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Mo Brooks


Congressman Mo Brooks Recognizes Alabama A&M University's 50th Anniversary in House Floor Speech


Washington, DC— Wednesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) congratulated Alabama A&M University on its 50th anniversary as a fully accredited university in a House Floor speech.

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Full text of Congressman Brooks’ speech follows:

Mister Speaker, I rise today to recognize the 50th anniversary of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University.

The school was originally established not long after the Civil War in 1873 by the legislature of the State of Alabama. Through the tireless efforts of the first principal and president, William Hooper Council, the Huntsville Normal School opened on May 1, 1875 with an appropriation of $1,000 per year. It had 61 students and two instructors.

In 1885, because of its success with industrial education, the Alabama Legislature changed its name to the “State Normal and Industrial School in Huntsville.”

In 1891, the name was again changed to “The State Agricultural and Industrial Institute for Negroes,” and a new location was provided at Normal, Alabama.

In 1969, the school became a fully accredited member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and its name was changed to “Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University,” the name that it has today.

In the 50 years since its university designation and establishment of the foundation, Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University has grown to encompass widely respected programs in engineering, computer science, business, food sciences, agricultural and animal sciences, and education as well as PhD programs in plant and soil science, food science, physics, and reading.

Today, Alabama A&M University is comprised of over 70 buildings on more than 1,000 acres, is home to more than 6,000 students, is a designated “Gold Military Friendly” institution, and serves as a regional, state, national, and international resource while maintaining its mission of educating the underserved and uplifting the people of Alabama, the nation, and the world through its excellence in education.

On a more personal note, my mother, Betty Brooks, is a proud graduate of Alabama A&M University, having received her masters degree there. I thank Alabama A&M for helping her to successfully serve for a quarter of a century as a Lee High School government and economics teacher.

In sum, I am and all of the State of Alabama is proud of Alabama A&M University’s accomplishments and wish Alabama A&M a happy 50th Anniversary as a fully accredited university.

Go Bulldogs!

May your future success in helping prepare, train, and educate our youth be as great and productive as your past.

Mister Speaker, I yield back.




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Congressman Mo Brooks Discusses Impeachment Sham on Fox News's Life, Liberty, & Levin


Washington, DC— Sunday evening, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) discussed the Socialist Democrat impeachment sham with Mark Levin and Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) on Fox News’s Life, Liberty, & Levin.

Click HERE for video of Congressman Brooks on Life, Liberty, & Levin


Prior to Life, Liberty, & Levin airing at 10:00 pm ET on Sunday, President Trump tweeted encouraging his followers to watch, saying “Don’t miss this show!”


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Befitting Halloween, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Her Coven Declare Open Season on "Donald Trump Witch Hunt"! Mo Brooks & the Good People of Oz Oppose.


Washington, DC— Thursday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) voted “No” on H.Res. 660, a bill that, befitting Halloween, formally declares open season on a “Donald Trump Witch Hunt”.

H.Res. 660 ratifies and extends the Socialist Democrats’ secret, “public is barred”, Star Chamber impeachment proceedings being clandestinely held in the basement of the U.S. Capitol. H.Res. 660 mocks the Rule of Law and House impeachment precedent. More specifically, H.Res. 660 ratifies past tainted evidence and continues the secret, Star Chamber impeachment proceedings in the U.S. Capitol basement to continue as long as Democrats wish. Neither the public nor 75% of the Members of Congress are allowed entrance. H.Res. 660 denies Republicans the right to call rebuttal witnesses to expose the Democrats’ false narrative (no Republican rebuttal witness can be called absent Democrat consent), which prompts the obvious question of “Why are Democrats so afraid of letting America observe the impeachment proceedings in the light of day?”

Befitting Halloween, the “witches coven” voted “Yes” to open a Donald Trump Witch Hunt on a 231-2 vote while the Good Citizens of Oz voted “No” on a 194-0 vote.

