Mario Diaz-Balart

Mario Diaz-Balart


Diaz-Balart Works to Ensure All Three Counties in FL-25 Received FEMA Individual Assistance Designation


MIAMI – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement after the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced that Hendry County has been added to the list of counties in Florida eligible for Individual Assistance (IA) as part of the Major Disaster Declaration issued by President Trump on Sunday. Miami-Dade and Collier Counties were included in the initial disaster declaration.

“During today’s aerial tour of the 25th District with the U.S. Coast Guard, I was able to survey the devastation Hurricane Irma caused in our community. After speaking to local officials in the wake of the storm, I worked to ensure FEMA included all three counties in our district as part of the individual assistance designation. Many in Hendry County still do not have power, are receiving poor cell phone service, and are struggling to find gasoline, ice, and non-perishables. I’m grateful to FEMA Administrator Long for recognizing the impact the storm had on my constituents, and will continue to work with him to ensure our local governments have the resources they need to help the community.”


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Diaz-Balart: I Stand with DREAMers


MIAMI – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement in disagreement with the Trump administration's announcement to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with a six-month delay. President Trump also announced he sees the need for a legislative solution. For over a decade, Diaz-Balart has been a leader on immigration reform in Congress, working with dozens of colleagues from both parties on a bipartisan, commonsense answer.  

“The DACA program serves children and young adults who came to the United States at the choice of a parent or guardian. I proudly stand with DREAMers and strongly disagree with the decision to end a program that has greatly benefited thousands of young people who are an integral part of our country. Congress must act on a legislative solution before DACA expires. We should not punish these young people for a decision that was never theirs to make. I have said time and time again that our country's immigration system is broken, and I remain committed to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to obtain a legislative solution that will permit DREAMers to legally continue to contribute their talents and abilities to our great nation.”


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Díaz-Balart: Me solidarizo con los DREAMers


MIAMI – El congresista Mario Díaz-Balart (FL-25) hizo la siguiente declaración criticando la decisión de la administración Trump de poner fin al programa de Consideración de Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA) con un retraso de seis meses. El presidente Trump declaró que es necesaria una solución legislativa. Díaz-Balart ha sido un líder en la reforma del sistema de inmigración en el Congreso, trabajando con decenas de colegas de ambos partidos para intentar arreglar nuestro sistema de inmigración, que hoy en día no cumple casi ninguno de sus propósitos.

“El programa de DACA es para niños y jóvenes que vinieron a los Estados Unidos por la decisión de un padre o guardián. Me solidarizo con los DREAMers y estoy en contra de eliminar un programa que ha beneficiado enormemente a miles de jóvenes que tanto han contribuido a  nuestro país. El Congreso tiene que actuar con toda urgencia para aprobar una solución legislativa antes de que DACA se venza.  No se deben castigar a estos jóvenes por una decisión que no fue suya. Como he dicho una y otra vez, el sistema de inmigración de EE.UU. no funciona y seguiré trabajando para encontrar una solución legislativa que permita a DREAMers legalmente seguir contribuyendo con sus talentos y habilidades a nuestra gran nación”.


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Díaz-Balart felicita al presidente Trump por las sanciones financieras contra el régimen de Maduro


MIAMI - El congresista Mario Díaz-Balart (FL-25) hizo la siguiente declaración después de que el gobierno de Trump anunciara sanciones financieras contra el régimen de Maduro:

“Felicito al Presidente Trump por una vez más imponer fuertes sanciones contra el régimen de Maduro. Las sanciones anunciadas hoy van dirigidas contra la petrolera estatal PDVSA y prohíben transacciones que financien la escalada de la deuda y la corrupción del régimen.

Está claro que el gobierno de Trump está escuchando a los líderes de la oposición en Venezuela, al Congreso de los Estados Unidos y a la comunidad venezolana en el sur de la Florida y ha tomado una posición firme para proteger los valores e intereses americanos en nuestro hemisferio. Cuando el vicepresidente Mike Pence estuvo en Miami esta semana, afirmó que el gobierno de Trump está comprometido con promover la democracia y declaró: "nuestra determinación es inquebrantable; nuestra convicción es clara".

Felicito al gobierno de Trump por su claridad de principios con respecto a luchar contra la tiranía en nuestro hemisferio. Mientras que el régimen de Maduro continúa atropellando a la democracia, como con su falsa ‘asamblea constituyente’, Estados Unidos reitera su firme solidaridad con el pueblo venezolano.”



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Diaz-Balart Commends President Trump For the Financial Sanctions Against the Maduro Regime


Diaz-Balart Commends President Trump For the Financial Sanctions Against the Maduro Regime


MIAMI – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement after the Trump Administration announced financial sanctions against the Maduro regime.

