Roger Williams

Roger Williams


Congressman Williams Announces Congressional Art Competition


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Texas) today invited high school students residing in Texas’ 25th Congressional District to participate in the annual Congressional Art Competition.

Each spring, a nation-wide high school art competition is sponsored by the Congressional Institute. The Artistic Discovery Contest is an opportunity to recognize and encourage the artistic talent in the nation, as well as in our congressional district.

  • High school students residing in Texas' 25th Congressional District are eligible to submit one piece of artwork.
  • Email an attached photo of artwork (including dimensions) by Friday, April 26, 2019 to
  • Three winners from the 25th District will be chosen Thursday, May 2, 2019.
  • Winners will be sent a FedEx label to ship their artwork to Congressman Williams' Washington, DC office.

All entries must be: two-dimensional; framed; and weigh no more than 15 pounds (including frame) and measure no more than 26 inches wide by 26 inches tall by 4 inches deep (including frame).

Entries may be:

  • Paintings – including oil, acrylics and watercolor
  • Drawings – including pastels, pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, ink and markers
  • Collages – must be two dimensional
  • Prints – including lithographs, silkscreen and block prints
  • Mixed Media – use of more than two mediums such as pencil, ink, watercolor
  • Computer Generated Art
  • Photographs

Entries must be original in concept, design, and execution and may not violate U.S. copyright laws. Any entry that has been copied from an existing photo or image (including a painting, graphic or advertisement) that was created by someone other than the student is a violation of the competition rules and will not be accepted.

Entries must be in the original medium (that is, not a scanned reproduction of a painting or drawing).

The Congressional Art Competition began in 1982 to provide an opportunity for members of Congress to encourage and recognize the artistic talents of their young constituents. Since then, over 650,000 high school students have been involved with the nationwide competition. Southwest Airlines offers each first-place Congressional Art Competition winner two round-trip tickets to attend the reception in June. There will be a winner’s reception held on June 24, 2019. Second and third place winning entries will be displayed in Congressman Williams' district offices.

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Rep. Williams Receives True Blue Award


WASHINGTON, DC – Family Research Council Action released its annual Vote Scorecard for 2018, the second session of the 115th Congress. The ‘True Blue’ Award was presented to Congressman Roger Williams (R-Austin) for his steadfast support of faith, family and freedom.

Votes in the U.S. House of Representatives included:

  • Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
  • Defunding the D.C. Healthcare Individual Mandate
  • Family Savings Act
  • Retirement, Savings, and Other Tax Relief Act of 2018

Congressman Williams issued the following statement upon receiving the award:

“Representing the people of Texas’ 25th Congressional District is one of the greatest honors of my life. In the past year, I voted for my district’s priorities by protecting the unborn and helping American taxpayers save money for their children’s futures. I will always work hard to preserve faith, family and freedom, and I thank FRC Action for this recognition.”

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins made the following comments:

"We thank Rep. Williams for voting to defend and advance faith, family, and freedom. As a 'True Blue Member' he voted 100% on FRC Action's Scorecard including protect babies who are born alive after a failed abortion, help hard-working families set aside funds for an unborn child’s future education, and defund the individual mandate in D.C.

"Rep. Williams deserves praise for his unwavering commitment to stand for life, family, marriage, and religious liberty. Texans should be encouraged to know that they have a Member of Congress such as Rep. Williams who has come alongside other members and our president to begin the work of rebuilding our nation and protecting the very values that made America great.”

