial examination appeals process away from the regulator and reassigning it to the newly created Office of Independent Examination Review under the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). The Office of Independent Examination Review would provide uniformity to the appeal process and its standards, implement timeliness expectations in decisions about appeals, and increase transparency in the process.

Additionally, H.R. 4545 would not prevent federal financial regulators from handing down or enforcing supervisory determinations, and prevents frivolous appeals by financial institutions through rigorous qualifications for what kinds of supervisory decisions can be appealed.

“Bringing the examination appeals process under an independent office provides financial institutions with greater certainty that they will receive fair and standard treatment in the appeals process,” said Tipton. “I’m pleased to work with my colleague Representative Maloney to advance this bipartisan legislation to ensure financial institutions including small banks undergo an effective and fair examination process.”

Maloney said, “In the aftermath of the financial crisis, I heard from countless community banks that they were afraid to appeal exam decisions, because they thought their examiner would retaliate against them. That’s why I’m proud to have worked with Congressman Tipton to introduce this bill that would improve the examination process. This bill ensures that banks are treated fairly by their examiners, and creates a rigorous and independent process for banks to appeal certain exam decisions, which will bring transparency and consistency to the examination process. This improvement will protect the integrity of the banking system, while also improving the fairness of the examination process.”

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Tipton Legislation Making Mobile Banking Obtainable for Rural Colorado Clears Important Hurdle


WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Scott Tipton’s (CO-03) Making Online Banking Initiation Legal and Easy Act of 2017 (H.R. 1457), otherwise known as the MOBILE Act, has been approved unanimously by the full Financial Services Committee and will now move to the House Floor for consideration.

“Providing mobile financial services access to unbanked and underserved households has been proven to improve their financial outcomes,” said Tipton. “Unfortunately, access to mobile financial services products is not equal across the United States, leaving some communities unable to open accounts from their mobile device.”

The MOBILE Act would fix this problem by creating a uniform regulatory standard that would give consumers the ability – if they so choose – to authorize their bank to use the personal information on their driver’s license or identification card for the purpose of opening a bank account.

Additionally, the bill prioritizes protecting consumer privacy information and respects state privacy laws, as well as requires that a financial institution delete all copies of a driver’s license after using the information for the express purpose of opening account.

According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), at least 67 million people in the United States are under- or –unbanked and could benefit from the ability to access financial services from their mobile device.

Tipton’s statement can be viewed here.

An audio file of his statement can be downloaded here.

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Tipton: Two Bills Passed out of Natural Resources Committee are Wins for Colorado


WASHINGTON D.C. – The National Landslide Preparedness Act (H.R.1675) and the Endangered Fish Recovery Programs Extension Act of 2017 (H.R.4465) have been approved by the full Natural Resources Committee and will now move the House floor for consideration. Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03) cosponsored both pieces of legislation.

The National Landslide Preparedness Act would direct the U.S. Geological Survey to establish a National Landslide Hazards Reduction Program to identify and reduce landslide risks. In his statement before the committee, Tipton highlighted the importance of this legislation to Colorado, recognizing the three Coloradans who lost their lives in a massive landslide near Grand Junction in 2014. The men had been investigating a previous, smaller landslide when the fatal landslide occurred.

Of this legislation, Tipton said, “The 3D Elevation program created by the National Landslide Preparedness Act will help state and local officials evaluate the effects of landslides before putting boots on the ground, as well as develop safe and effective search and rescue strategies.”

The Endangered Fish Recovery Programs Extension Act of 2017 would extend funding for the Upper Colorado and San Juan fish recovery programs through fiscal year 2023. Under current law, the program is set to expire in 2019.

“The Upper Colorado and San Juan fish recovery programs showcase the ability of federal, state and local partners to carry out effective conservation,” Tipton said. “This legislation will ensure the recovery programs continue to protect four primary endangered species in the Upper Colorado River Basin.”

