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Rep. Gohmert Issues Statement on FDA Baby Formula Vote


Rep. Louie Gohmert issued the following statement after voting "NO" on H.R. 7790, which would give the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) $28 million dollars in response to the Biden Administration's baby formula shortage:

"Giving the FDA millions of dollars is not going to produce one ounce of baby formula. Getting the FDA out of the way would accomplish that new production. The lengthy and heavy-handed complete shutdown and subsequent investigation of the Sturgis, Michigan Abbott facility in mid-February by the Biden FDA found no deadly bacteria in their products. There was no easing of restrictions by the FDA, there was no reopening plan from the FDA and not even an apparent awareness of the consequences of their actions until there was a critical shortage of formula available to America’s mothers who were unable to feed their infants.

"President Biden and his masses of bureaucrats have done nothing for months to alleviate or mitigate the problem, but now want the Democrats in Congress to throw more money at their bureaucratic friends out of a desire to, as Democrats have said before, avoid letting 'a good crisis go to waste.’ Creating a bigger deficit and increasing inflation, while using even more money to create bigger, more dysfunctional government is not a solution, no matter how attractive that may sound to some in the media.

"The FDA got us into this mess and they cannot get us out of it. Enabling Abbott to reopen its facility swiftly and removing burdensome government restrictions and regulations from safe baby formula from overseas would be a more efficient solution.” Read More

GOP Reps, Sen. Cruz Demand High Standards Before FDA Considers COVID Vax for 6mo & Up


GOP Reps, Sen. Cruz Demand High Standards Before FDA Considers COVID Vax for 6mo & Up

Reps. Louie Gohmert (TX-01), Bill Posey (FL-08) and Jeff Duncan (SC-03), were joined by Sen. Ted Cruz and thirteen other Republican Members in a letter to the FDA and CDC demanding the FDA set an extremely high safety and efficacy standard before considering granting Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) status to Pfizer and Moderna for use of the COVID vaccine in children 6 months of age and older.  The letter also expresses the Members’ concerns over the increase in myocarditis cases in vaccinated children and young adults and considers that the COVID-19 vaccine may pose more risk than benefit to healthy children, who have a 99.995 percent survival rate against the virus.

Please find the letter to the FDA HERE.

Co-signers: Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01), Rep. Bill Posey (FL-08), Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC-03), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ-05), Rep. Vicky Hartzler (MO-04), Rep. Ralph Norman (SC-05), Rep. Michael Waltz (FL-06), Rep. Thomas Massie (KY-04), Rep. Mo Brooks (AL-05), Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO-03), Rep. David B. McKinley (WV-01), Rep. Randy Weber (TX-14), Rep. Mary E. Miller (IL-15), Rep. Bob Good (VA-05), Rep. Greg Steube (FL-17), Rep. Diana Harshbarger (TN-01)

Member Quotes:

“The CDC, FDA and some major pharmaceutical companies are apparently willing to mandate risking young children’s lives because of billions of dollars in financial rewards to these companies without liability for any harm done to children. The COVID shot was rushed into production and its emergency approval hastily granted while its long-term side-effects are completely unknown. Using real statistics rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent, there is a zero point zero percent chance of children dying from COVID-19.

“Though Dr. Anthony Fauci recently said, ‘We’re certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic stage,’ he continues to push for vaccines under emergency use. Dr. Fauci’s struggle with truth aside, the real test is whether or not big pharmaceutical companies will continue to push for vaccinations of our youngest, most innocent children if they were held personally liable for the damages from adverse effects.

“One harsh fact stands: there has been a stunning increase in myocarditis cases, especially in young, healthy children, since this shot began to be administered. The COVID vaccination’s long-term risk to children could be catastrophic, while the statistical risk-to-reward does not justify vaccinating children.”
-Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01)

“Congress has a duty to ask thorough questions of federal agencies, especially when it involves important health decisions that impact the lives and health of America’s most precious lives – our youngest children. Our letter asks the questions that parents say the FDA and CDC have failed to give them answers to – What are the real risks and benefits? What are the risks from these vaccines that are just coming to light? Are these vaccines really necessary for children who are least at risk and have a 99.995% survival rate particularly when FDA and CDC have no long-term safety data?” – Rep. Bill Posey (FL-08)