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Members of Congress Introduce Resolution To Recognize the National Debt as a Threat to National Security


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today Congressman Andy Biggs (AZ-05) and Senator David Perdue (R-Georgia) introduced resolutions in the House and Senate to recognize America’s national debt as a threat to our national security. Earlier this month, the national debt reached $22 trillion. Congressman Biggs, Senator Perdue, and other cosponsors released the following statements:

“We introduced this resolution because the United States is racing towards a fiscal cliff. Congress is taking few measures to solve this problem, and it is beyond time for our colleagues in both chambers to become serious about balancing the nation’s budget and recognize this issue as a threat to our national security

“America has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. While the United States is producing record federal revenue, Congress has failed to pass balanced budgets. If we do not change our course, we will be responsible for one of the worse catastrophes this nation has ever experienced: the crash of the American economy and the demise of a superpower. I thank Senator Perdue and my colleagues for their leadership on this issue.” – Congressman Andy Biggs (AZ-05)

“The single greatest threat to our national security is our national debt, and it’s time Washington comes to grips with that reality. This month, our national debt topped $22 trillion. This news should have sounded alarms throughout Washington, but bureaucrats and career politicians didn’t even blink an eye. Ultimately, the debt impacts our ability to fund priorities, like providing our men and women in uniform with the resources they need to protect Americans. This debt crisis will only get worse, and if we don’t act now, our country will lose the ability to do the right thing.” – Senator David Perdue (R-Georgia)

“The $22 trillion national debt is crippling our country. In a few short years, interest payments on our debt will outpace all defense spending. That is a stark and sobering statistic which lays bare the real national security threat our debt crisis is creating.” – Congressman Kelly Armstrong (ND-At Large)

“Throughout my time in Congress, I’ve voted for responsible budgets that prioritize necessary spending, eliminate waste and end programs inappropriate for federal government expenditures. Unfortunately, even as our national debt and its threat to future generations have ballooned, too few in Washington are willing to take tough votes necessary to curb spending and protect our solvency. It is important we recognize the threat associated with a $22 trillion – and growing – national debt. While it is doubtful Democrats allow a spending bill addressing this issue to move forward, I will continue advocating for responsible spending of taxpayer funds for as long as I am in Washington.” – Congressman Brian Babin (TX-36)

“At a staggering $22 trillion, the national debt is suffocating Americans. While we can’t undo our past, we can work toward a better future, especially for the millions of young Americans who will bear the burden of this growing debt in their sunset years. It’s time we find responsible solutions that curb government waste of taxpayers’ dollars contributing to the national debt.” – Congressman Troy Balderson (OH-12)

“I came to Congress to advance real solutions that address what I consider to be the biggest threat to America: our unconscionable national debt. Congress’ fiscal irresponsibility presents a serious threat to our national security and jeopardizes America’s economic stability. We cannot continue to disregard our duty to future generations. I am glad to join my colleagues in cosponsoring this important resolution.” – Congressman Ken Buck (CO-04)

“Our nation’s debt is out of control. We need to rein in spending and start paying down debt, and you can’t get serious about either one of those without a balanced budget. The State of Tennessee and most of our local governments pass balanced budgets each year. Families across the country sit at the dinner table balancing their checkbooks and living within their means, so why can’t the federal government do the same?” – Congressman Tim Burchett (TN-02)

“I promised the citizens of Virginia’s Sixth Congressional District last fall I would bring four words to Washington – ‘we can’t afford it.’ I am proud to stand with Rep. Biggs and my fellow co-sponsors to bring fiscal responsibility to Washington. As then-Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen said in 2010, our national debt is not only a threat to our economy, but it is also a threat to our national security. It is my hope that Members of Congress will get serious about reigning in spending, balancing our budget, and paying down our national debt.” – Congressman Ben Cline (VA-06)

“The liberal media may have just noticed, but the Obama Administration doubled the national debt in eight years, despite raising taxes on small businesses and the middle class. In reality, no amount of taxation will ever pay for liberals’ Big Government agenda. It’s impossible to calculate the cost of the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, free college, and welfare benefits for illegal aliens. Though Republicans cut taxes to return their money to Americans who earned it, the economy is growing, and the rate of debt increase has slowed, establishment politicians in both parties have failed to address out-of-control spending, the true problem. Much of it is unauthorized or on auto-pilot. Fraud and waste amount to billions of dollars every year. Interest payments account for a larger and larger share of federal spending. My constituents in Tennessee can rely on me to vote the way they would in Congress to rein in reckless spending – a threat to Social Security, Medicare, even national security. We cut income taxes. Now let’s cut spending that serves only bureaucrats, their political cronies and special interests in Washington.” – Congressman Scott DesJarlais (TN-04)

