Paul Gosar

Paul Gosar


416-7: House Passes Bipartisan Gosar Bill Restoring Competition in the Healthcare Market


For Immediate Release

Date: March 22, 2017

Contact: Steven D. Smith


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement after the House voted 416-7 in favor of legislation he sponsored H.R. 372, the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act of 2017, a bill that would amend the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945 to restore the application of federal anti-trust laws to the business of health insurance:

“Today, an overwhelming bipartisan majority in the House joined me in taking a historic step to begin rebuilding America’s healthcare market. As a dentist for over 25 years, I know first-hand that restoring the application of federal antitrust laws to the business of health insurance is the key to unlocking greater competition in the marketplace. Making health insurance companies compete in a free-market will result in huge benefits for hospitals, doctors and most importantly, patients. History has always shown us that when we put the patient first and demand that health insurance companies compete for their business, premiums go down while quality goes up. I’m proud to have led this effort in the House and call on Senate leaders to take up this bipartisan legislation in a timely matter.”

“There are very few antitrust exemptions in this country, and for good reason. For decades, insurance companies have lived under a different set of rules than everyone else, and today the House has voted to bring health insurers back under the umbrella of our federal antitrust laws,” said Rep. Austin Scott (GA-08). “While this is not an end-all be-all to fixing our broken health care system, I strongly believe this piece of legislation is a big step forward in untangling the mess our health insurance marketplace has become and fulfilling our promise to create a marketplace that works for all Americans. ”

“The House today took an important step in ensuring robust competition among health insurance plans,” said American Dental Association President Gary Roberts. “Free market competition leads to lower costs, greater innovation and variety in the insurance marketplace. I have long appreciated Paul Gosar for his steadfast commitment to patient advocacy, and I thank him for his work on reforming the McCarran-Ferguson Act. Further, I want to thank every one of the 416 members of Congress who voted for H.R. 372 today.”


The full text of the Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act of 2017 can be found HERE.

Original Cosponsors (14): Brian Babin, D.D.S.; Dave Brat; Mo Brooks; Scott DesJarlais, M.D.; John Duncan; Walter B. Jones; Drew Ferguson, D.D.S.; Louie Gohmert; Steve King, Phil Roe, M.D.; Austin Scott; Lamar Smith; Robert Wittman; Ted Yoho.

The Congressman’s legislation is endorsed by: American Dental Association, American Optometric Association and American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

The White House has released an official statement in support of The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act HERE.

The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act of 2017 amends a section of the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945, which exempted the insurance industry from the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act – acts that have the purpose of ensuring fair competition.  This broad exemption was intended to assist newly established insurance companies set sustainable premiums by permitting data sharing between insurance companies. These antiquated exemptions are no longer necessary. There is no reason in law, policy, or logic for the insurance industry to have special exemptions that are different from all other businesses in the United States.

Repeal of the specific sections of the McCarran-Ferguson Act which apply to health insurance has bipartisan support. A form of this legislation passed the Democratic-controlled House during the 111th Congress 406 - 19 (Roll no. 64) and passed the Republican-led House in the 112th Congress by a voice vote.


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Rep. Gosar Leads Natural Resources Subcommittee Hearing on Importance of Domestically Sourced Raw Materials


For Immediate Release

Date: March 21, 2017

Contact: Steven D. Smith

(Courtesy of the House Natural Resources Committee)

WASHINGTON, D.C. -Today, the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources discussed the importance of domestically sourced raw materials for the upcoming infrastructure package.  

Aggregates such as crushed stone, sand, and gravel are the literal foundation of many of our infrastructure projects,” Subcommittee Chairman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) said. “Expedited permitting regimes for infrastructure projects will have little to no effect if the mines that supply materials to those projects do not share the same accelerated process.”

Nigel Steward, Managing Director of Copper and Diamond Operations at Rio Tinto, talked about the arduous permitting process in the U.S., which takes an average of 7 to 10 years.  

The U.S. has one of the longest permitting processes in the world for mining projects,” Steward stated. “By comparison, permitting in Australia and Canada, which have similar environmental standards and practices as the U.S., takes between two and three years.”

