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Kevin Hern


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Hern criticizes Biden budget, questions HHS Sec. Becerra

2021-06-09 15:07:39

Hern questions Biden USTR Ambassador Katherine Tai

2021-05-13 20:13:56

Hern speaks at Ways and Means Republican Hearing on UI Fraud

2021-05-11 16:07:37

'Unserious people doing unserious work': Hern criticizes Congress' inaction on the border crisis

2021-04-21 22:48:41

Hern speaks at CAGW 2021 Congressional Pig Book Press Conference

2021-04-14 15:53:13

Hern speaks against Biden's border policies on trip to the CBP facility at Eagle Pass

2021-04-09 14:47:48

Hern speaks at Ways and Means Roundtable on reopening America

2021-03-24 19:12:09

Hern speaks out on the Biden Border Crisis

2021-03-18 16:50:30

Hern addresses workforce development programs at Ways and Means Subcommittee hearing

2021-03-11 20:33:04

Rep. Hern argues against the PRO Act

2021-03-10 14:10:36

Biden and Pelosi's COVID relief package is anything but

2021-02-26 15:47:41

Hern criticizes process, shortcomings of Biden's one-sided relief package

2021-02-10 16:14:09

Capitalism pulled me out of poverty, why can't AOC admit it saved her, too?

2020-12-18 14:53:22

Rep. Hern speaks in support of HR 1966 - Henrietta Lacks Enhancing Cancer Research Act

2020-12-10 18:01:36

Hern questions SBA official on Paycheck Protection Program at Small Business Committee Hearing

2020-09-24 16:46:39

Hern urges Democrats to support small business relief package

2020-09-23 16:52:22

Rep. Hern joins The Hill to discuss e-commerce and small businesses in the wake of COVID shutdowns

2020-09-22 21:59:02

Virtual Academy Day

2020-09-18 17:18:53

Hern discusses PPP & stimulus payments with Secretary Mnuchin & Administrator Carranza at SBC

2020-07-17 17:50:51

Veterans History Project: William Caldwell

2020-07-15 17:03:51

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1019 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-2211
Fax 202-225-9187

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Ways and Means

As the son of a 22-year Air Force veteran, Kevin Hern gained an early appreciation for the sacrifices that military families make. In high school, Kevin earned an Architectural Drafting Certificate in a concurrent Vocational-Technical school, which he used to work and pay for his Mechanical Engineering degree. Later in life, he earned his MBA.

He went on to work as an Aerospace Engineer for Rockwell. Kevin started his first small business in 1985 specializing in computer and software applications. Then he started saving to purchase his first McDonald’s Restaurant, starting several small business ventures: writing computer programs to automate tasks for businesses, real estate, and even hog farming.

In 1997, Kevin sold the hog farm to buy his first McDonald’s restaurants in North Little Rock. He went on to build an organization that owned 18 McDonald’s restaurants and employs over 1,000 people in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Kevin has worked across every aisle by serving in various leadership positions within the McDonald’s system – what is dubbed as the most grassroots business in the world. He served 13 years on the National Leadership Team that represented all of the 3,500+ U.S. Franchisees, serving for 8 years as the Ombudsman and 5 years as the chairman of the Systems Economic Team.  As the Chairman of the Economics Team, he was responsible for the multi-billion dollar relationship between the franchisees and McDonald’s Corporation for the over 14,000 franchisee owned restaurants across the United States.  He served on McDonald’s Tax Policy Team for 5 years and on the McDonald’s Insurance Corporation board for 8 years.

In addition, Kevin has part ownership in a manufacturing facility in Muskogee, real estate ventures, and three technology companies. He is co-founder of a community bank where he served for 17 years on the executive board. He uses his business acumen to help aspiring entrepreneurs create new businesses, so they can pursue their American Dream. He has been a small businessman and job creator for over 33 years.

Kevin Hern was sworn into Congress on November 13th, 2018 serving the remainder of NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine’s term. Kevin and his wife Tammy live in Tulsa and have three children. They are members of the Church at Battle Creek.

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