“The staggering national debt is one of the main reasons I came to Congress. It’s evident that Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. If we don’t start making spending cuts and implementing real reforms as soon as possible, we put our economy and our national security at great risk. We can’t keep sitting back and saddling the next generation with over $22 trillion in debt and putting our nation in danger – we must act on this national security crisis. We need fiscal sanity to be restored in Washington.” – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03)

“For far too many years, Congress has failed to provide the American people with a fiscally responsible balanced budget, opting instead to repeatedly raise the debt ceiling. Our current national debt of over $22 trillion poses a grave threat to the security of our country and signifies a radical departure from the founders’ vision for how Congress manages taxpayer dollars. I support Congressman Biggs’ resolution recognizing the national debt as a threat to our national security and I call on my colleagues to express their commitment to being good stewards of taxpayer dollars.” – Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01)

“Due to Congress' reckless spending habits, America is heading toward a catastrophic event that will wipe out pensions and retirement benefits. If we keep on this destructive path, Congress will be forced to slash eligibility for social security and reduce benefits that Americans have been paying for and counting on for years. We must put an end to this blind spending.” – Congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04)

“Even with the improving economy, in the last fiscal year the federal government borrowed about 19% of its budget. This was, in part, because of massive increases in discretionary spending, cheered on by members of Congress from both parties.” – Congressman Glenn Grothman (WI-06)

“Our national debt represents a looming crisis that we must address. The United States has not had a balanced budget since 1997, and as of December, our total public debt is officially larger than our GDP. We must recognize that the national debt is a threat to our national security, and take immediate steps to balance our budget.” – Congressman Andy Harris (MD-01)

“Anyone who isn’t alarmed by the $22 trillion national debt is living in a fantasy world. Fiscal responsibility is at the core of a well-protected and secure nation. With unchecked federal spending and no balanced budget, we put the safety of every American at risk. The consequences of Congressional inaction will be detrimental to the next generation and the country we hand down to them.” – Congressman Kevin Hern (OK-01)

“There’s no denying that we’re in trouble when it comes to our national debt. It’s simply out of control. The deficit has climbed well beyond $22 trillion, and Washington continues to kick the can on balancing our books to ensure that future generations aren’t saddled with colossal debt. As we dig ourselves more and more into this hole, our ability to fund what’s really and truly necessary to run this country becomes more and more difficult. That’s why I’m proud to support this resolution that reaffirms our priorities and ensures long-term sustainability for our Nation for years to come.” – Congressman Jody Hice (GA-10)

“For years now, our nation's top military officials have testified before Congress that the greatest threat to our national security is our national debt. A continued pattern of reckless federal spending is not only irresponsible, it is dangerous. We have a moral obligation to restore fiscal sanity to the Congress so that our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to enjoy the same blessings of liberty that we have. That starts with recognizing the true cost of our actions.” – Republican Study Committee Chairman Mike Johnson (LA-04)

“The American people sent us to Washington to change the status quo and reduce out-of-control government spending. It’s time to do what we said.” – Congressman Jim Jordan (OH-04)

“The federal government must live within its means. Our future generations are going to be crippled with debt if the federal government cannot get its fiscal house in order. With our debt at over $22 trillion, we must act to preserve our national security and give our economy the stability it needs.” – Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (AZ-08)

“It is unacceptable that for decades, Congress has failed to manage its budget responsibly. This negligence is not only unsustainable and irresponsible, but it’s a threat to our national security. I am proud to be a part of this legislation, led by Rep. Biggs, that immediately addresses our Nation’s fiscal crisis.” – Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D. (KS-01)