Of the bills’ passage, Tipton said, “Both pieces of legislation are wins for Colorado, and I look forward to seeing them considered by the full House soon.”

Tipton’s statement can be viewed here.

An audio file of his statement can be downloaded here.


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Tipton Introduces Land Conveyance Legislation for Dolores County Fire Station


WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03) introduced the West Fork Fire Station Conveyance Act of 2017 (H.R. 4609), which would authorize the U.S. Forest Service to convey approximately three acres to Dolores County, permitting the county to build a fire station outside of the San Juan National Forest in Colorado.

After two failed attempts to build a fire station on county and privately-owned land, Dolores County sought a land conveyance from the Forest Service to build a fire station and needed warehouse facilities. The conveyance can only be approved through an Act of Congress. 

The U.S. Forest Service has no objections to the land transfer, as Dolores County plays an active role in fire suppression efforts in the neighboring San Juan National Forest and a fire station would strengthen those efforts.

“Frequent and devastating wildfires have ravaged Western states, making it more vital than ever to ensure that every community is prepared for similar catastrophes,” said Tipton. “Located on the border of the San Juan National Forest, Dolores County is in critical need of a fire station. I am proud to introduce legislation that will not only help to protect this national forest, but will also ensure the protection of private property and most importantly human lives.”

Colorado U.S. Sens. Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet are leading companion legislation to Tipton’s bill in the U.S. Senate.  

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Tipton Responds to the Placement of Bonita Peak Mining District on the Top Ten Superfund List


Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03) issued the following statement after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that the Bonita Peak Mining District would be added to Administrator Pruitt’s top ten superfund list.

“While over two years ago, the spill at Gold King Mine is still fresh in our minds as it jeopardized the health, safety and livelihoods of all southwest Coloradans. That is why I have always stated that the victims of this disaster must be put first and that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) superfund process in the Bonita Peak Mining District must work for the surrounding communities. The announcement by the EPA, placing Bonita Peak on the expedited superfund list is welcome news, and I hope the EPA will continue to put the needs of these communities first as the cleanup unfolds.”  

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Tipton Voices Concern about Potential One-Size-Fits-All Land Management Approach, Says Local Voices Must be Consulted


WASHINGTON D.C. — During a hearing in the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Federal Lands, Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03) voiced concerns about H.R. 1349 and its potential to lead to a one-size-fits-all approach to bicycle use in Wilderness Areas. Tipton had the opportunity to question an expert witness on the potential impact of this legislation.

H.R. 1349 would amend the Wilderness Act to ensure that the use of bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers, and game carts is not prohibited across designated Wilderness Areas. 

In his opening statement before the committee, Tipton said, “I have long supported a balanced approach to federal land management, one that supports multiple uses, keeps public lands accessible, and prioritizes the voice and wishes of the local communities. The biggest concerns that I hear out of my district are about the one-size-fits-all approach that we’ve seen from the federal land management agencies over the last several years.”

During the hearing, Tipton asked Mr. Ted Stroll, President of the Sustainable Trails Coalition, how local land managers would work to determine if there are any trails within their Wilderness Areas that are suitable for bicycle use. Mr. Stoll testified that local communities and stakeholders play a huge role in determining whether or not trails within these areas should be open to bicycle travel.

Of the hearing, Tipton said, “I thank Mr. Stroll for his testimony, which further enhanced my belief that local input should be prioritized in any federal policy impacting the management of our nation’s public lands.”

Tipton’s opening statement and line of questioning can be viewed here.

An audio file of Tipton’s remarks can be downloaded here.

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Tipton Introduces Legislation to Honor WWI Veterans with Grave Markers


WASHINGTON D.C. – In commemoration of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the end of World War I (WWI), Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03) has introduced a bill (H.R. 4565) directing the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to furnish headstones or markers to private cemeteries for graves for certain WWI veterans if the cemeteries apply for them.

Under current law, private cemeteries cannot directly apply to the VA for a headstone or marker, rather the law only allows a veteran’s next-of-kin to submit the application. The law has created barriers to honoring WWI veterans, as it is often difficult to identify the next of kin for deceased WWI veterans.