Congressman Brooks said, “For years, Socialist Democrats successfully manipulated and fooled the American people with a ‘Russian Collusion Hoax’ that helped Socialists win the House of Representatives. Not to be deterred by having been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, Socialist Democrats are implementing ‘Russian Collusion Hoax 2.0’, an effort to again manipulate and fool the American people with a hyper-partisan, false, Trump impeachment narrative that, to date, is wholly lacking in evidentiary substance and legal support.”

“To date, Socialist Democrats have produced ZERO credible evidence that President Trump committed a high crime, misdemeanor, treason, or bribery—the Constitutional impeachment standard. Rather, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have abused their power by holding secret, sham proceedings in the Capitol basement while selectively and illegally leaking one-sided information designed to deceive the American people into believing the worst Fake News allegations against President Trump. Frankly, this process is so appalling as to constitute a very real threat to our Constitutional Republic. Trashing the votes of more than 60 million Americans is no small matter yet that is exactly the blood-lust of Socialist Democrats.”

Brooks continued, “H.Res. 660 is badly flawed. First, the resolution enshrines tainted evidence obtained in secret in the official record. Because of the badly flawed process used, all evidence obtained to date in these Star Chamber proceedings is so badly tainted that it should be discarded as ‘fruits of the poisonous tree’. None of this evidence would ever see the light of day in a court of law where how evidence is obtained is also important. Every witness who has testified in Schiff’s secretive basement proceedings should be called again to testify in front of the American people.”

“Secondly, the flawed resolution gives Adam Schiff the authority to veto and prevent any Republican from calling any witness to rebut the Socialist Democrats’ false narrative. This process flies in the face of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights and long-standing due process rights and past judicial orders. In contrast, impeachment proceedings for both Nixon and Clinton, the accused and the minority party had the absolute right to call witnesses without majority party authorization. Socialist Democrats should respect past, bipartisan processes often used and long-respected in matters of such grave importance.”

Brooks continued, “Keep in mind, there is a significant opportunity cost to this impeachment. None of the American people’s legislative priorities are being addressed. A tsunami of illegal aliens continues to swamp America’s southern border, at great cost to taxpayers and lost American lives. America’s deficit ballooned to $984 billion this past year, yet there is zero talk in Congress about reigning these deficits in or preventing a debilitating national insolvency and bankruptcy that risks American prosperity and lives. Nationally, economic growth has slowed substantially as impeachment overshadows economic issues. Substantive committee hearings on major issues facing America have declined almost to a standstill, leaving much needed work undone. For example, both the National Defense Authorization Act and federal government funding for the rest of this fiscal year languish while all eyes focus on this impeachment soap opera. Such is the state of Washington politics under Socialist Democrat majority tenure in the House. It’s not just a real shame, it is a dangerous tragedy that threatens America.”

Brooks concluded, “By trying to impeach President Trump at all costs, Socialist Democrats show their disdain for more than 60 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. America’s Founding Fathers meant for impeachment to be reserved only for the most serious offenses. Impeachment rips apart America by ripping apart American votes. It’s a travesty that Socialist Democrats are proceeding with this impeachment despite ZERO evidence of an impeachable offense. Socialist Democrats ought to be ashamed.”



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Congressman Mo Brooks Lambasts Secret, Star Chamber Impeachment Travesty on Fox News


Washington, DC— Monday afternoon, on Fox News Network’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) attacked Socialist Democrats’ sham, Star Chamber type impeachment proceedings. Congressman Brooks tenaciously challenged Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff’s hyperpartisan, corrupt process whereby they are attempting to deceive the American people into believing President Trump committed an impeachable offense. Charles Payne was filling in for Neil Cavuto.

Click HERE for video of Congressman Brooks’ Fox News appearance

Full transcript of the interview follows:

Payne: Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing the House will vote this week on a resolution that will formalize the impeachment inquiry process. Alabama Republican Congressman Mo Brooks joins me now. Congressman Brooks, it sounds like welcome news to me. Let's get the process moving along.