More than the prolonged permitting timeline, Ward Nye Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Martin Marietta added that mining projects are subject to further delays from litigious-happy special interest groups.

Ultimately, not only does this excessive regulation cost time, money and jobs, but critically, it often puts the fate of vital infrastructure projects in the hands of special interest groups and their handpicked courts, instead of Congress and state governments,” Nye said.  

The economic benefits extend far beyond the aggregates themselves, mining supports countless other industries and small businesses. Not to mention, domestically sourced raw materials keep project costs down – a gift for American taxpayers’ wallets.

[T]o meet the demand that will result from a sustained and substantial infrastructure investment plan, a robust mining sector is necessary. One cannot happen without the other,” Michael Brennan, Senior Vice President of the Associated Equipment Distributors, stated. “Everyone from construction equipment distributors to restaurant employees to auto mechanics suffer when there’s a significant downturn in an important industry.

Putting today’s regulatory regime in perspective, Mr. Nye posed a rhetorical question: “Could [the Hoover Dam] be built today?

It is critical for Congress to pair infrastructure investments with regulatory reforms, including targeting permitting inefficiencies and red tape holding back the foundation of infrastructure projects – aggregates.

Members were quick to note that reforming the permitting process does not unravel existing environmental safeguards at both the federal and state level.

Click here to view full witness testimony.  



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Reps. Gosar, Beyer, McSally, Schneider, Suozzi, Comstock Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Give Parents Time Off to Mourn Loss of a Child


For Immediate Release

Date: March 16, 2017

Contact: Steven D. Smith

(Pictured from left to right: Rep. Martha McSally, Rep. Paul Gosar, Barry Kluger, Rep. Don Beyer and Rep. Brad Schneider)

WASHINGTON D.C. – Today a bipartisan group of Representatives including Paul Gosar (AZ-04), Don Beyer (VA-08), Martha McSally (AZ-02), Brad Schneider (IL-10), Tom Suozzi (NY-03) and Barbra Comstock (VA-10) introduced the Sarah Grace-Farley-Kluger Act. This legislation would add “death of a child” as a life event that would qualify for unpaid leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), allowing a grieving parent up to 12 weeks to deal with the trauma and then return to work.

“As a father of three amazing children myself, I know I can speak for everyone here today that our goal is to protect the rights of grieving parents who face the unthinkable pain of losing a child,” said Congressman Gosar. “Expanding the FMLA to cover parents coping with the devastation of losing a child is beyond reasonable and should have been included when the legislation was originally passed.”

“This commonsense, bipartisan bill is about what we are supposed to be doing in Congress—identifying problems and solving them together in a way that makes sense to help the people that we represent,” said Congresswoman McSally. “Giving grieving parents the option for time off from work equal to that for parents who have given birth and adopted simply makes sense to all of us who are in support of this bill.”

“If our children represent our immortality, their death is absolutely our death,” said Congressman Beyer. “To expand the FMLA to include parental bereavement is the most compassionate action we can take to do something, no matter how small, to help. This legislation is a good start to make a positive change and I’m proud to support it.”

“The death of a child is a loss like no other, leaving a hole in the heart that will never be closed but rather around which life must be slowly rebuilt,” said Congressman Schneider. “Yet current law leaves no time for employees to grieve and begin the recovery process. I am proud to help introduce this legislation to amend the Family and Medical Leave Act to permit employees to take the unpaid time off they need to care for their families and heal following such a tragic loss.”

The bill is also supported by The Farley-Kluger Initiative—a movement which began in 2011 to amend FMLA to include parental bereavement as well as 20 national organizations. “On behalf of grieving parents, and in memory of Noah and Katie Farley and Erica Kluger, we thank the sponsors of this bill for their compassion and common sense approach to American workers who suffer the loss of a child,” said Kelly Farley and Barry Kluger, authors of the Farley-Kluger Initiative. “This legislation will enable those who suffer this tragedy to take the time necessary to deal with this loss and be productive colleagues and employees, not to mention stronger family members.”