H.R. 4565 would remedy the challenges created under current law, allowing private cemeteries to directly apply to the VA for a headstone or marker for a World War I veteran if the Secretary of the VA is unable to identify any next of kin of the deceased veteran.

Of this legislation, Tipton said, “In my district, a private cemetery has identified multiple WWI veteran graves that unfortunately do not have veteran markings, and the cemetery was unable to obtain those markers to honor the individuals who have been laid there to rest. This does not sit well with me. Our nation’s heroes deserve to be treated in death with the same amount of respect and honor that they earned in life, which is why I was proud to introduce this legislation and I look forward to seeing it passed out of the House soon.”  

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Tipton Votes to Improve Healthcare for America's Veterans


WASHINGTON D.C. — Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03) voted in support of the Enhancing Veteran Care Act (S. 1266), which would help improve healthcare for America’s veterans. This legislation passed the House with bipartisan support.

The Enhancing Veteran Care Act would authorize the Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) to enter into contracts with nonprofit organizations, allowing them to investigate VA medical centers and assess the deficiencies of the center’s facilities.

“Our veterans have done so much in service of our nation, making it imperative that we serve them once they return home,” said Tipton. “While VA medical centers do so much to assist our nation’s heroes, we unfortunately still hear stories about our veterans not receiving the quality care they deserve. By allowing contractors to identify the exact areas where VA medical centers could improve, they will be better equipped to take appropriate action. I thank Senator Inhofe for his leadership on this issue, and I look forward to seeing this legislation signed into law by the President.”

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Tipton: The U.S. Senate must act now to save funding for Children's Health Insurance Program


Funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program, otherwise known as CHIP, is close to running out. Authorization for spending on this program expired earlier this year, and Colorado's funds will be depleted by the end of January 2018.

The House of Representatives passed the Championing Healthy Kids Act last month to extend funding for CHIP, as well as community health centers and other critical public-health programs. These programs are essential to providing access to health care for many families across the 3rd Congressional District, state and nation, and I was proud to work with my colleagues to send a bill to the Senate to ensure they remain funded.

The Senate must now act.

This week, families throughout Colorado who rely on CHIP for their children's health care, received letters from state officials, urging them to look for other coverage options in the event that the Senate does not pass the funding extension soon. Without Senate action by late December 2017, Colorado will be required to send out official notices of the CHIP program's cancellation. Colorado is not the only state whose funds are set to expire. Arizona, California, Minnesota and Ohio are also on the brink of running out of money for this critical program.

CHIP is very important for thousands of Coloradans and millions of Americans. This program was established 20 years ago with the intention of helping families who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to be able to afford private health insurance. While not perfect, this program is the reason 75,000 children in Colorado and 9 million children across the nation have health benefits.

The Championing Healthy Kids Act would extend funding for CHIP through the fiscal year 2022, ensuring that children from lower-income families continue to receive coverage. On top of that, this legislation would extend funding for Federally Qualified Health Centers for two years through the Community Health Center Fund. Federally Qualified Health Centers are critical, as these community-based, patient-centered organizations successfully provide wide-ranging health services to medically underserved populations throughout Colorado.

I urge my colleagues in the Senate to get to work and find a way to put politics aside to extend funding for CHIP. Time is running out, and failure is not an option.


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Tipton Supports Legislation to Reduce the Risk of Landslides


WASHINGTON D.C. — During a hearing in the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources, Congressman Scott Tipton (CO-03) voiced his support for the National Landslide Preparedness Act (H.R. 1675), and questioned an expert witness on how this legislation would help to evaluate and reduce the risk of landslides. Tipton is a cosponsor of this legislation.

The National Landslide Preparedness Act would direct the U.S. Geological Survey to establish a National Landslide Hazards Reduction Program to identify landslide hazards, reduce losses from landslides, protect communities at risk of landslide hazards and help improve communication and emergency preparedness.

