Luke Messer

Luke Messer


Rep. Messer Calls Again for Vote on Obamacare Repeal


WASHINGTON (Friday, April 28, 2017) — Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) again called for his colleagues in the House of Representatives to take a vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) – the proposed legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.

“The time is now to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better,” Messer said. “While Congress delays, Hoosiers continue to suffer with sky-high health care costs and worsening coverage. This legislation drives down costs, while giving states more flexibility and protecting people with pre-existing conditions. It’s past time to take a vote on the bill and keep our promise.  We need to get the bill to the House floor next week.”

This past week, an amendment to the AHCA was proposed that ensures individuals with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage while giving states more flexibility to bring down premiums.

Messer also called on the House of Representatives to vote on the AHCA before the recent two-week Easter break. 

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Rep. Messer Statement on President Trump’s Tax Plan


WASHINGTON (Wednesday, April 26, 2017) — Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) issued the following statement today on President Trump’s proposed tax reform plan:

“Cutting taxes for job creators and working families is critical to jump start our economy, grow jobs and increase paychecks,” Messer said. “President Trump’s tax plan is a step in the right direction. It will encourage employers, small businesses and entrepreneurs to invest, take chances and hire. Most importantly, it will cut and simplify taxes for Hoosiers.”


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Rep. Messer Joins President Trump for Signing of Executive Order to Target Federal Education Overreach


WASHINGTON (Wednesday, April 26, 2017) — Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) joined President Donald Trump today for the signing of an Executive Order calling on Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to review existing regulations on America’s schools and teachers, and identify Education Department overreach during the Obama administration.

“Our schools, teachers and administrators are buried under one-size-fits-all, federal regulations that in many cases do more harm than good,” Messer said. “We need to identify outdated and overreaching rules that restrict local educators, stifle innovation in the classroom and ultimately hold our students back from success. I commend President Trump and Secretary DeVos for working to bring our education system into the 21st Century, and give more control to parents and local educators.”

President Trump signed the Executive Order Enforcing Statutory Prohibitions on Federal Control of Education today, which calls on the Secretary of Education to review all Department of Education regulations and guidance documents relating to the Department of Education Organization Act (DEOA), the General Education Provisions Act (GEPA), and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

The House of Representatives has passed 15 Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolutions aimed at nullifying burdensome Obama regulations, 13 of which have been signed by the President. Two of these CRAs target Department of Education rules that discouraged innovation, including one-size-fits-all teacher prep regulations and onerous federal accountability rules.

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Rep. Messer Commends President Trump’s Efforts to Protect American Steel


WASHINGTON (Thursday, April 20, 2017) — Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) issued the following statement today following President Trump’s actions to protect American-made steel and American steelworkers:

“The steel industry has been a critical part of the Indiana economy for decades, supplying thousands of good-paying jobs and livelihoods to Hoosiers.  If we don’t take serious steps to protect American-made steel and steelworkers from unfair trade practices, the Hoosier economy will feel the pain. I thank President Trump for standing up for Indiana steel and am eager to work with him to further this effort in Congress.”

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Messer Introduces Legislation to Ensure Election Integrity


WASHINGTON (Monday, April 17, 2017) — Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) has introduced legislation to help ensure integrity in federal elections.

The Election Integrity Act of 2017, H.R. 2090, would require voters to present a valid, government-issued photo ID in order to vote in federal elections beginning in 2020.  If an individual is unable to pay the cost of obtaining a government-issued photo ID, H.R. 2090 requires states to provide the individual with a valid photo ID free of charge.

H.R. 2090 is modeled after Indiana’s voter identification law enacted in 2005 and upheld by the Supreme Court in 2008. Messer helped advance Indiana’s voter identification law while serving in the Indiana General Assembly.

According to the Congressional Research Service, Indiana is one of 18 states that currently requires a photo ID for in-person voting. Eighteen other states and the District of Columbia do not require a voter to provide any ID to vote.

“Many Hoosiers are surprised to know voters in some states don’t have to show any form of identification to vote in national elections,” Messer said. “This legislation is a common-sense fix to provide consistency in voter ID laws, uphold the integrity of our federal elections and improve voter confidence in the process. It also ensures voters who genuinely can't afford a photo ID can obtain one without charge to them.”