 “Given that children are at an extremely low risk for serious adverse complications from COVID-19, I fear rushing to develop mRNA vaccines for small children could cause more harm than good on their developing bodies, given the lack of experimentation and rushed nature of the approval process. We should proceed with extreme caution when it comes to developing vaccines, especially for children, our youngest and most vulnerable.”- Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC-03)

"Studies tell us 99.9% of children with a positive COVID-19 test survived, yet the CDC is pushing ahead to vaccinate children as young as 6 months. All the while, there is growing evidence of increased risk, questionable safety and debated effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine for children. The FDA and CDC must clarify these unanswered questions before they continue their aggressive vaccination push for our youngest Americans." - Rep. Greg Steube (FL-17)

“Every parent should be worried when they see vaccine manufacturers pushing for emergency approval of COVID-19 vaccinates for kids under the age of 6 without conducting rigorous scientific studies to assure these vaccines are safe for kids. The FDA should be protecting children from medical harm – not turning our kids into COVID-19 test subjects.”- Sen. Ted Cruz (TX)


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Rep. Gohmert Section 230 Legal Challenge


Justice Clarence Thomas noted in Malwarebytes, Inc. v. Enigma Software Group USA, LLC, 141 S.Ct. 13 (2020) that:

“Courts have extended the immunity in §230 far beyond anything that plausibly could have been intended by Congress… Courts have also departed from the most natural reading of the text by giving Internet companies immunity for their own content [i.e., development in part by proxy]… . Courts have long emphasized nontextual arguments when interpreting §230 [i.e., proof-texting], leaving questionable precedent in their wake.”


In 1996, Congress sought to protect an interactive computer service ("ICS") provider from liability arising out of the ICS’s engaging (as a "Good Samaritan") in voluntary restriction of offensive materials online in an effort to help protect our children from harmful web content and/or otherwise rid the Internet of filth; hence, the enactment of the Communications Decency Act ("CDA"), Title 47, United States Code, Section 230.

In their infinite wisdom, Congress sought to address the problem of offensive materials online by delegating regulatory "agency" authority (Section 230’s civil liability protection) directly to private entities. This was approximately twenty-five years ago, before many ICSs like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et cetera even existed. Today, we find the result is an atmosphere of stagnation and abuse in both the enforcement of Section 230 and within the legislative body to correct the loophole that has shielded social media companies from liability.

Problems with Section 230

1. Regulatory Framework: 

Title 47, United States Code, Section 230 is an administrative law that provides civil liability protection when a private entity (ICS) takes any action voluntarily in good faith to restrict access to or availability of material that the provider or user considers to be obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable, whether or not such material is constitutionally protected.

Unfortunately, the broad, subjective nature of the material as "defined" by Section 230 has provided a convenient, able mechanism for the removal and suppression of free speech. The unconstitutional, subjective way the law is effectively applied to certain groups while overlooking others has created a point of contention that requires significant revisions to Section 230 or striking the law altogether. It’s that irredeemably flawed.

2. Vague Text and Strict Interpretation:

Due to the strict interpretation of Section 230 by the courts and skillful arguments by the tech firms’ legal teams, Section 230(c)(1) effectively grants immunity not only from “publisher” or “speaker” liability, but it also eliminates distributor liability too; that is, Section 230 confers immunity even when a company distributes content that it knows is illegal.

Big Tech companies claim to act in good faith when they remove content that is clearly not objectionable, and subsequently claim they have a legal obligation to act. Despite the fact that it is clear that they are not removing content for purposes of protection or obedience to the law, but to further their own agenda and remove their competition (as they did to Fyk).

3. Section 230 Conflicts with Due Process:

The Fifth Amendment tells the federal government that no one shall be "deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law," the Internet being no exception.

In the case of Fyk vs. Facebook, due process was denied by the California courts and the SCOTUS, when the government authorized and purportedly fully immunized Facebook, acted under the aegis of the government (Section 230), and deprived Fyk of his liberty and property without so much as a single hearing on the matter.

In other words, a state should enjoy immunity from suits arising out of the exercise of its governmental functions (i.e., to block and screen offensive material), but this should not protect them from suits arising out of the types of activities in which private parties engage (i.e., "voluntary" acts). In essence and actuality, Section 230 allows both private and governmental functions simultaneously. This creates an iron clad defense for any tech company to trample the Constitution while claiming absolute immunity.

The initial hopeful and well-meaning intentions of the 1996 law have been contorted and distorted to deny due process and immunize an entire industry against liability for libel, slander, gross negligence, and proxy editorial work. 