The full bill text of the Sarah Grace-Farley-Kluger Act can be found HERE.

Currently, the FMLA mandates up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for certain family events, including the birth of a child. During that 12 week period, an employer cannot terminate an employee who qualifies for such leave. This bill does not mandate any costs to employers or the government.

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***MEDIA ADVISORY*** Reps. Gosar, Schneider, McSally, Suozzi, Comstock, Beyer to Hold Press Conference Introducing Bipartisan Bill Recognizing Parental Bereavement in the FMLA


For Immediate Release

Date: March 13, 2017

Contact: Steven D. Smith


WASHINGTON D.C. – On Thursday, March 16, 2017, at 12:00 PM/ET in room 2456 of the Rayburn House office Building, a bipartisan group of Representatives including Paul Gosar (AZ-04), Brad Schneider (IL-10), Martha McSally (AZ-02), Thomas Suozzi (NY-03), Barbra Comstock (VA-10) and Don Beyer (VA-08) will be holding a press conference to introduce the Sarah Grace-Farley-Kluger Act. This legislation would add “death of a child” as a life event that would qualify for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), allowing a grieving parent up to 12 weeks to deal with the trauma and then return to work.

Currently, the FMLA mandates up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for certain family events, including the birth of a child. During that 12 week period, an employer cannot terminate an employee who qualifies for such leave.

WHEN: Thursday March 16, 2017

TIME: 12:00 PM/ET

WHERE: 2456 Rayburn House Office Building

PARTICIPANTS: The Honorable Paul Gosar, (AZ-04) The Honorable Brad Schneider, (IL-10) The Honorable Martha McSally, (AZ-02) The Honorable Thomas Suozzi, (NY-03) The Honorable Barbra Comstock, (VA-10) The Honorable Don Beyer, (VA-08) Barry Kluger, father of Erica Kluger who is the namesake for this legislation

 MEDIA RSVP:  Members of the media are encouraged to RSVP to Steven Smith at

 NOTE: The press conference will be live-streamed on Facebook at

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2017 Congressional Art Competition Ceremony


Saturday, April 29, 2017 2:00-4:00 PM Desert Caballeros Western Museum 21 N. Frontier Street Wickenburg, AZ 85390

The winners of First, Second and Third place will be announced by Congressman Gosar and all scholarships and other prizes will be awarded. All artwork that was submitted for the competition will be displayed. Light refreshments will be served.  

The first place winner will have his or her artwork displayed in the U.S. Capitol Complex in Washington D.C. for one year.

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Rep. Gosar Praises Continued Efforts by the White House to Strengthen Screening Measures


For Immediate Release

Date: March 6, 2017

Contact: Steven D. Smith


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement in support of President Trump’s Executive Order protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States:

“I continue to fully support President Trump’s executive actions to strengthen our immigration and refugee screening process. It’s refreshing to see an administration that isn’t ashamed to uphold the most important Constitutional responsibility of the federal government—to protect the American people. We can no longer ignore the facts that leaders from the FBI, National Counterterrorism Center and the Department of Homeland Security have testified before Congress that they do not have the necessary resources to thoroughly vet immigrants and refugees from terrorist strongholds. There is no question that the Constitution and federal law grant the president the authority to take these necessary actions which will not only protect the homeland but also safeguard refugees and legal immigrants.”


 The full text of President Trump’s Executive Order announced this morning can be found HERE




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Rep. Gosar Commends Progress of La Paz County Solar Development Project, Vows to Introduce Legislation


For Immediate Release

Date: March 3, 2017

Contact: Steven D. Smith


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement in support of La Paz County’s efforts to develop one of the largest solar power generation centers in the country:

“La Paz County ranks as one of the top solar regions in the entire world. Developing this abundant resource will not only make southwest Arizona a top renewable energy producer in the country, it will also result in widespread economic growth and job creation. The massive size of the federal estate in La Paz County presents real obstacles to the proposed solar generating project. This is an opportunity for common sense legislation that will allow for local officials to responsibly utilize this vital resource. I will continue to work with the County on legislation in the 115th Congress to ensure this project can maximize its positive impact for local jobs, revenue and renewable energy development.”