“I commend President Trump for once again imposing tough sanctions against the Maduro regime.  Today’s announced sanctions target Venezuela’s state-run oil company PDVSA, and prohibit transactions that finance the regime’s escalating debt and corruption. 

Clearly the Trump administration is listening to opposition leaders in Venezuela, the U.S. Congress, and members of the Venezuelan community in South Florida and has taken a firm stand to protect American values and interests in our hemisphere.  When Vice President Mike Pence was in Miami this week, he asserted that the Trump administration was committed to promoting democracy and stated, “our resolve is unwavering; our conviction is clear.” 

I commend the Trump Administration’s principled clarity on opposing tyranny in our hemisphere.  As the Maduro regime continues its relentless assaults on democracy and subversion of representative democracy with its sham “Constituent Assembly,” the United States stands in firm solidarity with the Venezuelan people.


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Diaz-Balart Commends President Trump and Vice President Pence for their Continued Support for a Free and Democratic Venezuela



Diaz-Balart Commends President Trump and Vice President Pence for their Continued Support for a Free and Democratic Venezuela


MIAMI – Today as Vice President Pence addressed the Venezuelan exile community in Doral, Florida, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart delivered the following statement.

As prepared for delivery: 

“I am honored to be here today with Father Israel Mago of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Church and many others to meet with Vice President Pence, who recently finished a trip to key countries in our hemisphere, and talk about the ongoing assault on democracy and the continued repression of the Venezuelan people.


Among those who have been imprisoned for their political views is Wuilly Arteaga, a courageous young violinist and activist.


I had the honor of meeting Wuilly.  Since then, Wuilly has been beaten and arrested simply for his musical protests against the Maduro regime.  With his defiant renditions of Venezuela’s national anthem, ringing out in the midst of brutality perpetrated by Maduro’s thugs, Wuilly has become one more symbol of the protest movement which persists despite Maduro’s escalating repression.


Many of those imprisoned have attested to beatings, inhumane conditions, and even torture at the hands of Maduro’s thugs.  Many have been falsely accused of crimes, and others are being held despite a court order that they be released.


Let it be clear that the Trump Administration—I repeat, the Trump Administration—and the US Congress stand with the Venezuelan people, including its courageous activists, opposition leaders, political prisoners and their families, the doctors and nurses who have demanded access to basic medicines for their patients, and others who have risked everything to achieve a democratic Venezuela.


We must also remember those who have died at the hands of Maduro’s thugs, more than 120 people since the protests began in April of this year. But this violence is not new.  Genesis Carmona, the daughter of my constituent Maria Eugenia Tovar, was killed during protests in 2014.  The Chavez-Maduro legacy is one of repression and brutality.


Even opposition members of the democratically-elected National Assembly, which Maduro has attempted to supplant with the sham “Constituent Assembly,” were violently attacked on Venezuela’s independence day leaving several injured.  Opposition members of the National Assembly have faced reprisals for attempting to lawfully represent those Venezuelans who elected them.


The Trump administration, represented today by our dear friend Vice President Pence, must be commended for imposing tough sanctions on those who have plunged Venezuela into chaos. The administration took the bold step of personally sanctioning Nicolas Maduro, making him one of only four heads of state to be directly sanctioned by the United States.   So now, Maduro stands in the company of the world’s most infamous pariahs -- Bashar al-Assad of Syria, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.


We also know that the Castro regime has sent operatives to assist with the Maduro campaign of repression, within various levels of government and the security services. As Mary Anastasia O’Grady has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Castro regime “has embedded a Soviet-style security apparatus” in Venezuela. And earlier this month, CIA Director Mike Pompeo affirmed that state actors including the Castro regime were operating in Venezuela. 


Some say we should treat the Maduro and Castro regimes like legitimate governments, since the Cold War is over.  However, we all know that both the Venezuelan and Cuban people continue to suffer under the hot iron of repression


For our outspoken support of pro-democracy activists, and our opposition to human rights abuses, repression, and corruption in Venezuela, Maduro labeled me and some of my colleagues “terrorists” and has forbidden us from entering the country. 


I take that as a badge of honor.  We don’t need to be in Venezuela to condemn the beatings, arbitrary arrests, torture, and countless other abuses.  Make no mistake, those criminals who have beaten, tortured, and killed innocent protesters on behalf of a brutal dictatorship will be held accountable for their crimes.