Brooks: It does but before I touch on the impeachment aspect of all of this with Schiff and Pelosi, let me emphasize that we have also had great economic news today with the S&P 500 reaching a new record high. That's what free enterprise can do for you. That’s super! So, we are doing well with both the Dow, Nasdaq, and now with S&P 500. I want to think Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, if they are going to quit doing these proceedings behind closed doors where the public cannot ascertain what's going on as they try to trash the votes of over 60 million Americans in the 2016 election. I have yet to see the resolution. From what I understand, we probably won't see it until later this week, but if substantively it opens the doors so that the American people can see the travesty that is taking fold, then that's a good thing for the American people.

Payne: Some are concerned, some have voiced early concerns about the process itself. The rights of the minority, you know, we've already seen a fair amount of shenanigans. To your point, it's been opaque and the things that have been leaked have been leaked deliberately. Do you have any sort of concerns about the ability for this to be fair and honest?

Brooks: I always have concern about a hyper partisan matter such as this being fair and honest. To date, the Socialist Democrats have not been able to produce any evidence of a high crime, misdemeanor, treason or bribery which is the Constitutional requirement. So far, it seems that their chief motivation— which goes back to before Donald Trump was sworn in— is to get rid of this president because they don't like him. They don't like his values. Well, I’m here to tell you that at least 60 million Americans love his values and they certainly love the economic results we've been enjoying under his leadership in the White House.

Payne: It does feel, watching this play out, that the tipping point may have been a series of AOC tweets coupled with some other things, frustration and maybe this is the last opportunity after Russia, Mueller, and some other efforts to get President Trump booted out of office, but Nancy Pelosi is really shrewd. She understands that in the Senate there's no real appetite for this. So, what ultimately could she be trying to accomplish here?

Brooks: Well, it sounds like to me this is basically Russian Collusion 2.0. We are familiar with Adam Schiff having led the charge claiming publicly that there was substantial evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Trump Campaign on the one hand and the Russians on the other in the 2016 election. And, they used that playbook to maximum effect, helping deceive enough voters to where they captured the House of Representatives. So, I think they’re continuing with the playbook where they are going to have a mantra that repeatedly claims that Donald Trump has committed an impeachable offense, yet to date they have produced this much evidence [zero hand gesture] of an impeachable offense under American law. So, we’ll see how it plays out if, in fact, they are going to shed public light on the travesty of proceedings that they've had so far behind closed doors.

Payne: In the meantime, sir, we have got the investigation into the origins now becoming a criminal probe. Perhaps it will vie for headlines, maybe it can be kept around to muddle what may be coming out of that—  what appears to becoming a blockbuster at this point.

Brooks: Every single individual who gave false statements to law-enforcement officers to the effect that there was collusion between Donald Trump and the Trump Campaign on the one hand and Russia on the other concerning the 2016 election should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and jailed. And, I hope that will be the outcome because we need to get to the bottom of who it is that engaged in this big lie this great deception on the American people— basically, wasting two years of the Trump Administration.  

Payne: Representative Mo Brooks, thank you very much. We always appreciate when you take the time.

Brooks: My pleasure, Charles. Keep up the good work. Tell the truth to the American people.





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Congressman Mo Brooks Fights to Force Nancy Pelosi to Provide Public Impeachment Proceedings


Washington, DC— Wednesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) and dozens of his GOP colleagues held a joint news conference attacking the Socialist Democrats’ secret, closed-door, Capitol basement impeachment proceedings that shut out the public and congressmen from impeachment testimony, evidence and developments. Immediately after the news conference ended, Congressman Brooks and his GOP colleagues proceeded to the secret, Capitol basement hearing room and chanted for Socialist Democrats to “Let Us In!”  When a staffer opened the door to tell congressmen they could not enter, the GOP congressmen brushed past the staffer and rushed into the Intelligence Committee’s secret impeachment proceedings. “Star Chamber” Chairman Adam Schiff (D, CA) then halted the proceedings rather than making them public to congressmen or other American citizens. Immediately thereafter, heated words erupted between Socialist Democrats and the GOP congressmen who sought to make public the sordid process by which Socialist Democrats seek to repudiate and trash the 60+ million American citizens who voted Donald Trump for President. (Note: In accord with Intelligence Committee rules, Congressman Brooks did not take his iPad or cell phone into the committee chamber.)