Under Messer’s bill, if an individual does not present a photo ID at the time they are voting, they may cast a provisional ballot and present their ID within 10 days.

States like Indiana that already have similar photo ID laws in effect can be exempted from the law.  

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Rep. Messer’s Effort to Overturn Obama Rule Forcing States to Fund Abortion Providers Becomes Law


WASHINGTON (Thursday, Aril 13, 2017) — Today President Donald Trump signed into law a legislative effort championed by Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) that overturns an Obama regulation forcing states to distribute public tax dollars to abortion providers.

The Department of Health and Human Services rule, finalized just weeks before the end of former President Obama’s term, prevented states from withholding Title X “family planning” grants to facilities that provide abortion, like Planned Parenthood.

Messer co-sponsored H.J. Res 43, which reverses the rule and allows states, like Indiana, to make the judgement call not to direct public tax dollars to the abortion industry. Messer led this effort, authoring H.J. Res 39 – an identical bill – in January.

“Today is at victory for pro-life policy and for the majority of Americans who agree tax dollars should not fund abortions,” Messer said. “I commend President Trump for standing with Congress and states, and signing H.J. Res 43 into law. I will always fight for policies that defend life.”

Messer was a leader in the effort to repeal this rule, calling on Congress to make this a priority back in December 2016.  He garnered broad support for the effort, including nearly 140 members of the U.S. House of Representatives as well as advocacy groups like March for Life, National Right to Life, Susan B. Anthony List, Alliance Defending Freedom, Focus on the Family and Indiana Right to Life. 

“No state should be coerced into supporting the abortion industry. We applaud Rep. Messer’s efforts to stop the flow of our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood and any organization that profits from the destruction of innocent, human life,” said Mike Fichter, President and CEO of Indiana Right to Life.

H.J. Res 43 is now law.



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Rep. Messer Issues Statement on US Military Strike in Syria


WASHINGTON (Thursday, April 6, 2017) — Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) issued the following statement tonight following the US military strike in Syria:

“Tonight America sent a strong message to the world. We will no longer stand by as Assad and his supporters commit war crimes and atrocities against innocent civilians. I commend President Trump for taking decisive action, and thank the men and women who helped carry out this strike.”

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Messer Bill Would Help Working Americans Better Plan for Retirement


WASHINGTON (Thursday, April 6, 2017) — Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) filed bipartisan legislation in the U.S. House today, alongside colleagues in the Senate, to help working Americans better plan for retirement. 

The Lifetime Income Disclosure Act (LIDA) would require retirement plans, like 401(k)s, to regularly disclose the real-world benefit of savings. To reach this goal, each 401(k) statement would be required to include a person’s current savings and how those savings would translate into a monthly paycheck for life. 

This information will help a consumer understand whether they are saving enough or need to save more.  A recent Gallup poll found that 64 percent of Americans are worried about not having enough money for retirement.

“We all struggle to know how far our savings will stretch into retirement,” Messer said.  “Seeing the value of a retirement account balance as a monthly income payment gives folks an idea of how much they will have for monthly expenses and whether they are saving enough today.”

The bill was introduced today by Messer and Rep. Mark Pocan (WI-02) in the House. Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) introduced a companion bill in the Senate. 

“This bill creates a straightforward tool to help workers with employer sponsored retirement plans determine if they are on track to meeting their retirement goals.” Pocan said. “Seeing how retirement savings translate into an expected monthly payment drives home the importance of saving early and often. I’m proud to join my colleagues in introducing this bipartisan bill to ensure Americans have better information to plan for retirement.”

“American workers need access to the best available information about their investment choices and exactly how much they will have earned when they retire,” said Isakson, chairman of the Senate labor subcommittee. “This information not only helps them to plan, but promotes increased savings while they are still working. Many workers count on defined contribution plans such as 401(k)s in their retirement planning, and this legislation will encourage participants to think of their 401(k) investments as a vehicle for lifetime income.”

“People across Connecticut are losing sleep over their inability to save for retirement. It's a silent crisis in our state that not enough people are talking about,” Murphy said. “Senator Isakson and I introduced this bill to help families answer basic questions about how to save and how much to save. Our Lifetime Income Disclosure Act will help people make smarter, more informed decisions about whether or not they’re saving enough, and ensure that Connecticut families can retire with dignity.”

