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The son of Italian immigrants and the oldest of three children, Pat Tiberi is a life-long resident of the 12th Congressional District.  His working class parents found a home in the Northland area of Columbus, started a family, and made certain to instill in their children the value of a good education.  Pat and his sisters attended the Columbus Public Schools’ Northland High School where Pat became the first in his family to graduate from high school.  Next, Pat enrolled in The Ohio State University, where he played the trumpet in The Ohio State University Marching Band.  In addition to his studies and band commitments, Pat worked at various jobs around town to earn the money to pay for his tuition.  He graduated with a degree in journalism, but instead found himself serving his future constituents as an aide to then-Congressman John Kasich.  He later decided to expand his opportunities to serve the community through election to public office and was chosen to serve in the Ohio Legislature where he eventually rose to the position of majority leader.

Congressman Tiberi was first elected to serve the people of Ohio’s 12th Congressional District (comprised of Delaware, Licking, and Morrow Counties and portions of Franklin, Marion, Morrow, Muskingum, and Richland Counties) in November 2000.  Since entering the U.S. House, he has worked to further policies seeking a smaller, less intrusive government, lower taxes, greater national security and a growing and expanding economy that creates jobs.  The Columbus Dispatch has written Congressman Tiberi’s constituents have “expressed their confidence in Tiberi and his common-sense principles” while The Newark Advocate has praised his “record, experience, work ethic and temperament.”

Congressman Tiberi’s position on the House Committee on Ways and Means allows him opportunities to influence issues that affect us all like:  taxes, Social Security, Medicare, trade and healthcare. Pat serves as Chairman of the Subcommittee on Select Revenue Measures that has jurisdiction over federal tax policy.  In addition, he is a member of the Social Security Subcommittee.

Congressman Tiberi works to produce real results for Central Ohio residents.  He believes families know better than the federal government how to spend their hard-earned money and fights to protect their wallets.  For his work looking out for taxpayers, he has received the Hero of the Taxpayer Award presented by Americans for Limited Government.

Pat knows that in order to create jobs in Ohio, businesses need a level playing field and a stable economic and regulatory environment.  Pat Tiberi also believes misguided government policy often creates an uncertainty in the marketplace that discourages small business owners from hiring more workers and expanding their businesses.  To address such concerns, the president signed into law a bill written by Congressman Tiberi and co-author Congressman Richard Neal providing timely, targeted and temporary relief to struggling businesses.  The new law allows them to “carry back” current losses to offset taxes paid in profitable years.  The real-world effect supplies much-needed cash to businesses to save and create jobs.  For such leadership initiatives, Congressman Tiberi has received numerous awards ranging from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’ Spirit of Enterprise Award to the National Federation of Independent Business’ Guardian of Small Business Award.

He is leading the fight to reform pork-barrel spending.  Congressman Tiberi has not requested earmarks since 2007.  He believes earmarks are the “poster child” for wasteful government spending, and taxpayers should not be stuck with the bills for “monuments to politicians” and “bridges to nowhere.”  Congressman Tiberi believes Congress is the only body that can fix the spending process, and, if Congress will not tackle this problem, how is it going to make even more difficult decisions regarding the massive debt it is passing on to our children and grandchildren, and fix unsustainable programs like Medicare and Social Security?

However, as a champion of the responsible use of taxpayers’ money, Congressman Tiberi worked with leaders at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Studies, to change one of its reimbursement rules.  The change allowed The Ohio State University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center — The Arthur G. James Cancer Center and Richard J. Solove Research Institute — to continue receiving a higher rate of reimbursement for Medicare patients, meaning millions of dollars would continue to flow into the important research and healing done at “The James.” In addition, the change meant continued treatment of current patients and paved the way to treat even more.  For his work, Congressman Tiberi received the inaugural James Hope Award, recognizing his commitment to the advancement of the highest quality of cancer care, education, research and/or improvement of access to healthcare for cancer patients in Ohio and beyond.

As the Chairman of the Select Education Subcommittee, Congressman Tiberi wrote and helped pass the Older Americans Reauthorization Act of 2006.  The measure funds federal programs and state and local grants for social and nutritional services for the country’s seniors.  Congressman Tiberi wrote and sponsored the reauthorization bill that further streamlined existing programs and added new features to strengthen services that help individuals stay in their own home rather than move to institutional care, while improving their quality of life.  He’s been recognized by AARP and organizations like Meals on Wheels for his work reauthorizing and improving the Older Americans Act.

While Congressman Tiberi travels to Washington, D.C. for votes and hearings in the House of Representatives, he lives in Central Ohio and returns home every weekend.  He remains committed to the people of Central Ohio and wants to hear directly from them.  He takes his responsibility to serve constituents very seriously, whether it’s helping a family adopt a baby from a foreign country, assisting a veteran to get the benefits he/she earned, or helping a widow cut through red tape at the Social Security Administration.  This mentality is why the non-partisan Cook Political Report called Congressman Tiberi, “one of the hardest working incumbents in the country.”  Congressman Tiberi remains active in the community, speaking at schools, at Rotary club meetings, and holding office hours for his constituents.  In fact, a local columnist wrote, “every groundbreaking, every parade, every ribbon cutting with a pair of scissors to spare…is likely to find Pat Tiberi.”

Congressman Tiberi, his wife, Denice, and their four daughters, Angelina, Cristina, Daniela, and Gabriela live in Genoa Township, a suburb of Columbus, and attend St. John the Baptist Italian Catholic Church.

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