Click HERE for video of Congressman Brooks’ remarks

Full text of Congressman Brooks’ remarks follows:

“Let me focus on but one of the judicial defects foisted on the American people by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. The use of secretive, infamous, star-chamber type proceedings in the Capitol’s basement rather than public proceedings, public proceedings, where the American people can see for themselves firsthand the railroad job being presided over by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Adam Schiff. The American people deserve a public and open process.

Bear in mind the significance of what we are talking about here today. We are a republic. Close to a million Americans have fought in wars— beginning with the Revolutionary War— to give us the rights to control our own destiny, and what the Socialist Democrats seek to do today is to thwart, to disregard, to repudiate the votes of 60 million Americans in the 2016 elections. By golly, if they are going to do it, do it in public. Don’t hide it from the American people. Show your face so we can all see the travesty that you are trying to foist on America and the degradation of our republic that you are engaged in. We demand open proceedings, the American people deserve nothing less, their representatives in congress deserve nothing less.”




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Congressman Mo Brooks & 22 House Freedom Caucus Members Meet with President Trump at White House About Impeachment Issue


Washington, DC— Tuesday, at the White House’s request, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) and 22 other House Freedom Caucus Members met with President Trump in the White House Cabinet Room to discuss Socialist Democrat impeachment efforts. Congressman Brooks was the only Alabama Congressman at today’s meeting.

Congressman Brooks said, “I very much enjoyed meeting today with President Trump for an hour and a half in the White House Cabinet Room. It was a very informative meeting in which President Trump gave his first-hand account and responses to Socialist Democrat impeachment efforts. We assured President Trump that we have his back. We agreed that, to date, Socialist Democrats have produced no credible evidence of an impeachable offense and that the absence of credible evidence likely explains why the Socialist Democrats have insisted on secret, closed-door, Capitol basement proceedings that prevent the public, and even Members of Congress, from observing what is really happening.”

“Almost daily since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, Socialist Democrats and their Fake News Media allies have engaged in a highly-orchestrated fraud to impeach President Trump and repudiate 62,984,828 votes cast by patriotic Americans who participated in the 2016 election.”

“First, Socialist Democrats and their Fake News Media allies perpetrated the ‘Russia Collusion’ hoax. Once the truth torpedoed the Russian Collusion scam, Socialist Democrats and their Fake News Media allies fabricated a second impeachment hoax involving Ukraine and unethical conduct by the Biden family.”

“Rather than investigate the Bidens for using $1 billion in taxpayer money to coerce Ukraine into cancelling a corruption investigation of the company that hired Vice-President Joe Biden’s son for a lofty $50,000 per month, Socialist Democrats investigate and seek to impeach President Trump for fighting to expose corruption that may have reached all the way into America’s White House! Talk about a world turned upside down! In sum, Socialist Democrats will do whatever they have to do, including lying and impeaching a president, to force their dictatorial Socialist doctrines on liberty-loving Americans. On the plus side, at least American Socialists have not yet resorted to the kinds of Socialist savagery and thuggery that murdered many tens of millions of freedom-loving Chinese, Russians, Germans, North Koreans, and Cambodians when Socialists took over those countries and imposed their Socialist dictatorships.”

Brooks concluded concerning impeachment, “It’s sad and dangerous what Socialist Democrats, out of lust for political power, are doing to America. Instead of working to secure America’s porous southern border or tackling America’s nearly $23 trillion debt to avoid a debilitating national bankruptcy, Socialist Democrats work non-stop to undermine our republic by defrauding over sixty million Americans of their 2016 votes.”