The initial well-meaning intentions of the 1996 law have been contorted and distorted to deny due process, and immunize an entire industry against liability for libel, slander, gross negligence, and grotesque forms of political censorship that a government formed under our Constitution should never get away with. Thus, a private company bestowed with immunity the government possesses should not ultimately have more right to censor than that government providing the immunity has. 

This is why I am supportive of this action led by Jason Fyk, now the founder of the Social Media Freedom Foundation, because it is targeted precisely at the most significant flaws in the alleged protections of Section 230. 

Take Away:

Congress must act to correct the loopholes within Section 230 or otherwise repeal this de facto liability shield that has trampled the Constitutional protection of free speech and impeded due process under the guise of protecting public interest.

To read the full summary click here to go to www.socialmediafreedom.org



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The Constitution Is Being Disregarded in Handling of Jan. 6


The U.S. Constitution has been disregarded in the handling of the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol building, says Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).

Gohmert condemned the treatment of those accused of participating in the Capitol breach and accused the Department of Justice of becoming a “partisan political tool.”

“As a former prosecutor, former judge, if we’re going to have justice in America, we have to follow the Constitution. And it seems to have been tossed by the side when it comes to Jan. 6,” Gohmert told NTD’s Capitol Report.

“What especially was egregious is knowing that the Constitution, courts have made clear you cannot punish people that are in pretrial confinement—they’ve not been convicted,” the lawmaker explained.

“You should only hold people for two reasons, basically, in pretrial confinement, and that is, if they’re a threat to others, or themselves, or they are flight risk threat not to be there for their hearing or trial, then you set bail, so high or no bail, where they won’t be taken off.

“These are people, many of them turned themselves in. And yet they were treated so unfairly. And hearing the horror stories about the way that people arrested for Jan. 6 activities were being treated,” said Gohmert.

According to the Department of Justice, more than 775 people have been arrested in nearly 50 states for alleged crimes related to the breach.

Gohmert previously hit out at the treatment of people accused of participating in the Jan. 6 breach. He told The Epoch Times in July last year that the accused are facing treatment akin to that seen in third-world countries.

“They’re being treated like third-world country political prisoners,” the lawmaker said.

“Some of them were violent, and I would have no problem sending them to prison. But there are so many that just did very little. And if they were Democrats, and were burning down stores, they would already have been out on bail,” he added.

The broad treatment of accused participants, including alleged beatings by guards, the placement of some in solitary confinement, and the holding of even non-violent ones in jail for months, has drawn fierce criticism from the right.

Conservative writer Julie Kelly testified about the inhumane conditions facing those still in detention during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) on Jan. 21.

Kelly, a writer for American Greatness, said some are being denied adequate access to worship, legal counsel, and access to phones, and basic hygiene.

“These defendants haven’t been convicted of any crime, most have no criminal record, and some don’t even face charges of violence,” she said. “It appears as if the D.C. jail is a political prison.”

The Epoch Times has contacted the Department of Justice for comment.

Read the article on the Epoch Times website here.

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Geri Perna's Prepared Remarks


My name is Geri Perna, and I am Matthew Perna's aunt.  His obituary, which went viral, was written by me because I wanted to make sure at least one honest article was written about him after over a year of the media printing lies and spreading false information about him and the events that took place January 6th, 2021.

 Although Matthew Perna may have taken his last breath on February 25th, his death began in January 2021 after he was arrested, and a nightmare like no other began.  It affected everyone in our family, but we proudly stood by his side.  Matt walked through an opened door into this Capitol building, a monument that has been called the People's House.  Standing here in front of this building does not give me a sense of pride; instead, it is replaced with a feeling of shame.  He did not break through any barriers; he walked in while Capitol police officers stood to the side.  If he was not permitted inside the building, why didn't they stop him and the others like him and turn them away?  He chanted USA, USA as he recorded with his cell phone, making sure to stay within the velvet ropes.  He harmed no one.  He broke nothing.  He stole nothing.  He entered the Capitol almost 45 minutes after Congress had adjourned and evacuated.  Yet he was charged with obstruction of Congress, a felony that drastically escalated his situation's seriousness. 

 The January 6th protesters were hunted down like dogs and arrested.  This same urgency for justice had never existed before.  The violent protests in our cities in 2020 resulted in far more damage and injury, all in the name of social injustice, which went unpunished. 