Así que mientras la administración de Obama se sentó con Diosdado Cabello, y Maduro está con Assad, Kim Jong-un, Mugabe, y el paria de nuestro hemisferio, Castro, yo estoy con:

• el pueblo venezolano, incluidos los valientes activistas, los presos políticos y los que siguen arriesgando todo por una Venezuela libre,


• la administración Trump, que en tan sólo ocho meses ha impuesto cuatro rondas de sanciones contra los corruptos de Maduro,


• el Secretario General de la OEA, quien dijo textualmente que "el gobierno de Venezuela tiene sangre en sus manos y debe ser responsabilizado por eso";


• Mis colegas en el Congreso, que en 2014 Y 2016 aprobaron la legislación impulsada por Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Marco Rubio y Bob Menéndez, para imponer fuertes sanciones contra el régimen de Maduro. También debemos agradecer a Carlos Curbelo su inquebrantable apoyo.


• Y la comunidad de venezolanos en el exilio en el sur de Florida, quienes nos recuerdan siempre que nuestros hermanos y hermanas en Venezuela están luchando por la libertad.


Me siento honrado de estar aquí con usted, Vicepresidente Pence. Has sido un firme defensor de los valores de EEUU, incluyendo nuestro compromiso con la democracia, y con tantos otros amigos de la heroica comunidad venezolana, trabajaremos juntos hasta que Venezuela sea libre.”




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Díaz-Balart: sanciones contra Maduro envían mensaje inequívoco


WASHINGTON – El congresista Mario Díaz-Balart (FL-25) hizo la siguiente declaración después de que el gobierno de Trump anunció sanciones contra el dictador venezolano Nicolás Maduro. La semana pasada, el Presidente Trump anunció sanciones contra trece miembros del régimen venezolano y dejó claro que habría sanciones adicionales si el régimen seguía adelante con su fraudulenta asamblea constituyente.

“La semana pasada, cuando sancionó a trece miembros del régimen de Maduro, el Presidente Trump advirtió que si el régimen seguía adelante con su asamblea constituyente ilegal habría consecuencias graves. La sanción de hoy a Nicolás Maduro es un mensaje inequívoco para él y otros dictadores del mundo que los Estados Unidos no aceptará a regímenes opresivos.

“Durante casi dos décadas, el pueblo venezolano ha sufrido bajo una creciente opresión. Las cuatro rondas de sanciones que el gobierno de Trump ha emitido en los últimos seis meses expresan su solidaridad con los venezolanos que luchan por su libertad, a la vez que condenan a los matones que los oprimen. Felicito al Presidente Trump y a su gobierno por tomar una posición firme contra la opresión. A medida que seguimos apoyando al heroico pueblo venezolano y sus aspiraciones democráticas, seguiré trabajando estrechamente con nuestro gobierno y mis colegas del Congreso para asegurar que se restablezcan sus derechos y libertades fundamentales”.



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Diaz-Balart: Sanctions Against Maduro Send Definitive Message


MIAMI – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) issued the following statement after the Trump administration announced sanctions against Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro. Last week, President Trump announced sanctions against 13 Venezuelan regime operatives, and made it clear he was ready to issue more sanctions should the Maduro regime move forward with the Constituent Assembly.

“When he issued sanctions last week against 13 operatives of the Maduro regime, President Trump warned: should the Maduro regime move forward with the illegal Constituent Assembly, there would be grave consequences.  Today's sanctioning of Nicolas Maduro is a bold and definitive message to him and other ruthless dictators around the globe that the United States will not coddle oppressive regimes. 

“For almost two decades, the Venezuelan people have suffered under increasing oppression. The four rounds of sanctions that the Trump Administration has issued over the last six months have expressed solidarity with freedom-seeking Venezuelans while opposing the thugs that repress them.  I commend President Trump and his administration for taking a tough stand against oppression.  As we continue to support the Venezuelan people in their democratic aspirations, I look forward to continuing to work with this Administration and my congressional colleagues to impose additional sanctions as needed and ensure that basic rights and liberties are restored.”


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Diaz-Balart Condemns Sham Elections and Vows Solidarity with Venezuelan People


MIAMI – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement in response to yet another blatant power grab by the Maduro regime.

“Yesterday’s sham election was yet another shameless assault on democracy and the rule of law by the Maduro regime.  The illegal attempt to rewrite Venezuela’s constitution reveals once again that Maduro and his cronies will stop at nothing in their desperate bid to cling to power. 

“I commend the Trump administration for refusing to recognize the results of yesterday’s illegitimate vote, as well as the refusal of a growing number of other countries to recognize the results, including Argentina, Panama, Britain, Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, and Spain.  The United States will continue to stand solidly with the people of Venezuela as they struggle against the oppressive Maduro regime to restore the basic rights and liberties to which all people are entitled.  ”


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Diaz-Balart Votes to Support Military, Protect National Security


WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement after passage of H.R. 3219, the Make America Secure Appropriations Act. This legislation included the Defense, Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, Energy and Water, and Legislative Branch FY18 appropriations funding.