Brooks added, “In addition to impeachment, President Trump asked about and Brooks and other Congressmen discussed the Alabama Senate Republican Primary, the likelihood of the GOP nominee winning the general election against Alabama Senator Doug Jones, the Syria/Turkey/Kurd conflict, and the need for ally nations to carry more of the world’s defense burdens in the Middle East, Korea and Europe.”



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Congressman Mo Brooks Votes to Censure Adam Schiff


Washington, DC— Monday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) voted “No” on the motion to table H.Res. 630, censuring and removing as Intelligence Committee chair Congressman Adam Schiff (CA-28) for repeatedly lying to the American people to sway public opinion against President Trump. H.Res. 630 has 171 Republican cosponsors. Congressman Brooks is an original cosponsor, meaning he cosponsored the resolution before it was introduced. Unfortunately, the motion to table H.Res. 630 passed 218-185. Notably, not a single House Democrat voted to condemn Schiff’s lies.

Congressman Brooks said, “Adam Schiff has for years unabashedly lied to the American people. In March of 2017, as Intelligence Committee ranking-member, Adam Schiff falsely claimed ‘there is more than circumstantial evidence now’ of Trump campaign collusion with Russia.[1] America has a $30 million Mueller Report proving Schiff’s comments were knowingly false.”

“On September 26, 2019, while chairing a highly-publicized Intelligence Committee hearing, Schiff fabricated a transcript of President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president, distorting the call for partisan political purposes.[2] President Trump’s released transcript of the telephone call proved Adam Schiff’s contrived version was a lie.“

“On September 17, 2019, Adam Schiff went on MSNBC and falsely denied having prior contact with the so-called whistleblower.[3] On October 2, 2019, the New York Times reported that Adam Schiff and Intelligence Committee staff got an early account of the whistleblower complaint.[4] Despite this history of dishonesty, House Democrats persist in keeping Adam Schiff as Intelligence Committee Chairman. Not a single Socialist Democrat voted for honesty.”

Brooks continued, “Adam Schiff’s conduct brings disrepute on the House of Representatives. Rule XXIII(1) of the Code of Official Conduct, states that ‘A Member, Delegate, Resident Commissioner, officer, or employee of the House shall behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.’[5] Schiff’s actions not only warrant censure, they warrant his immediate removal as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. The Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, a committee that deals almost exclusively with matters of grave importance to national security, must be beyond reproach and absolutely trustworthy. Schiff does not meet that high standard.”

Brooks concluded, “Since November 9, 2016, the day after Donald Trump was elected president with 306 pledged electoral votes, Socialist Democrats have engaged in a highly-orchestrated fraud on America by seeking to remove President Trump and repudiate the 2016 election. I urge the American people to see past the Socialist Democrat fraud.”




[1] NBC News, “Schiff: 'More Than Circumstantial Evidence' Trump Associates Colluded With Russia,” March 22, 2017,

[2] PBS News Hour, “Adam Schiff opening WATCH: Rep. Adam Schiff's full opening statement on whistleblower complaint | DNI hearing,” September 26, 2019,  

[3] Rep. Adam Schiff, “Rep. Schiff on MSNBC Morning Joe: Trump Must Come to Congress for Any Strike Against Iran,” September 27, 2019,  

[4] New York Times, “Schiff Got Early Account of Accusations as Whistle-Blower’s Concerns Grew,” October 2, 2019,

[5] U.S. House of Representatives, Code of Official Conduct, Committee on Ethics,

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MSN.COM: One of Epstein's victims, her name now is on a crime bill in Congress


BREITBART.COM: Mo Brooks Applauds Trump Decision to Pull Out of Syria -- 'Folly' to Sacrifice U.S. Troops in the Face of a Turkish Onslaught


ALREPORTER.COM: Brooks welcomes Decatur evangelist as U.S. House guest chaplain


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Contact Information

2246 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-4801

On November 6, 2018, Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) was re-elected as the Representative for Alabama’s 5th Congressional District. He proudly represents the people of the Tennessee Valley and serves on two influential House committees: Armed Services and Science, Space, and Technology. Congressman Brooks serves on three important House subcommittees: the Strategic Forces and Readiness subcommittees on Armed Services and the Space subcommittee on Science, Space, and Technology.

