Ken Calvert

Ken Calvert


Rep. Calvert Announces Annual Academy Night


Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) is pleased to announce his 25th Annual Academy Night event for high school students in the 42nd Congressional District who are interested in attending one of the U.S. military academies.


Academy Night features presentations from the U.S Air Force Academy, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. 


When:    Tuesday, May 2, 2017

               6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 


Where:    Ortega High School Conference Center

                520 Chaney Street in Lake Elsinore


Students will learn about the admission requirements and the congressional nomination process, and will have the opportunity to meet with representatives from each academy, members of Rep. Calvert's Academy Nominations Selection Committee, and his congressional staff – all of whom will be more than willing to help the students throughout the application process. 


For more information about Rep. Calvert's military academy nomination process please click here.


The 42nd District encompasses the western edge of Riverside County including the cities of Eastvale, Norco, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, Menifee, Murrieta and a portion of Temecula.




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Rep. Calvert Statement on Syria


Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) issued the following statement on Syria:


“The military strikes ordered by President Trump were an appropriate and measured response to the horrific chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime on Syrian civilians, including children.  Unlike the previous administration, President Trump has now made it clear by his actions that the use of chemical weapons to brutally murder innocent people will not be allowed to continue without consequences. The entire civilized world has a clear and compelling interest to uphold this principle.


Congress must work closely with President Trump, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and our other national security officials to further develop and implement a strategy to confront the many challenges in Syria, as well as the actions by Russia, Iran, and other nations that have aided the Assad regime in its unacceptable behavior. I am hopeful that President Trump’s strong leadership and decisive actions will send a clear signal to dangerous regime’s across the globe that the days of meaningless ‘red lines’ and phony international agreements are over.”






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Rep. Calvert Announces Telephone Town Hall


Join Representative Ken Calvert (CA-42) for a Telephone Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. PST.

Rep. Calvert will provide an update on what’s happening in Congress and take questions from his constituents live on the call.

To sign-up and participate in the call click HERE and enter your phone number.  You'll then receive a call next Tuesday, April 4th around 6:00 p.m. PST to join the call.
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Rep. Calvert Statement on DOJ Sanctuary City Announcement


Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) issued the following statement regarding the Department of Justice’s announcement on sanctuary cities:


“I applaud the actions taken today by the Department of Justice because they rightfully indicate that protecting American families should be our highest priority. As I’ve said before, it’s completely irresponsible for any government to willfully shield criminal illegal immigrants from federal immigration officials. Like many Americans, I disagree with cities that place protecting criminal illegal immigrants ahead of the safety of our families.”


Recently, Rep. Calvert led an effort with his California Republican colleagues in the House to send a letter to President Trump regarding pending legislation before the California legislature that would essentially adopt sanctuary policies for the entire state.  In the letter, Rep. Calvert and his colleagues express their opposition to the legislation, but if it is signed into law they urge the President to find alternative ways to distribute federal funding to counties and cities that have not adopted sanctuary city policies.









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Rep. Calvert Statement on the American Health Care Act


Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) issued the following statement regarding the American Health Care Act:


“Obamacare is collapsing under the many broken promises that have doomed it from its inception.  Americans were not able to keep the health plans they liked, lost access to doctors they preferred, experienced premium and deductible increases, and saw health care providers leave the marketplace in droves – all while the federal deficit continues to soar to record levels.  The passage of Obamacare was predicated on its failure; the eventual collapse of the system was intended to bring about single-payer, government-run health care. 


Doing nothing is not an option. Someone has to act responsibly and offer real health care solutions for Americans. Today, I remain just as committed to enacting health care solutions that protect Americans from the harmful effects of Obamacare as I was yesterday.”






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Rep. Calvert Announces Annual Congressional Art Competition


Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) invited high school students throughout the 42nd Congressional District to participate in the 35th Annual Congressional Art Competition.


“The artistic talents of Riverside County students never cease to amaze me,” said Rep. Calvert. “The Congressional Art Competition is a fantastic way to showcase the talents of young Americans from around the country at the Capitol.”


This year marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Congressional Art Competition, An Artistic Discovery. Each year, Members of Congress hold contests within their districts to choose winning pieces of art by high school students. Since this competition was created in 1982, hundreds of thousands of high school students have participated at the local level. The winning student from each district is invited to Washington, DC for the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and will have his or her artwork displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one year.


Competition Guidelines:


  • Only high school students residing in the 42nd Congressional District may enter.


