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McClain Questions Mandatory Vaccine Mandate

2022-06-22 21:08:48

Rep. Lisa McClain House of Armed Service Committee Budget Hearing

2022-04-05 20:29:11

Interview with WJR on Trade Relations with Russia

2022-03-20 14:37:43

Capitol Report Interview on China and Inflation

2022-03-19 16:09:43

Rep. Lisa McClain gives her response to President Zelenskyy's address to Congress on Fox 2 Detroit

2022-03-17 15:42:02

Rep. Lisa McClain provides testimony for H.R. 5754, the Patient Advocate Tracker Act

2022-03-16 20:24:09

Rep. Lisa McClain discusses the crisis in Ukraine on the Newsmax Saturday Agenda

2022-03-14 14:47:52

Rep. Lisa McClain joins Paul Miller on WPHM Radio to discuss the news of the day

2022-03-03 14:45:51

Rep. Lisa McClain speaks on the House Floor about President Biden's State of the Union in Crisis

2022-03-02 23:12:49

Rep. Lisa McClain discusses Biden's lack of leadership in the Russia/Ukraine crisis

2022-02-28 17:51:17

Rep. Lisa McClain discusses new DHS terrorist bulletin on WJR Radio

2022-02-17 19:37:17

Rep. Lisa McClain discusses the STOP CCP Act on the Capitol Report

2022-02-15 16:37:12

Rep. Lisa McClain joins Rep. Ashley Hinson on Spicer & Co. to discuss their first year in Congress

2022-02-15 16:21:59

Rep. Lisa McClain delivers remarks in honor of Marine Corporal Jeffrey Robert Standfest

2022-02-01 21:15:52

Rep. Lisa McClain joins Jon Scott on Fox Report Weekend to discuss rising tensions at the border

2022-01-31 15:43:48

Rep. Lisa McClain delivers remarks on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade

2022-01-20 17:52:28

Rep. Lisa McClain delivers remarks on President Biden's disastrous first year in office

2022-01-20 14:12:27

Rep. Lisa McClain delivers remarks about getting our children back into schools

2022-01-11 21:09:17

Rep. Lisa McClain discusses the human trafficking crisis at the southern border on WJR Radio

2022-01-07 17:15:44

Rep. Lisa McClain discusses Republican unity against Democrat policies with Sean Spicer

2022-01-04 18:47:46

Contact Information

218 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-2106
Fax 202-226-1169

Committee Assignments

Education and Labor

Armed Services

Congresswoman Lisa McClain is serving her first term representing the 10th District of Michigan.

Prior to Congress, Lisa spent 30+ years in the business world. For 10 years, she worked at American Express and led her team to first in the nation. Under Lisa’s leadership, her Division secured a landmark billion dollars in sales, a first in Division history.

Following her time at American Express, Lisa helped found the Hantz Group in 1998. Serving as Senior Vice President, she assisted in growing the business from the ground up to where it is today, with over 700 employees and over 7 Billion in assets.

Lisa knows how to run a business and supports policies that allow businesses to grow and people to prosper.

Lisa serves as a member of the Hantz Foundation which focuses on transforming underserved communities within one square mile of Detroit’s east side neighborhood. Lisa is also the Founder and President of North End Support Team in Macomb County which helps residents suffering from drug abuse and addiction.

Lisa lives in Romeo with her husband Mike, four kids and dog, Peanut. The most important part of the week is Sunday dinner when the family comes together to enjoy food and each other’s company.

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