“Our national debt has topped $22,000,000,000,000 and poses an existential threat to the U.S. I am proud to cosponsor this resolution recognizing that the fiscal crisis we face is a national security threat. The security of the next generation of Americans depends on addressing this crisis. Congress must work together to reduce the unsustainable national debt through regular order.” – Congressman Dan Newhouse (WA-04)

“Extraordinarily difficult days lie ahead for this nation if we cannot recognize $22 trillion in debt for what it is: a threat to national security.  We must get our fiscal house in order, and that process begins with a simple resolve to balance the budget.” – Congressman Ralph Norman (SC-05)

“Our National debt continues to grow without any regard for the consequences. I’ll continue to fight with my colleagues to demand action because our current National debt severely limits our ability to respond to fiscal and military crises. I appreciate Congressman Biggs’ leadership on this issue and am proud to support this proposal.” – Congressman Scott Perry (PA-10)

“It’s time for Congress to finally start taking our budget crisis seriously. Our budget process is broken and out of control. We’re playing with our country’s future – we need to act to fix this.” – Congressman Lloyd Smucker (PA-11)

“We cannot in good conscience ask the American people to be responsible with their personal finances, while their Congress and government continues an out-of-control spending spree. With our national debt now topping over $22 trillion dollars, and growing, this weight on our national finances is a clear and present danger to our national security.” – Congressman Ross Spano (FL-15)

“For far too long, Congress has failed to act on the growing national debt. This negligence is a direct threat to our national security and puts our country at risk. I am committed to putting security over politics and finally getting our federal budget back on track.” – Congressman Greg Steube (FL-17)

“National security experts have long warned us that our massive debt is one of our biggest national security threats. With U.S. debt recently surpassing $22 trillion, soon we will spend more paying down interest on our debt than on national defense. I do not accept the standard Washington presumption that nothing in the budget can be cut in order to fund important priorities without increasing the deficit. Hardworking taxpayers make tough spending decisions to stay within their budget and expect their representatives in government will do the same.” – Congressman Daniel Webster (FL-11)

“The federal government has blindly spent taxpayer and borrowed dollars for decades with little thought of sustainability or responsibility. Many of these expenditures have zero return to the taxpayer, while funding for economic investments like infrastructure are ignored. Today, that puts us in a position where our national debt is a fiscal crisis and a threat to the security of our nation. We find ourselves in these crisis situations – such as raising the debt ceiling – because Congress has failed to address our spending problems, which is why I continue advocating for a return to fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets. I’m grateful for my colleagues’ work in bringing attention to this issue.”Congressman Bruce Westerman (AR-04)

“Since 1997, Congress has failed to do its job to maintain a fiscally responsible budget. Time and time again, we have relied on raising the debt ceiling, and just recently, our national debt hit a record $22 trillion. As I’ve said before, our country does not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. The President’s National Security Strategy highlights the need to reduce the debt in order to maintain our nation’s military power, and for this reason, and I am proud to cosponsor Rep. Andy Biggs’ resolution to recognize the national debt as a threat to national security.” – Congressman Roger Williams (TX-25)

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Rep. Williams Statement on President Trump’s Major Disaster Declaration for the State of Texas


WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) released the following statement Monday after the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced that President Trump granted a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of Texas to help communities recover from severe storms and flooding that occurred September 10 to November 2, 2018:

“Four months ago, massive flooding wreaked havoc on the Central Texas community. In addition to visiting disaster sites, such as the FM 2900 bridge that collapsed, I urged President Trump to quickly fulfill Governor Greg Abbott’s request for a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of Texas. I am happy to report that earlier today, the president approved this request and initiated the release of federal funds that will go towards families, businesses and infrastructure affected by the flooding. I am proud of the leadership and engagement that local and state officials exhibited throughout this process, and I look forward to rebuilding together.”

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Williams: The crisis at the border: Do we have the courage to act?



The question about our nation’s border security is not whether there is a crisis; there is. The question is, do we have the political courage to do something about it?