 When Matt found out that his picture was on the FBI site, he wasted no time turning himself in.  He contacted the local FBI office first.  Matt was polite and respectful.  He told them exactly what happened and left nothing out.  They returned a week later and arrested him on misdemeanor charges.  In the meantime, we retained an attorney who assured Matt repeatedly, "don't worry, I've got this"! 

 The local newspaper spent every chance they had printing false articles about Matt, and social media was even more brutal.  When the justice department added the felony charge of obstruction to two hundred and seventy protesters, his attorney still insisted he did not need to worry.  But worry is all Matt did.  Matt himself had never had so much as a parking ticket in his life and was now being accused of a felony.  He lost his income.  He lost friendships.  He lost his standing in the community.  We stood by Matthew because we KNEW HIM.

When he eventually pleaded guilty after several attempts to have the felony charge dismissed, people asked; Why on earth would you plead guilty if you know that you did nothing wrong? The answer was easy. Matt had become a shell of his former self.  Worry, anxiety, and stress had worn him down.  He suffered from constant nightmares and had begun throwing up blood. He was no longer comfortable leaving his home.  One setback after another had taken its toll on him, and he just wanted it all to be over. His attorney encouraged him to plead guilty by telling him that he would not receive a fair trial by jury in this town and that he was not strong enough to stand trial. He was prepared to take his punishment and eventually build his life back.  But those responsible took that hope away when his sentencing hearing was delayed, and his attorney told him they were seeking to add additional infractions at the last minute. Matt's father wrote a heartfelt letter pleading to Justice John D. Bates, asking leniency. He told him Matt was his caregiver, as he suffers from a serious illness. But the letter had no impact whatsoever. 

 So, Matt took the only way out he knew. He hung himself in his garage.  The hatred that has been fueled by many members of our government, including Congress, our justice department, and even our president, has brought our country to the point of no return. My brother has received hateful letters in the mail and online, telling him that Matt deserved what he got. Social media continues to fuel this flame as well.

 Right now, our country is focused on Ukraine and Russia while our very own Americans are rotting away in jail for exercising their freedom of speech. Americans have died defending their right to free speech in this country, the land of the free and home of the brave. Well, that country no longer exists. I agreed to come to this press conference today because I do not want Matthew Perna's name forgotten. There are hundreds of other people just like him standing in his shoes. I do not know how much more they can take.  Still, I promise you that if something is not done to stop this evil torture that is being inflicted upon these people who have not even been convicted of a crime, more will make the choice that Matthew Perna has made.  This is not a Democrat or a Republican issue; it is an issue about humanity.

 Most of our congressmen and women have remained silent.  It is harmful to their careers to speak out about the treatment of the January 6th protesters. God forbid they should lose any votes. Meanwhile, my brother lost his son.  Most refuse to publicly address this complete overreach of power and manipulation of our nation's laws.  Their silence speaks volumes.  Shame on everyone who has a voice and could have intervened; maybe this tragedy would never have occurred.  Our family made dozens of phone calls to our representatives in many states, only to leave messages or be told that they would note our concerns. We are disappointed and angry, and we are seeking justice for Matthew Perna.  I stand here today only because my nephew is dead.  No one cared about Matthew Perna's suffering at the hands of our Justice department when he was alive, and now it is too late to help him. But anyone who knew Matt would say that he would want others to receive the help he was denied.

We know Matt is in Heaven right now. He is finally free. The people responsible for this tragedy will stand before God someday and answer for the part they played.  But there is an evil surrounding these same people, and I do not think they are hoping to enter the gates of Heaven anyway.


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Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) Condemns and Exposes the DOJ for the Apparent Unconstitutional Tampering of Private Constituent Mail


In January, my staff received a letter addressed to my official office from a Christian missionary, which was already opened and stamped "DOJ MAILROOM" with a date and "X-RAYED" on the stamp. Last week, my office received a second piece of mail from a constituent, mailed from east Texas and postmarked September 2021. It took four-and-a-half months to reach my office and was also opened and bore a stamp from the DOJ.

It is deeply concerning that Legislative Branch mail is somehow being co-mingled with Executive Branch mail when we have completely different proprietary zip codes. We are separate but co-equal branches of government. Even if it were a mistake to deliver Congress’ mail to the DOJ, the DOJ has an obligation to immediately notify Congress and forward the mail without opening it.