Specifically, this legislation would establish a 3D elevation program to coordinate and facilitate the collection, distribution, and use of 3D elevation data among Federal departments and agencies. The data would also be available to state and local governments.

In his opening statement before the committee, Tipton spoke about a landslide that had occurred in Grand Mesa, Colorado that took the lives of three men.

During the hearing, Tipton asked the witness whether they felt the 3D elevation program might help state and local agencies better evaluate the impacts of landslides and identify the risks of having individuals on the ground in areas where land has shifted. The witness agreed that this program would help better evaluate these areas and prevent future tragedies.

Of the hearing, Congressman Tipton said, “I was glad to hear from an expert on this issue. The National Landslide Preparedness Act is critical for districts like mine, and his testimony has strengthened my support for this legislation. I look forward to seeing it passed out of committee soon.”

Tipton’s opening statement and line of questioning can be viewed here.

An audio file of Tipton’s remarks can be downloaded here.

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Contact Information

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Fax 202-226-9669

Congressman Scott Tipton was raised in Cortez, Colorado. He graduated from Ft. Lewis College in Durango, where he studied Political Science and became the first person in his family to earn a college degree. After college, he returned home to Cortez and co-founded Mesa Verde Indian Pottery with his brother Joe. It was through his business that Scott met his wife, Jean, who is a former school teacher. The Tipton’s have two daughters, Liesl and Elizabeth, and two  sons-in-law, Chris and Jace.

After a lifetime running his small business, Scott was elected as a Republican to the Colorado House of Representatives for the 58th District in November of 2008. During his time at the state House, he worked to ensure quality water for the people of Colorado and to improve the air quality of Southwest Colorado. He also sponsored legislation to protect children from the worst criminal offenders by mandating harsher penalties for child sex-offenders and allowing law enforcement to collect DNA evidence from suspects through Jessica’s Law and Katie’s Law.

Scott was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 and again in 2012 for a second term.

In the 112th Congress, Scott pushed hard to advance a federal version of Katie’s Law to encourage additional states to implement minimum DNA collection standards and enhanced collection processes for felons in order to strengthen law enforcement’s ability to prevent violent crimes, and protect women and children.  That effort became a reality when the President signed Katie’s Law on January 3, 2013.

Using his positions on the House Natural Resources, Agriculture and Small Business Committees, Scott has is fighting for the issues that most directly impact Coloradans, many of which involve our state’s extensive open spaces and natural resources.  In his first term, Scott introduced legislation to encourage healthy forest management and prevent wildfire, as well as passed a bill in the House with bipartisan support to advance the development of clean, renewable hydropower.  He is also leading the charge in Congress to stop a federal grab of privately-held water rights, standing up for farmers and ranchers, the ski industry, and all who rely on their water rights to survive.

Scott is champion of advancing an all-of-the-above energy solution that balances common sense conservation with responsible development. He passed the Planning for American Energy Act through the House (as a title under the American Domestic Energy and Jobs Act) to put requirements into place to develop wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, oil, natural gas, coal, oil shale and minerals, based on the needs of the American people.

Scott has used his experience as a small businessman to inform his work as a Subcommittee Chairman on the Small Business Committee. Here he has worked to protect farmers and ranchers from regulatory overreach, as well as push for expanded trade opportunities for Colorado products. Scott is a co-founder of the Congressional Small Business Caucus, a bipartisan caucus committed to open dialogue on the issues that most impact small businesses.  Members of the Congressional Small Business Caucus are dedicated to advancing efforts to foster the economic certainty needed for small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed and create jobs.

In the 113th Congress, Scott continues to represent the many interests of one of the most diverse and geographically vast districts in the nation. He will fight to bring Colorado common sense to Washington—focusing on reforming regulation, protecting Colorado’s natural environment, encouraging responsible all-of-the-above energy development, reducing government spending, and removing hurdles so that small businesses can do what they do best—create jobs.

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