How serious is the crisis? Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants attempt to penetrate our vulnerable southern border each year. These criminals are trafficking people and drugs, and ultimately, causing mayhem in our local communities. While our Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents are working hard to protect this nation, we are asking them to do more with less. President Donald Trump took a stand to get them the resources they need, and I commend him for his dedication to the protection of the United States of America.

To garner an adequate amount of funding after Congress failed to do its job, the president had no option but to declare a national emergency to draw on unused funds from other federal agencies. While I am disappointed that President Trump had to make this call at the fault of my liberal colleagues, I support him and his decision. He is continuing to put America first by making border security a top priority throughout this presidency.

Make no mistake, while I will always support President Trump using any and all means necessary to secure our border, I am also monitoring the status of the money given to Fort Hood, which I represent, for necessary military construction on barracks and other facilities. While the concern of those funds being forfeited is legitimate, Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has stated that military housing funds will not be touched, and I will do everything I can to ensure that promise is kept.

The president has made it clear that the security of our southern border can no longer fall to the wayside. While he is working hard to find solutions to this crisis, unsurprisingly, the left is using this opportunity to spout empty rhetoric regarding a joint resolution of termination to end the emergency status, which would be nothing more than political grandstanding against their president.

The fact is, last year, according to, our border patrol agents deemed 124,511 individuals inadmissible at the southern border. However, that doesn’t even come close to the 318,579 individuals that were apprehended between ports of entry on our southern border. The volume of those caught trying to cross illegally may have something to do with the fact that of our 2,000 miles of common border between the United States and Mexico, only 650 miles have fencing, and, according to USA Today, about “half is designed to stop only vehicles, not people.”

After looking at these numbers – after looking at the facts – how can Democrats actively oppose the president’s request to provide adequate funding to secure the southern border? How can Democrats go back to their hometowns and tell their constituents that they are fighting to protect them from illegal criminals, when all they are really doing is protecting themselves from the backlash of Nancy Pelosi and the power she holds over them as Speaker of the House?

The answer to all those questions is that Democrats hate their president more than they love their country. The Nancys and Chucks of the world would rather watch countless immigrants attempt to illegally cross our southern border and put American lives in danger, than help the president do what is right and what he promised.

The undertaking of securing our borders is no longer an option. President Trump is showing real political courage and doing the right thing to protect our country. It is past time for Democrats to get on board.

A Republican, Williams represents Austin in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Williams: President Trump’s Second State of the Union Address


U.S. Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin), released the following statement Tuesday night following President Trump’s State of the Union Address to the nation:

“Tonight, President Trump delivered a strong message that reminded us of how far this nation has come under his administration. We’ve passed historical, pro-growth policies that have resulted in a thriving economy that is benefiting all Americans. Just recently, the January Jobs Report revealed that the economy added 304,000 jobs last month, for a total of over 4 million employment opportunities created under the President’s leadership. Unemployment levels are also at a historic low. Together, our pro-American agenda is making a difference in everyday-people’s lives.

“While our economy continues to boom, the President also acknowledged the critical need to address the security of our nation’s southern border. He made it clear that Congress must work as one to stop illegal immigration, human trafficking, and the flow of drugs and crime. This President has provided a vision and offered clear bipartisan solutions that both parties can rally behind. I look forward to working this next year, and this Congress, to achieve our shared goal of a safer, more prosperous America for every American.”

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Rep. Williams Appointed to Financial Services Committee; Third Term


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) released the following statement upon being appointed to the Financial Service Committee for a third term by Republican Ranking Member Patrick McHenry:

“I am honored to have been selected by Republican Leadership and Ranking Member Patrick McHenry to serve on the House Financial Services Committee for a third term. Having been a small business owner for 40 years and serving on this committee for four years, I know how vital the role is that we play to protect hardworking Americans and Main Street.

“I have worked hard to cut through the red tape in order to promote free enterprise, protect capitalism and advance entrepreneurship. I’m committed to opposing the liberal agenda of our Democratic majority, and I look forward to working with the Trump Administration and Congressman McHenry to protect American consumers and allow Main Street to flourish.”