It is gravely concerning that since Congressional mail is constitutionally protected under the Speech and Debate Clause of the Constitution, it could be routed, intentionally or not, through the highly partisan DOJ. This is felonious behavior.

Given reports breaking today of an Inspector General’s investigation being opened after another Republican member alleged Speaker Pelosi’s Capitol Police were in his personal office photographing his work product, the Democrat's spying on political opponents appears to know no end.

The Speaker has already required offices to turn in names, dates, and times of our meetings, along with the purpose of the meeting, for our constituents to be allowed entrance into our office buildings to meet with their duly-elected member of Congress. Then, we are told, she has the Capitol Police doing opposition research that is catalogued for later use. We have never ever seen a Congress so partisan to such an unethical and illegal extent. The people behind this should be hoping and praying that they will not be treated in the same manner in which they are running roughshod over Republicans when and if Republicans retake the majority.

The Supreme Court has made it clear that the Department of Justice cannot even use a search warrant to search a Representative’s mail and office. 

We want answers to this outrage, not excuses. 

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Rep. Gohmert's Letter to DHS Secretary Mayorkas: Secure the Border


The Honorable Alejandro Mayorkas                         


U.S. Department of Homeland Security        

Washington, D.C. 20528


Dear Secretary Mayorkas,


On December 9, 2021, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced its request for

public comment on how the U.S. Government can prevent family separations at the U.S. border.[1]  In a brazen display that can only be described as misleading virtue signaling, the Department further clarified that it was seeking public recommendations “on how to permanently protect against the prior administration’s practice of intentionally separating families at the border to deter others from migrating to the United States.”[2]


It is beyond insulting for an executive agency, charged with the duty of securing the homeland, to feign ignorance of the systemic issues at hand and solicit solutions from the American people who continue to suffer daily on account of your willful failure to do what is required by law and necessary to both protect our citizens and minimize separations that occur due to the Biden Administration’s intentional failure to secure our nation’s southern border. 

The answer to this problem you pose to the public is, as you know well, quite simple:  secure the border.  If the solution is quite simple—and it certainly is—then what is the problem?  The problem is that we have an executive branch full of individuals who have no interest in securing the border, as evident from overt omissions.  Now, DHS, under your leadership, has taken its negligence a step further to deflect its responsibilities onto the public.  This is, quite simply, disgraceful.    

As many of us have pointed out in many prior letters and interactions, often receiving no actual answers to our inquiries at all, border crossings remain unsustainably high.  As you are well aware by now, attempted crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border remain at historically high levels not experienced in at least decades.  Just this past November, there were 173,620 encounters along the Southwest border, a 5% increase from just the month prior.[3]  Of the individuals involved in these encounters, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reports that 25% have had at least one prior encounter in the previous 12 months, compared to an average one-year reencounter rate of 13% for FY2014-2019.[4]

Why historically high levels of illegal crossings that have continued since Joe Biden was sworn in as President of the United States?  Why now?  Could it be that the posture of this administration has signaled to the world that illegal entry will not only be tolerated but even welcome?  In fact, we believe DHS communicates this very open-door posture in the relevant announcement when it alleges that the separation of children at the border was done intentionally by the prior administration “to deter migration.”[5]  This unfounded accusation is completely lacking merit, as a rudimentary historical analysis demonstrates.  That said, since the migration referred to is undisputedly overwhelmingly illegal, the strong implication that DHS gives is that it does not wish to deter such (illegal) migration.  Put another way, DHS under your leadership is inviting foreigners to break the duly elected laws that the people of this nation, through their elected representatives, rightly determined.  It is the people through the legislatures they elect that have the authority under the U.S. Constitution to create laws—not you and not the President of the United States.    

To continue to perpetuate the mistruth that separations at the border began with President Trump and his administration is an affront to the facts, which we can only assume you are acquainted with, occupying the high position that you do.  Crossing the border illegally is a crime.  When President Trump decided to enforce the laws, as he was sworn to do, he was doing his duty.  As is the case when adult citizens of the United States break the laws of our nation, the resulting consequence is very often family separation.  Nobody celebrates this reality, and yet few would put the bulk of the blame for such separation on those who enforce the law, but rather on those who willfully break the law and, in doing, often leave their children without one or both parents, at least for a time.  By aligning yourself in word and deed against the enforcement of the law as a matter of policy, you are aligning yourself against the interests of the American people.  Should you need this basic reality clarified, we would be happy to brief you.    

