Scott DesJarlais

Scott DesJarlais


Wary Republicans eye new Obamacare repeal plan


House Republicans will find out Wednesday whether they've finally found the formula to unite the GOP behind an Obamacare repeal plan — or if it's simply another dud. A proposal unveiled late Tuesday by hardline House conservatives and a leading moderate lawmaker — cheered on by the White House — has been billed as the compromise that could corral skittish Republicans reluctant to support earlier versions of the proposal. House Freedom Caucus members, crafted the proposal with New Jersey Rep. Tom MacArthur, a co-chair of the moderate Tuesday Group, and all emerged from their weeks-long negotiations Tuesday professing hope that they'd hit the sweet spot to unite the fractious GOP conference.

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Republicans have a new plan to repeal Obamacare — and it may bring them closer to passing 'Trumpcare'


Republicans have a new plan to revive their overhaul of the healthcare system, and it may bring the party closer to passing their bill. Numerous Freedom Caucus members came out in support of the amended bill, and noted after a meeting at the White House that they are "optimistic" about the plan. 

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GOP Health Plan Gets Even Worse for Sick People, But at Least Conservatives Like It


In early April, House Republicans said they’d made progress and might pass a revised health-care bill before heading home for Easter recess. The new compromise was said to involve scrapping the essential health benefits and allowing states to opt out of the “community rating” requirement, which basically says insurers can’t charge people more if they think they’ll need pricier coverage. All of these changes satisfy the conservatives’ desire to deregulate the individual insurance market. Rep. DesJarlais announced that he supports the measure. “It’s pretty much everything I was looking for in terms of concessions.”

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Republicans finalize new Obamacare repeal proposal


The White House, top House conservatives and a key moderate Republican have finalized a new Obamacare repeal and replace plan they hope will break a month-long logjam on a key priority for President Donald Trump. Rep. DesJarlais opposed prior versions, indicated he will back the legislation once the new provisions are added to allow states to opt out of some Affordable Care Act consumer protections.

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WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Congressman Scott DesJarlais, M.D., a member of the House Freedom Caucus and GOP Doctors Caucus, has announced his support for the American Health Care Act, Republicans’ Obamacare repeal-and-replace legislation, now including waivers for states to opt out of expensive federal regulations, driving up the cost of health insurance in Tennessee:

“Obamacare hit Tennessee hard. Year after year, premium and deductible costs have risen exponentially, as health insurers have fled the marketplace, leaving families and businesses with few insurance options, if any. Not only that, doctors are harder to find, and important health measures have declined. My number one priority has been to improve affordability, access and quality health care for my constituents, which today’s agreement – the product of intense study and negotiations – will accomplish. Freedom Caucus’ changes to the American Health Care Act are substantial, emphasizing federalism, free markets, competition and personal choice. President Trump has been instrumental during this difficult process, and I look forward to progress in the Senate.”

Rep. DesJarlais (TN-04) is a physician, who since election in 2010, has made repealing Obamacare’s most harmful regulations his focus. In addition to allowing states to opt out, House Republicans’ latest agreement would eliminate significant individual and business taxes. In addition, the Congressman has sponsored legislation to allow insurance sales across state lines, which would further reduce costs for health care consumers. 


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Winchester Utilities wins Region 6 ‘Best Tasting Water Contest’


Rep. DesJarlais judged the Region 6 Best Tasting Water Contest sponsored by the Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD). The competition took place on April 19 at the American Development Corporation office in Fayetteville. The drinking water samples were judged on their clarity, bouquet, and taste.

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With help from Pence, House GOP rekindles health-care talks


Vice President Mike Pence and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney came to Capitol Hill late Monday to attend a meeting of the hard-right House Freedom Caucus, hours after hosting members of the moderate Tuesday Group at the White House for a health-care focused discussion. Several Freedom Caucus members said afterward that they were newly optimistic that a deal could be struck. Representative DesJarlais states, “It's progress, and it's promising. We're anxious to see the legislative text”.

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Trump's new Obamacare repeal push faces tough slog in Congress


President Donald Trump’s attempt to resurrect his failed Obamacare repeal plan is already facing long odds on Capitol Hill. A renewed bid by the White House to unite fractious Republicans around the bill — left for dead a week ago — briefly raised expectations that a deal was imminent. But by Tuesday afternoon, leaders of the polarized factions of the House GOP were no closer to agreement than they were when talks collapsed last month and dealt an embarrassing defeat to Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan. Other Freedom Caucus members, including Rep. Scott DesJarlais, a solid Trump backer, said they were intrigued by the new White House pitch and wanted to learn more. GOP leaders, however, would likely need most of the group to back the bill to counter moderates who fell off as they moved the bill further to the right. It’s far from certain that the changes will do so.

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Ribbon Cutting to Mark Completion of Imperial Garden Renovation in Smyrna


The public is invited to a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Imperial Garden Apartments located at One Imperial Blvd. on Wednesday, April 12, at 10:30 a.m. The event marks the completion of a $11.5 million renovation of the 300-unit affordable family housing apartment complex, which was built in 1985. Federal, state and local officials, including U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais, are scheduled to make remarks at the ceremony and will help cut the ribbon along with residents and representatives from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) and LHP Capital, the developer and manager of the property. After the ceremony, there will be a reception with refreshments and tours of the renovated apartments.

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DesJarlais Votes To Condemn North Korea, Support Regional Allies


Congressman Scott DesJarlais voted Monday night to condemn North Korean aggression and to re-affirm the United States’ commitment to national security and that of its regional allies. According to the resolution, which the House of Representatives approved overwhelmingly, “North Korea’s ballistic missile program has demonstrated an increasing ability to reach the United States, which constitutes a credible and growing threat to the security of the American people.”

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Contact Information

413 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-6831
Fax 202-226-5172

Congressman Scott DesJarlais represents the Fourth Congressional District of Tennessee, which includes Marshall, Bedford, Rutherford, Moore, Lincoln, Franklin, Marion, Grundy, Sequatchie, Warren, Van Buren, Bledsoe, and Rhea counties. Also included are portions of Maury and Bradley counties.

As a resident of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, Scott ran for office because he wanted to bring common sense and hometown, conservative values to Congress. Throughout his first term in Congress, Scott built a proven track record of fighting for policies that that will return fiscal discipline and accountability to Washington, reduce the size of government and create and environment that will help to strengthen our nation’s economy and create jobs.

Scott earned degrees in Chemistry and Psychology from the University of South Dakota and went on to receive his Doctor of Medicine from the University of South Dakota School of Medicine. Scott moved to Tennessee almost two decades ago to practice medicine at the Grand View Medical Center in Jasper, TN.

As a doctor, Scott understands the importance of an efficient, well run health care system and believes that health care decisions need to be left to patients and their physicians – not bureaucrats in Washington. Rep. DesJarlais has been an outspoken advocate for the repeal of President Obama’s health care legislation.

Congressman DesJarlais serves on three committees that allow him to directly address and influence many issues  important to the Fourth District, as well as shape how the overall federal government functions.

Scott and his wife Amy, have three children: Tyler, Ryan and their little sister Maggie. The DesJarlais family are active members of the Epiphany Episcopal Church in Sherwood, Tennessee where Amy grew up.

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