House Financial Services Committee Ranking Member Patrick McHenry (NC-10) made the following comments:

“Congressman Williams has provided valuable expertise and leadership to the Financial Services Committee for many years and I know he will continue to do so in the 116th Congress,” said Ranking Member McHenry. “I look forward to working alongside him, and all of our Republican colleagues, to build on the gains we’ve already achieved for hardworking taxpayers.”

Rep. Williams was appointed to the following subcommittees of the House Committee on Financial Services:

Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Institutions

Subcommittee on National Security, International Development, and Monetary Policy


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Williams Introduces Resolution Honoring Texas-25’s World War II Veteran Richard Overton


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) today introduced a House resolution honoring the life and legacy of Richard Overton, the nation’s oldest World War II Veteran and Austin-resident, who passed away at the age of 112 on December 27, 2018.

“Richard Overton embodied everything that is wonderful about America; integrity, courage and hard work. He was a dear friend who I had the privilege of knowing for the past six years and I miss him dearly. From his time serving in World War II, to serving his local community in Texas’ 25th District, he was a true patriot through and through. I am humbled to introduce the House resolution that will honor the incredible life of Richard Overton and his service to the United States.”

Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn introduced the Senate companion resolution on January 9. You can read more about it here.


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Rep. Roger Williams Sworn in to the 116th Congress


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Roger Williams (R – Austin) released the following statement after being sworn in to the 116th United States Congress:

“As we begin the 116th Congress, I am honored again to represent the people of Texas’ 25th District. With all the changes going on in Washington, the one thing Texans can count on is my unwavering dedication to liberty, prosperity and a secure America. I am proud of what we have accomplished so far, and I look forward to continuing to work on issues that matter to you.”

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Nation's Oldest WWII Veteran Dies In Austin At 112


AUSTIN, TEXAS — Richard Arvin Overton, the nation's oldest living war veteran — and the oldest man in the U.S. — died Thursday in Austin at the age of 112 after a bout with pneumonia.

Born near Bastrop, Texas, on May 11, 1906, Overton served a three-year stint in the U.S. Army during World War II. He fought in the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion during WWII, serving as a corporal in the South Pacific. Overton joined his all-black military unit in 1942, and became a skilled sharpshooter.

After the war, Overton built a home in East Austin where he a neighborhood fixture usually out on his front porch puffing on a cigar while holding court as admirers spontaneously dropped by to meet him. "His front porch is his everything," Volma Overton, his septuagenarian cousin who helped care for him, once told the Washington Post. "It's his throne.

In interviews with myriad media outlets, Overton spoke of his fondness for cigars in which he indulged daily — sometimes up to 12 smokes a day, he would note unabashedly. In interviews, he often credited his love of stogies, along with a splash of whiskey in his morning coffee and a steady diet of fried catfish and ice cream as secrets to his longevity. He also expressed a fondness for Dr. Pepper.

He outlived two wives and close family members, and received countless honors and accolades along the way — including a 2013 visit to the White House where he met President Barack Obama as a relative youngster of 107. He met Obama at the White House for breakfast ahead of a Veterans Day ceremony at the National Cemetery where he was honored.

"His service on the battlefield was not always matched by the respect that he deserved at home," Obama said at the time. "But this veteran held his head high." 

Overton earlier this year came close to losing his home in East Austin — once an enclave largely inhabited by a black and Latino working class that's been swept over by gentrification for the better part of a decade or so as an influx of younger residents are lured to trendy restaurants and bars and plentiful luxury apartments where single-family homes once stood. Gentrification-fueled spikes in property taxes threatened to render Overton unable to afford staying in his home, and he faced the likelihood of spending his final years in a nursing home. 

But in a sign of the depth of affection residents of Austin — and admirers far beyond the city limits — had for Overton, a GoFundMe campaign designed to keep him at his home ultimately would raise more than $450,000 for 24-hour-a-day home care.