We issue these comments on behalf of ourselves and so many of our constituents who we hear from continually on the issue of our open southern border.  The feedback we receive from our constituents is overwhelmingly not about what President Trump allegedly did to separate families.  It is about what you and the Biden Administration are not doing to secure our southern border, and thereby allowing this humanitarian crisis to fester in our own nation and those of our neighbors.  Like these constituents and so many in our nation, we remain deeply concerned about this unlawful, manmade humanitarian and national crisis that is being facilitated on our southern border.  Our concern is informed not only by such alarming data, as reported by media outlets including The Washington Post and CNN, but also the observations made by many Members of Congress while at the border.  Many Members of Congress have attested that there is a huge influx of women and children.  These increased levels do not merely suggest more illegal crossings, but greatly increased related criminality, including human and drug trafficking and smuggling. 

Regarding the human cost, which includes children trafficked by criminals posing as a parent or guardian, the cumulative suffering inflicted on these individuals will never be completely ascertained due to the clandestine nature of the cartels, gangs, traffickers and smugglers.  Once on U.S. soil, and despite the dedication of our CBP officers and state officials, these illegal aliens are often subjected to “poor conditions,” as CNN reports.  We are quite simply not prepared to handle such an extreme increase in illegal entries into our nation that should be thwarted rather than encouraged.  It is also difficult to quantify the enormous impacts to our citizens in border states who continue to suffer property damage and loss, as well as threats to their own safety and that of their families and neighbors. 

Yet again, we reiterate that members of the executive branch have a duty and many have sworn an oath that would include the requirement to carry out the lawfully enacted legislation under the Constitution.  With an open border facilitating illegal entry into our nation and the manifold resulting criminalities, the executive branch is failing miserably in its duty.  Rather than own up to your failure and reverse course, you seem to have adopted another questionable approach:  impose your failure onto the public you are charged with serving by giving them the responsibility of answering a question for which the answer is already evident.   

Here's our comment summarized:  if you are serious about not separating families at the border, you will be as serious about securing our southern border.  If you continue to willfully and intentionally fail to do the latter, we will understand your claim to care about families at the border as what it appears to be on its face, shameless posturing and egregious blame shifting onto the public you are charged with serving. 



Louie Gohmert

United States Representative

[1] U.S. Department of Homeland Security, DHS to Request Public Input on How the U.S. Government Can Prevent Family Separations at the U.S. Border, (Dec. 9, 2021), available at https://www.dhs.gov/news/2021/12/09/dhs-request-public-input-how-us-government-can-prevent-family-separations-us-border (accessed Dec. 17, 2021).

[2] Id.

[3] U.S. Customs and Border Protection, CBP Releases November 2021 Monthly Operational Update, (Dec. 17, 2021), available at https://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/national-media-release/cbp-releases-november-2021-monthly-operational-update (accessed Dec. 17, 2021).

[4] Id.

[5] U.S. Department of Homeland Security, DHS to Request Public Input on How the U.S. Government Can Prevent Family Separations at the U.S. Border, (Dec. 9, 2021), available at https://www.dhs.gov/news/2021/12/09/dhs-request-public-input-how-us-government-can-prevent-family-separations-us-border (accessed Dec. 17, 2021).


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Rep. Gohmert (TX-01) Introduces the Protect American IPR Act


Congressman Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement for his new bill stopping Chinese intellectual property theft:

“When the United States opened up trade with the People’s Republic of China under President Bill Clinton and agreed to their involvement in the World Trade Organization, Americans were promised that economic partnership with the country would be mutually beneficial: we would have access to the most populous economic market in the world, and China would be encouraged toward democracy and freedom.

“Now, over 20 years later, this naivete has cost American companies and innovators an estimated $225 billion to $600 billion per year in intellectual property revenue.

“This is why I am introducing the Protect American IPR Act. It is time that we start pulling the curtain back to expose China’s brazen and relentless intellectual property theft.

“The Protect American IPR Act commissions the United States Trade Representative to determine the amount of revenue lost each year due to violations by China or any governmental entity of China due to the sheer magnitude of their extensive, gross violations. The act would further impose duties on merchandise from China equivalent to loss of revenue in order to compensate Americans for intellectual property rights stolen.  This bill protects American industry and ingenuity from China’s unethical business practices.”