Several industry groups sent letters to Rep. Messer urging support for LIDA, including TIAA, the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI), the American Council of Life Insurers and the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER). 

April 3-7 is National Retirement Planning Week.

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Rep. Messer Calls on Congress to Come Back Next Week to Repeal & Replace Obamacare


WASHINGTON (Thursday, April 6, 2017) — Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) today called on Congress to come back next week, instead of breaking early for Easter, to repeal and replace Obamacare.

In a Floor speech addressing his colleagues in the House, Messer said, “Congress is leaving for Easter break with work undone.”

“For seven years, we’ve told the American people we would repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better, and we have legislation that provides that opportunity,” Messer said today on the House Floor. “My hope is we will be back next week, before Easter. We need to do what we said we would do.”

Earlier today, Messer joined members of House Republican Leadership to announce an amendment to the American Health Care Act that Messer said safeguards patients with pre-existing conditions in a way that will also lower premiums.

The Palmer-Schweikert amendment creates a $15 billion Federal Invisible Risk Sharing Program that will help states reduce premiums by reimbursing health insurance issuers for high cost individuals beginning in 2018. 

A video of Rep. Messer’s remarks on the House Floor today can be found here

Congress is scheduled to begin a two-week Easter break today.

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Messer Invites 6th District High School Students to Enter Congressional Art Competition


WASHINGTON (Wednesday, April 5, 2017) — Rep. Luke Messer (IN-06) today invited high school students in Indiana’s 6th District to submit artwork for the 2017 Congressional Art Competition.

The Congressional Art Competition is open to all high school students, grades 9-12, in the 6th District. The winning entry of the 6th District's competition will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol, alongside other contest winners nationwide.

“The Congressional Art Competition is a great tradition and a chance to recognize young Hoosier talent,” Messer said. “I encourage everyone to participate and can’t wait to see the winning piece showcased in our nation’s capital.”

There are seven categories of original artwork that may be submitted: paintings, drawings, collages, prints, mixed media, computer-generated art, and photography. These pieced should be no larger than 26" x 26" x 4" (26 inches high, 26 inches wide, and 4 inches deep), including frame. Submissions do not require a frame, but the winning submission MUST be framed after it is selected.

The deadline for submission of artwork is Tuesday, April 25. Students wishing to submit artwork can call Rep Messer’s Shelbyville office at 317-421-0704 to make arrangements for delivery or pick-up of the artwork. A completed Student Information & Release Form must accompany each entry.

More information including competition guidelines can be found here.

The 6th District’s 2016 winning entry – “Sisters, Sisters” by Alexa Wilson from Yorktown – can be viewed here

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Contact Information

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Phone 202-225-3021
Fax 202-225-3382

Luke Messer is the Congressman for Indiana’s 6th Congressional District, a 19 county region of east-central and southeastern Indiana comprised of manufacturing and agricultural communities. Elected President of the Freshman Class by his peers, Messer serves on the House Committees on Budget, Foreign Affairs, and Education & the Workforce.

Congressman Messer is a 6th-generation Hoosier and national advocate for limited government, fiscal discipline, a strong national defense, and traditional values. Messer opposes bailouts, government takeovers and runaway federal spending.

Prior to his service in Congress, Luke Messer gained experience as a lawyer and former two-term State Representative working with Governor Daniels on budget issues as a Member of the Indiana House Ways & Means Committee. Messer is an accomplished education reformer: authoring nationally recognized high school drop-out reform legislation in the Indiana Statehouse and serving in the private sector as the President and CEO of the Hoosiers for Economic Growth Network & School Choice Indiana.

Raised by a single-mom who still works at a factory in Greensburg Indiana, Luke Messer was taught the value of hard work at an early age.  He worked his way through school with jobs that included collecting garbage, mowing lawns, waiting tables, telemarketing and umpiring baseball games.  Eventually, Messer graduated summa cum laude & Phi Beta Kappa from Wabash College.  Luke earned his law degree at Vanderbilt University where he also served on the Law Review.

Luke and his wife Jennifer have two daughters, one son and three dogs.  Luke has also served as an elder at his church and is the author of a children’s book about Indiana entitled “Hoosier Heart.”

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