From near and far, people expressed their condolences late Thursday as news of Overton's death spread. Gov. Greg Abbott called the late veteran " American icon and a Texas legend" in a prepared statement, adding his and his wife's voice in expressing sympathies.

"With his quick wit and kind spirit, he touched the lives of so many, and I am deeply honored to have known him. Richard Overton made us proud to be Texans and proud to be Americans. We can never repay Richard Overton for his service to our nation and for his lasting impact on the Lone Star State. On behalf of Texas, Cecilia and I offer our thoughts and prayers to his family and friends."

U.S. Rep. Roger Williams, representative for Texas's 25th congressional district, also issued a statement in reaction to Overton's passing: "I join the Austin community and the entire country in mourning the loss of a great man, and our nation's oldest veteran, Mr. Richard Overton. Throughout my time in Congress, I have had the honor of getting to know Mr. Overton very well — sitting on his porch and listening to him tell stories are memories I will never forget. I am thankful for his service to our country, and I am eternally grateful to have had him in my life as a friend and role model. I will miss him dearly and will continue to pray for his family during this difficult time."

State Rep. Lloyd Doggett of the 35 District of Texas, added his voice via Twitter: "Saluting Richard Overton for his service, spirit, and longevity. One of the last of our World War II vets has passed away at age 112. Pleased that he could share so many honors late in life, including, here, my getting the healing garden at our veterans clinic named in his honor."

The U.S. Army paid tribute via social media as well: "Today we mourn not just a hero, but a legend. The oldest American #WWII Veteran, Richard Overton, died at the age of 112. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Overton family. He was a hero to us all. May you rest in peace Sir."

In its own dispatch announcing the death, the venerable Stars and Stripes newspaper put Overton's long life in historical perspective: "Richard Overton, the oldest-living veteran, was born on May 11, 1906, the same year as the first wireless radio broadcast, and a year before Oklahoma became a state. He died Thursday at the age of 112."

In 2015, Austin filmakers Rocky Conly and Matt Cooper made a short film about Overton. In the opening moments of the film, the then-109-year-old Overton noted with palpable drive he had just had his driver's license renewed. 

"I still walk, I still talk and I still drive," he said. "Yeah, I've had a lot of people say God kept you here to help others. But I don't know why he kept me here. I can't tell you."

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Contact Information

1122 Longworth HOB
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Committee Assignments

Financial Services

Roger Williams represents the 25th District of Texas in the United States Congress, a district that stretches from Tarrant County in the North to Hays County in the South and includes much of Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

Prior to his election in November 2012, Congressman Williams served his country in a number of ways and brings a unique background to Congress. He was raised in the Fort Worth area where he graduated from high school and later played baseball at Texas Christian University.

After graduating from college, he was drafted by the Atlanta Braves where he played in their farm system before an injury ended his sports career and forced him to begin his business career. He began working in the family car business and has owned and operated the business for 40 years.

Along the way, he also became involved civically and politically. He served as Regional Finance Chairman for Governor Bush in 1994 and 1998 before he went on to later serve as the North Texas Chairman for the Bush/Cheney 2000 campaign. Additionally, as well as the North Texas Finance Chairman and National Grassroots Fundraising Chairman for Bush/Cheney ’04, Inc. Williams was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2001 as the Chairman of the Republican National Finance Committee’s Eagles Program. He has also served as State Finance Chair for John Cornyn for U.S. Senate, Inc., in 2002 and as the National Director of the “Patriots” program for Senator Cornyn.

In 2005, Governor Rick Perry appointed Congressman Williams to serve as Texas Secretary of State. As Chief Election Officer for Texas, he worked to ensure the uniform application and interpretation of election laws throughout the state. The Congressman worked tirelessly to promote economic development, investment and job creation in Texas. He also served as the state’s Chief Liaison for Texas Border and Mexican Affairs as well as Chair of the state’s 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Response Strike Force.

Congressman Williams was elected to his first term in Congress on November 6th, 2012 and was selected to serve on the House Committee on the Budget, along with the House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure.

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