Thank you to the Cosponsors:

Rep. Maria Salazar (FL-27)

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX-02)

Rep. Rick Crawford (AR-01) Read More

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01): America was #BetterBeforeBiden


“Democrats just voted to fundamentally change this country from a free and prosperous society into a poor and progressive nightmare where people cannot afford to feed their families, pay their utility bills or afford gas. President Biden could not care less about Americans who are struggling to rebuild after a pandemic and months of inflation thanks to his “America last” economic policies.

“Families will suffer a bleak, cold holiday season while the rich get richer. Despite the significant gains the working poor made in wages and standard of living under the Trump administration, this bill will set them back yet again. Democrats have granted tax breaks to millionaires in this bill and will spend $80 billion to build an army of IRS agents to go after middle class Americans struggling to get by. To add insult to injury, small business taxes will increase by $412 billion.

“More than 150 new government programs are going to be created adding $3 trillion in spending, including $550 billion on the Green New Deal, that will devastate those on fixed income or low wages. So, the bill will trickle out money to the poor, while costing them a fortune in taxes, energy, inflation, and cost of living increases.

“This is the most expensive bill in American history, and Americans will not forget that Democrats added more burden to their backs while then abandoning them to benefit illegal immigrants, the rich, and the climate lobby. The economy, the military, the U.S. Border, all are in shambles only 10 months into Biden’s presidency. America was #BetterBeforeBiden.”

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The Tyrannical Treatment of Jan 6 Prisoners is a Threat to Our Democracy


Since the founding of this great nation, a God-blessed America has offered the hope of liberty to the world. In more recent years, we have come to realize that should our experiment in self-governance fail, there would be no other nation on Earth that could fill the void left in its wake as defender of such freedom. Never before had any nation been founded to safeguard the rights of the individual, which changed the course of human history from brute force dictating propriety to recognition that every individual has value. Our Declaration of Independence enshrined the truth that individual rights come from the hand of our Creator, acknowledging them to be established by the Almighty and therefore not defined by the brute force realm of human power.

It took a Civil War and Civil Rights movement for America to grow into the profound commitments of its Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The Declaration has stood the test of time to ensure liberty for all in our nation and as the beacon of hope for the rest of the world. Our nation has continued to move to right the wrongs of fallible human beings and build upon the past.  We were getting exceedingly close.

Under Biden’s rule, for the first time in our history, normalizing the denial of civil rights and civil liberties based on ideology, not wrongdoing, is presented as a noble cause. Equal justice under the law for the Biden Department of Justice has taken a giant leap backwards in embracing the medieval notion of might makes right in glorifying the denial of civil rights for political opponents. It is shameful and dangerous.

For months, elected officials representing the citizens of this country have been seeking truthful, non-politicized answers from the government about the events that unfolded on January 6. We have been continually stonewalled, belittled, ignored, and even demonized by the Department of Justice, leadership at the Capitol Police, and the Bureau of Prisons. They each ignore requests and questions, refusing to allow oversight of their actions which gives every appearance of a cover-up of wrongdoing. Think of the legal doctrine of spoliation. In court, if one party holds evidence and destroys it or refuses to produce it, the judge may instruct the jury to infer that the evidence is completely against the party hiding it. This is exactly what they are doing.

Should ideology and abuse of power continue to drive this administration’s actions, the Rule of Law will cease to exist. The only safeguard against these obvious improprieties is transparency. Until recent times, our country protected our individual freedoms by dragging every ugly wart out into the light of day to examine the actions of our government. We gave deference to individual rights. By its actions, the Biden Administration is shredding the foundations of our legal system and the rights of the people’s representatives to protect them from government abuse.

A number of January 6 prisoners were held behind bars for months without ever being charged with a crime, and some without ever seeing evidence for or against them. Some have already accepted plea deals despite not having access to all of the evidence involving their cases, which is a civil rights violation and potential Brady violation. There have also been reports of heinous mental and physical abuses against these prisoners at the D.C. Central Detention Facility, although a recently released prisoner said things got better after four of members of Congress attempted to tour the facility.

Now, imagine the outrage from Democrats and their accomplices in the media had Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters been prosecuted with a fraction of the vigor with which the DOJ has gone after the January 6 defendants. Undoubtedly, there would be Leftists, including elected officials, chomping at the bit to call on their supporters to donate funds to assist these terrorists, just as our now-Vice President did last year. For reference, the riots in the summer of 2020 were reported, based on insurance claims, to be the most destructive riots in U.S. history.