Congressman Gosar introduced H.R. 6491 during the previous Congress which would have authorized the Secretary of the Interior to convey land to La Paz County, Arizona, in order to create economic development opportunities and facilitate renewable electricity generation in La Paz County. Click HERE for more information.

County leaders led by District 3 Supervisor Holly Irwin have been working with Congressman Paul Gosar to request the purchase of 8,000+ acres of property from the BLM with the intent to develop large scale, solar generation facilities. The La Paz County Board of Supervisors’ intent is to create long-term, lease contracts with renewable energy project developers that respond to national demand. Such actions will increase renewable power generation while also helping to create new sources of revenue. This project will help address the economic challenges inherent to a jurisdiction with almost 95% of the County’s property owned by Federal, State or Tribal governments.

There are a number of precedent-setting examples of other Western Counties using legislation to seek the conveyance of federal lands to stimulate economic development in rural locations. La Paz County proposes to use a similar process to acquire a parcel of property that would allow for the project to interconnect with the Ten West Link.

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Rep. Gosar Introduces Bill Protecting U.S. Elections from Illegal Foreign Donations


For Immediate Release

Date: March 3, 2017

Contact: Steven D. Smith

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement after introducing H.R. 1341, the Stop Foreign Donations Affecting Our Elections Act, a bill that closes certain loopholes in order to prevent the campaign donations of foreign nationals from influencing American elections, a practice which has been banned since 1966:

“In recent years, our federal election laws have garnered much debate from across the ideological spectrum. One part of the campaign finance issue that has become commonplace in the 21st century is the receipt of campaign contributions paid by credit cards online. Current disclosure requirements for online donations make it easy for bad actors to violate federal contribution limits, or worse, for foreign money to influence U.S. elections. As technology advances, we must continue to stay ahead of the curve in thwarting those who wish to inappropriately influence our political processes. Full disclosure of online contributions will ensure that the American people know the sources of campaign money and will greatly assist with maintaining a system of free and fair elections.”


The full text of the Stop Foreign Donations Affecting Our Elections Act can be found HERE.

The bipartisan Stop Foreign Donations Affecting Our Elections Act would prohibit foreign nationals from cheating the system and would amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the disclosure of the credit verification value (CVV) and billing address for all online contributions. Foreign campaign donations to U.S. elections have been banned under federal law since 1966.

six-month investigation conducted by the Government Accountability Institute found the current online donation system to be extremely vulnerable to bad actors attempting to violate federal contribution limits. During the 2012 campaign cycle, hundreds of millions of dollars flowed to presidential candidates from undisclosed donations. The report also found that “of the 446 House and Senate members who have an online donation page, 47.3% do not require the three or four digit credit card security number (officially called the Card Verification Value, or the CVV) for internet contributions.”

Among other things, the report recommended Congress adopt the three main provisions found in Congressman Gosar’s bill stating: “To correct this, several low-cost, easy-to-implement reforms should be put in place:

  • Immediately require campaigns to use industry-standard anti-fraud security technologies including, but not limited to, the Card Verification Value (CVV) and a rigorous Address Verification System (AVS).
  • Immediately require all campaigns to retain and disclose identifying information on all online campaign contributions, including those falling under the $200 nondisclosure threshold currently allowed under federal law.
  • The Federal Election Commission (FEC) should enforce existing law concerning the solicitation and acceptance of foreign contributions to U.S. federal campaigns.

H.R. 1341 has 25 bipartisan cosponsors including Representatives Mark Amodei, Brian Babin, Don Bacon, Lou Barletta, Dave Brat, Mo Brooks, Julia Brownley, Kenneth Buck, Michael Capuano, Barbara Comstock, Jim Cooper, Peter DeFazio, Jeff Duncan, John Duncan, Louie Gohmert, Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon, Walter Jones, Doug LaMalfa, Doug Lamborn, Dan Newhouse, Stevan Pearce, Peter Roskam, Kyrsten Sinema, Randy Weber, Ted Yoho.