“Today’s legislation ensures the security and protection of the American people, here at home and across the globe. From our military to our energy programs, the legislation funds the most important and vital components to our national security. This year’s funding for the Department of Defense is increased by 13% above last year’s, reflecting the urgent need to maintain American dominance in the global arena. It funds a 2.4% pay raise for our troops, who selflessly risk their lives for freedom every day. The $78.3 billion included for the Department of Veterans Affairs demonstrates our commitment to serving veterans across the United States. In a time where we face nuclear threats from enemies like North Korea and Iran, the legislation increases funding for the Department of Energy’s nuclear weapons program to $13.9 billion. It also provides funding to support the U.S. Capitol Police, providing security to the countless visitors, staff, and Members of Congress who walk the halls of our legislative body.

“I commend Chairman Frelinghuysen and Subcommittee Chairmen Granger, Simpson, Dent, and Yoder for their efforts on getting this legislation passed. I will continue to work with them and our Appropriations Committee colleagues to ensure the safety and security of the American people.”

Highlights from the legislation include:

  • $76.5 million for Everglades restoration
  • $82 million for the Herbert Hoover Dike rehabilitation
  • $68.1 billion for the Department of Defense, 13% above FY17 level
  • $73.9 billion in Overseas Contingency Operations funding to ensure troops have proper training and equipment they need
  • $13.9 billion for the Department of Energy’s nuclear weapons security programs
  • $9.6 billion for the Department of Energy’s energy research programs
  • $1.4 billion for military family housing construction, operations, and maintenance
  • $78.3 billion for the Department of Veterans Affairs, including:
    • $69 billion for VA medical care ($8.4 billion in mental healthcare services, $186 million for suicide prevention treatment, and $50 million for opioid abuse prevention),
    • $65 million for the VA electronic health record system,
    • $753 million for construction within the VA system
  • $422.5 million for the U.S. Capitol Police
  • $468 million for the Library of Congress



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Contact Information

436 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-4211
Fax 202-225-8576

Mario Diaz-Balart is currently fulfilling his 6th term in the U.S. House of Representatives. At the beginning of the 112th Congress, Diaz-Balart was asked to serve on one of the most prestigious committees: House Committee on Appropriations.  As part of the House Committee on Appropriations, he sits on three of its subcommittees: State and Foreign Operations, Commerce, Justice, and Science, and as Vice-Chair of Financial Services.

Diaz-Balart was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002 to represent Florida’s 25th Congressional district, which at the time, covered portions of Miami-Dade County, Collier County, and Monroe County.  Diaz-Balart continued to represent the three counties until 2010, when he ran unopposed for Florida’s 21st Congressional district. After the 2012 redistricting cycle, he ran for the newly redrawn 25th Congressional district, to which he was elected. The 25th district now includes parts of Miami-Dade, Broward, Collier, and Hendry Counties.

Prior to his time in Congress, Diaz-Balart served 14 years in the Florida State Legislature in both chambers, House and Senate.  At age 31, Diaz-Balart became the youngest person ever elected to the Florida Senate, as well as the first Hispanic to serve as Chair of the Combined Appropriations / Ways and Means / Finance and Tax Committee. During his tenure in the state legislature, he consistently ranked among the most effective legislators in Florida, developing a reputation as a budget hawk, and supporting minority voting rights.

In Washington, Diaz-Balart has worked tireless to make American homes and communities safer and stronger in the face of hurricanes and other natural disasters. In 2013, he introduced the Safe Building Code Incentive Act (H.R. 1878), legislation that would provide financial incentives to states that adopt and enforce nationally recognized model building codes. These states would also qualify for an additional 4 percent of funding for hazard mitigation grants. That same year, he introduced the Disaster Savings and Resilient Construction Act (H.R. 2241), which would incentivize home and building owners to utilize resilient construction methods when building and renovating home and commercial structures in federally declared disaster areas. Over the long run, both of these bills would save hard-earned taxpayer dollars and minimize the risk of property damage, but more importantly, would reduce the loss of life.

Diaz-Balart has also been a strong proponent of improving public safety and transportation.  Throughout his tenure in Congress, Diaz-Balart has helped deliver millions of federal dollars for the I-75 widening project and Miami-Dade Transit. As a true South Floridian, the Everglades restoration has been an ongoing project for Diaz-Balart. As founder and co-chairman of the Everglades Caucus, he has consistently fought to secure billions for the overall restoration and prevented massive funding cuts in recent years. Diaz-Balart has promoted hurricane preparedness and ensured federal relief for Florida in the aftermaths of Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, and Rita.

Diaz-Balart was born on September 25, 1961 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Rafael and Hilda Diaz-Balart, and the youngest of four brothers (Rafael, Lincoln, and Jose). He studied Political Science at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Diaz-Balart currently resides in Miami, Florida with his wife and son.

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