  • A student release form must be attached to the art work submitted.


  • All artwork must be original and may not violate any U.S. copyright laws.


  • All artwork must be two-dimensional.


  • Artwork, when framed, can be no larger than 28” high x 28” wide x 4” deep.


  • Acceptable categories include: Paintings, Drawings, Collage, Prints, Mixed Media, Computer generated art, and Photography.


  • The deadline for submission is Thursday, May 4, 2017.


  • Artwork must adhere to the policy of the House Office Building Commission. In accordance with this policy, exhibits depicting subjects of contemporary political controversy or a sensationalistic or gruesome nature are not allowed.


For more information, please contact Jackie Lansing at (951) 277-0042.







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Rep. Calvert Votes to Raise Pay for American Troops and Resources to Restore Our Military Strength


Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) voted along with a bipartisan majority (371-48) of his House colleagues to pass the Fiscal Year 2017 Defense Appropriations bill.  Rep. Calvert serves as the Vice Chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.


“The Defense Appropriations bill passed by the House today is an important first step to rebuild and restore our military strength,” said Rep. Calvert. “The bill provides vital funding for our Armed Services, including a 2.1% pay raise and additional funding for increased end strength. I look forward to working with the new Administration and providing the resources our military needs to maintain our position in the world as well as continue to invest in our most important asset – the men and women our United States Armed Forces.”


Bill Highlights (Provided by the House Appropriations Committee):


Military Personnel and Pay – The agreement includes $132.1 billion – $128.7 billion for base requirements and $3.4 billion for OCO/GWOT requirements – to provide for 1,305,900 active-duty troops and 813,200 Guard and Reserve troops. The agreement denies the troop reductions proposed in the previous Administration’s fiscal year 2017 budget request. The agreement also fully funds the authorized 2.1 percent pay raise for the military, instead of 1.6 percent as requested by the previous Administration.


Defense Health and Military Family Programs – The agreement contains $34.1 billion for base and GWOT requirements – $1.5 billion above the fiscal year 2016 enacted level and $314 million above the previous Administration’s request – for the Defense Health Program to provide care for our troops, military families, and retirees. The agreement provides $312 million for cancer research, $125 million for traumatic brain injury and psychological health research, and $296 million for sexual assault prevention and response. All of these funding levels represent increases above the budget request for these programs.


Force Structure – The agreement rejects the Obama Administration’s proposed troop reductions. Instead, the agreement provides increases above fiscal year 2016, including funds for an additional 1,000 active-duty Army soldiers, 1,000 Army National Guard soldiers, 1,000 Army Reserve soldiers, and 1,000 active-duty Marines.


Savings and Reductions to President Obama’s Request – The agreement reflects commonsense decisions to save taxpayer dollars where possible in areas that will not affect the safety or success of our troops and missions. Some of these savings include: $1.155 billion from lower-than-expected fuel costs; $157 million due to favorable economic conditions; and $4.76 billion in savings from rescissions of unused prior-year funding.









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Rep. Calvert Statement on Introduction of the American Health Care Act


Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) issued the following statement on the introduction of the American Health Care Act:

“With premiums rising, deductibles increasing, and health care choices decreasing, American families know all too well that Obamacare is collapsing. That’s exactly why I promised the voters in my district that I would take action and work to repeal and replace Obamacare with patient-centered health care solutions that actually reduce costs and expand choices. The simple fact is our health care system is on life support and whoever won last year’s election was going to need to resuscitate it.

The introduction of the American Health Care Act is an important step towards the fulfillment of that promise. The bill empowers families and doctors with health care decisions, rather than giving Washington bureaucrats the power to impose one-size-fits-all regulations. Not everyone requires the same type of health plan, so the bill gives Americans more affordable options and the ability to find the right plan for them.

It’s important to note that the House plan will continue to protect American families by ensuring people with pre-existing conditions are not denied heath care policies and allowing the coverage of dependents until they are 26 years old.

The American Health Care Act will also help patients and our economy by repealing Obamacare taxes on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, health-insurance premiums and medical devices.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare is not an easy task, but the American people don’t want to hear excuses – they want health care policies that actually work. I look forward to working with my colleagues throughout the legislative process to send a bill to President Trump’s desk that saves our health care system.”

For more information on the American Health Care Act and to read the bill please visit


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Rep. Calvert Named Vice Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense


Today, House Appropriations Chairman Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-11) named Rep. Ken Calvert (CA-42) as the Vice Chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Rep. Kay Granger (TX-12) serves as the Chairwoman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.