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Rep. Gosar Defends Attorney General Jeff Sessions Against Democrat Witch Hunt


For Immediate Release

Date: March 2, 2017

Contact: Steven D. Smith


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement in response to bogus accusations from Democratic leaders falsely accusing Attorney General Jeff Sessions of lying to Congress:

“Democrats appear to be stuck on the denial stage of grief in the wake of getting shellacked in the 2016 elections. The latest accusations against Attorney General Jeff Sessions are clearly a desperate attempt to distract from President Trump’s widely praised Joint Address to Congress. There is zero evidence to suggest Attorney General Sessions acted inappropriately for doing his job as a Senior member of the Armed Services Committee. To interpret his answers during his confirmation hearing as ‘lying to Congress’ requires a stunning level of ignorance and deceit. While I am glad to see that Democratic leaders in Congress have started caring about government accountability once again, their dishonest actions to undermine the president are disgraceful.

“I’m proud to stand by the Attorney General and I call on all members of Congress to stop wasting time on sideshow distractions and personal attacks and focus instead on border security, tax reform and restoring the free markets--the very issues Americans support and deserve.”

On the record statement, attributed to Justice Department Spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores:

“There was absolutely nothing misleading about his answer. Last year, the Senator had over 25 conversations with foreign ambassadors as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee, including the British, Korean, Japanese, Polish, Indian, Chinese, Canadian, Australian, German and Russian ambassadors. He was asked during the hearing about communications between Russia and the Trump campaign--not about meetings he took as a senator and a member of the Armed Services Committee.”


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Rep. Gosar Statement on President Trump’s First Joint Address to Congress


For Immediate Release

Date: February 28, 2017

Contact: Steven D. Smith


WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S. (AZ-04) released the following statement after President Donald J. Trump delivered his first joint address to Congress:

“Tonight, President Trump effectively laid out his bold vision for renewing the American spirit. For too long, elected leaders have been content with maintaining the status quo while refusing to take on the real challenges affecting our country. The president made it clear in his speech tonight that those days are over. It is time to get down to the business of delivering meaningful results for all more excuses.

“I am more encouraged than ever that the Trump Administration has the courage to lead on meaningful issues mentioned tonight including healthcare reform, securing our southern border and restarting the American economy. President Trump has proven to be a once-in-a-lifetime leader who isn’t afraid to take on the traditional burdens that have plagued the D.C. swamp.  I am committed to supporting the president’s agenda to make America great again and will lead from my position in the House to ensure we fulfill that promise.” 


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Day 1: Taking the Oath of Office

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Congressman Paul Gosar Addressing the 2015 States & Nation Policy Summit

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Prescott Valley 2015 Jobs Fair

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Rep. Paul Gosar Investigating Planned Parenthood

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In Remembrance, 9/11 - 14 Years Later

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Rep. Gosar Questioning EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in House Oversight Committee Hearing

2015-07-29 17:40:26

Contact Information

504 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-2315
Fax 202-226-9739

Congressman Paul A. Gosar, DDS hails from Prescott, Arizona and is serving his second term in Congress as the Representative from Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District.  As a health care provider and small business owner, Gosar is focused on bringing jobs back to the district, reforming health care, reining in government spending, and ensuring that the American people are involved in the solution making process.

Before being elected to Congress in 2010, Gosar owned his own dental practice in Flagstaff for twenty-five years.  His experience in Dentistry earned him the recognition of the Arizona Dental Association’s “Dentist of the Year,” and he was also inducted into the Arizona Dental Association’s Hall of Fame.  His experience in working to reform health care first came when he served as the President of the Arizona Dental Association and as the Vice-Chair of the American Dental Association Council on Governmental Affairs.

Whether Gosar is in Washington fighting for his constituents, or back home in Arizona listening to the people and working together to find solutions to the problems that face Arizona’s Fourth Congressional District, he remains committed to ushering in a new era of government that empowers individuals and reforms the bureaucratic procedures that stifle job creation and innovation.

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