Now in his 5th term, Congressman Brooks’ seniority has improved to #11 out of 26 Republicans on Armed Services and #2 out of 15 Republicans on Science, Space, and Technology.

Congressman Brooks is highly active and engaged in representing the interests of the 5th District.

Congressman Brooks successfully inserted 25 Tennessee Valley defense community policy priorities into the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act. Those provisions include, but are not limited to: Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) Block IB multiyear procurement, Hypersonics development, Improved Turbine Engine, Short Range Air Defense, and the Army’s Iron Dome interceptor system.

In the 115th Congress, Congressman Brooks’ bill, the “American Leadership in Space Technology and Advanced Rocketry Act” or “ALSTAR Act” successfully passed the U.S. House. The “ALSTAR” Act would formally designate Alabama’s Marshall Space Flight Center as NASA’s lead center for rocket propulsion. In addition, the ALSTAR Act would direct Marshall to explore, develop, coordinate and mature new rocket propulsion technology in cooperation with government and private sector partners.

Growing up in North Alabama, Mo Brooks’ parents taught him early on that study and hard work were expected and required. They also taught him the importance of honesty, and to never be shy about speaking up and fighting for important principles. Brooks was born in 1954 in Charleston, South Carolina, and moved in 1963 to Huntsville, Alabama. Congressman Brooks’ father, Jack Brooks, retired from Redstone Arsenal’s Metrology Center. Brooks’ mother, Betty Brooks, taught economics and government for over 20 years at Lee High School in Huntsville.

Congressman Brooks graduated from Grissom High School in 1972 (where he was all-city in baseball and an active member on two state championship debate teams). He graduated from Duke University in three years with a double major in political science and economics, with highest honors in economics. In 1978, he graduated from the University of Alabama Law School.

After graduation, Congressman Brooks worked as a prosecutor in the Tuscaloosa District Attorney’s office, where he built a solid “tough-on-crime” reputation. While there, he obtained guilty verdicts in every one of the 20-plus jury trials he prosecuted. He also organized and managed the grand jury.

Congressman Brooks left the Tuscaloosa District Attorney’s office in 1980 to return to Huntsville as a law clerk for presiding Circuit Court Judge John David Snodgrass. In 1982,

Brooks was elected to the Alabama House of Representatives and became one of 11 Republican legislators (out of 140 total) and the only elected Republican legislator north of Birmingham.

Brooks was re-elected to the Alabama House in 1983, 1986, and 1990. While in the legislature, he was elected Republican House Caucus Chairman three times and was ranked number one (out of 140 legislators) by the Alabama Taxpayers’ Defense Fund in the fight to protect family incomes from higher taxes. He was also ranked in the top 20 percent by Alabama Alliance of Business & Industry on pro-jobs, tort reform, and free enterprise issues and was recognized as one of the legislature’s most effective legislators by Alabama Magazine.

In 1991, Brooks was appointed Madison County District Attorney. In 1996, he ran for the Madison County Commission and unseated an eight-year incumbent Republican. He was re-elected to the Commission in 2000, 2004, and 2008. During every year except when he was serving as a prosecutor or court clerk, Brooks was a private practice attorney. In 1995-1996, he was appointed Special Assistant Attorney General for then Attorney General Jeff Sessions and, from 1996-2002, was appointed Special Assistant Attorney General for then Attorney General Bill Pryor.

In 1976, Congressman Brooks married Martha Jenkins of Toledo; they met at Duke University. Martha graduated from the University of Alabama with an accounting degree. She later retired as a certified public accountant and obtained a math and education major from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2005. She taught math at Whitesburg Middle School. Mo and Martha are the proud parents of four children and grandparents of ten grandchildren.

Congressman Brooks was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives on November 2, 2010.

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