Those riotous individuals terrorized American cities for months, set fires to federal and law enforcement buildings and destroyed the livelihoods of innocent Americans. More than 2,000 law enforcement officers were injured during these “mostly peaceful” protests. These groups even attempted to breach the White House in May of 2020, creating a threat so serious that Secret Service agents were forced to rush then-President Trump into a secure bunker.

Of course, most of them will never face a day of judgment in court because, despite all of their criminal and terroristic actions, these rioters didn’t express their support for Donald Trump.  In the mind of their Democrat apologists including quite a number of Biden Administration officials, they are absolved no matter the statutory offenses because they worship at the altar of wokeness with the heartfelt belief that America is evil and must endlessly be punished for its transgressions.

The apparent political revenge and retaliation against some of the January 6 detainees by the Biden administration’s Department of Justice should chill every American to their core. Even the way many were arrested is more reminiscent of Gestapo tactics, than those of a once admired FBI.  Those on the Left have made one thing perfectly clear: if you are a Trump supporter facing prosecution, or even Donald Trump himself, you are guilty until proven innocent and are undeserving of the basic civil rights which all other Americans are supposed to be afforded under the Constitution.

It appears that at least some of those treated so vilely for suspected involvement in the January 6 events are political prisoners of the U.S. government. If we as a country continue to allow this abuse of power to unfold and turn this nation into a banana republic, there is nowhere left in the world to take refuge for lovers of liberty and freedom.

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Contact Information

2267 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3035
Fax 202-226-1230

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Natural Resources

Serving his eighth term in the United States House of Representatives, Congressman Louie Gohmert was first sworn in on January 4, 2005. He proudly represents the First District of Texas which encompasses more than 12 counties stretching nearly 120 miles down the state’s eastern border with Louisiana.

As the recipient of numerous awards such as Endowment for Middle East Truth’s “Speaker of the Truth Award” and Freedom Works’ “Freedom Fighter Award,” Louie passionately speaks in Washington on the issues he and most of us hold dearest. He is an unapologetic warrior for our most cherished freedoms which are under attack and some are even being marginalized and diminished.

He has not only been sought as a key note speaker all over the U.S., but has been and invited speaker at Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England, as well as other countries. After the Obama administration condemned the largest peaceful demonstration in the history of the world in Egypt in June of 2013 which resulted in the ouster of Pres.Morsi who was maneuvering toward a dictatorship, some American leaders demanded the Muslim Brotherhood dictator be put back in office where he had seized so much power, but Louie became the first and most public elected US official to commend the Egyptians and making him an Egyptian populist hero, earning an award from the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo.

He is a staunch advocate for the U.S. being the best friend Israel could have in the world as an acknowledged friend of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

He is a tireless advocate on the House Floor, all over east Texas and the nation, as well as in the national and international media on many critical issues.  These include not only the necessity to fight terrorism from its most prominent source, radical Islam, but also promoting the preservation of U.S. Constitutional authority, freedoms of religion and speech, state’s rights, 2nd amendment rights, and all those rights most of us hold dearest.

Louie is a bold defender of America’s founding principles and is constantly coming up with big, innovative ideas solidly based on conservative principles and the ideals that has served as this nation’s bedrock since birth.

Congressman Gohmert serves on the House Judiciary Committee playing a vital role on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Subcommittee, as well as, the Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security Subcommittee.  He is also a member of the House Natural Resources Committee serving on the National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands Subcommittee and is honored to have the title of Republican Leader on the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

Prior to being elected to serve in Congress, Louie was elected to three terms as District Judge in Smith County, Texas. During his tenure on the bench, he gained national and international attention for some of his innovative rulings. He was later appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to complete a term as the Chief Justice of the 12th Court of Appeals.

Louie received his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University where he acquired a four year active duty commitment to the Army from an Army scholarship, and where he was Brigade Commander in the Corps while also serving as Class President for both Corps and Civilian students. He later graduated from Baylor School of Law where he was also Class President, President of the Moot Court Society, and won a number of awards including an award for his Law Review Article on torts. He is also a veteran having served his country as a Captain in the U.S. Army.

He and his wife Kathy are the proud parents of three daughters. Their family attends Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, where Louie has served as a deacon and Sunday school teacher for many years. He now frequently speaks or preaches at churches throughout his district and around the country.

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