“I am honored to serve as the Vice Chairman of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee and I want to thank Chairman Frelinghuysen and Chairwoman Granger,” said Rep. Calvert. “I look forward to working with the Chairwoman and supporting her as she takes the helm of the Subcommittee.  Conducting hearings, reviewing the President’s budget request and crafting the bill that funds our men and women in uniform is of the highest importance.  As we face numerous threats around the world it is vital that we provide our Armed Forces with the resources they need to accomplish their missions and minimize risk as well as plan for future threats.”


Rep. Calvert is also the Chairman of the Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, a senior member of the Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee and the Appropriations Liaison to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. 






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Rep. Calvert Statement on Joint Address to Congress by President Trump


Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) issued the following statement ahead of the Joint Address to Congress by President Trump:

“As we’ve already seen by his actions, President Trump intends to fulfill the promises made last year on the campaign trail.  Some people may still be in shock that he won the election, but no one should be surprised by the actions President Trump is taking.

Tonight, I expect President Trump to lay out a bold agenda to get America back on the right track.  I look forward to working with him and my colleagues in Congress to enact that agenda in the days, weeks and months ahead. 

I am eager to fulfill the promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare with health care solutions that truly reduce health care costs, give families more choices, and accomplish these goals in a fiscally sustainable manner. President Trump and Republicans in Congress have already started and will continue to fulfill our promise to cut through the regulatory red-tape that is holding back job creators and putting too much power in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.  Likewise, we must simplify the tax code, reduce the corporate tax rate, ease the tax burden on American families and get onerous taxation out of the way of American ingenuity.  

I also support President Trump’s efforts to secure our borders, bolster interior enforcement and to deport criminal aliens.  I will continue my efforts to cut off the job magnet by making the use of E-Verify mandatory.  Working together, we will also rebuild our military by giving our troops the resources they need to complete the difficult tasks we ask them to perform.

Last week, I spent time with my constituents and the elected leaders of every city that I represent discussing the challenges and opportunities they face.  In every meeting we talked about the tremendous infrastructure needs of our region. I look forward to working with President Trump and our local leaders to make sure the Inland Empire infrastructure projects are front and center for the significant investment he is proposing.

President Trump and I were elected to fix our broken health care system, improve our economy, change the direction of our deteriorating military, and rebuild our
crumbling infrastructure. And, that’s exactly what we intend to do. The task before us is substantial, but as the saying goes – things worth having don't come easy.”



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Contact Information

2269 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-1986
Fax 202-225-2004

Ken Calvert, a lifelong resident of Riverside County and 17-year small business owner in the restaurant and real estate industries, represents the 42nd Congressional District of southern California. Calvert was born on June 8, 1953 and attended neighborhood public schools, graduating from Corona High School in 1971. He attended two years at Chaffey College, in Alta Loma, and then enrolled at San Diego State University, where he graduated in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Ken is a Protestant and is involved in several local community volunteer organizations.

The 42nd District encompasses the western edge of Riverside County including the cities of Eastvale, Norco, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Canyon Lake, Menifee, Murrieta and a portion of Temecula. Rep. Calvert was first elected to the House in 1992 and was part of the historic “Contract with America” class  in 1994 that swept the House to Republican control for the first time in 40 years.

In the 113th Congress, Rep. Calvert continues to serve on the House Appropriations Committee where he is the Chairman of the Interior and the Environment Subcommittee.  Rep. Calvert is also a member of the Defense Subcommittee and the Energy and Water Subcommittee.  He also serves on the House Budget Committee.  Rep. Calvert was also selected to serve as the Chairman of the California Republican Delegation.

Rep. Calvert has been the California Republican Delegation’s voice on the House Steering Committee, which determines House Republican committee assignments, since 2003.

In the 113th Congress, Rep. Calvert’s legislative priorities includes: enacting pro-growth policies that will help our struggling economy; reducing our national debt; reforming our tax code; supporting our military around the world and supporting the mission in Afghanistan; strengthening our borders and making the use of E-Verify mandatory for all employers in the U.S.; creating long-term solutions to California’s energy and water problems; working towards the implementation and funding of new transportation corridors vital to Riverside County’s future; reducing the time it takes to build infrastructure projects by making common sense, bi-partisan reforms to our environmental laws; and, much more.

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