John Fleming

John Fleming


Fleming Supports Recovery Efforts in Louisiana


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after the President visited affected areas of Louisiana.


“Our hearts and our prayers go out to those who have been devastated by this storm. Louisiana has been hard hit yet again, and we must act quickly to get people back on their feet,” Fleming said.


The President noted in his address that FEMA is not requesting additional federal funds at this time to respond to the recent flooding in Louisiana.


Several publications have criticized Louisiana lawmakers for voting against final passage of Hurricane Sandy relief in 2013, while supporting federal disaster relief for Louisiana. However, the response to Hurricane Sandy came in two parts: a $17 billion disaster response bill and a $33.7 billion longer-term spending amendment. Only 38 Republicans supported the longer-term spending amendment, which included items like:

  • $12 billion for grants to 47 states and Puerto Rico for long-term development projects. Congressman McClintock (R-CA) offered an amendment to strike that funding, but the amendment was blocked by the Rules Committee. 
  • $1.55 million for upgrading the emergency generator backup system at the National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia. Congressman Fleming offered an amendment to strike that unrelated funding, but the amendment was blocked by the Rules Committee.
  • $3 million for relocating undamaged roads in unspecified wildlife refuges. Congressman Fleming offered an amendment to strike that unrelated funding, but the amendment was blocked by the Rules Committee.


Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) noted in a press release: “This amendment includes funding for longer-term recovery efforts and infrastructure improvements that will help prevent damage caused by future disasters, and will receive a separate vote when the bill is considered on the House floor.” By its very nature, the amendment did not contain emergency spending, with 80% of the spending occurring in Fiscal Year 2015 and beyond. However, it was added by House Democrats and 38 Republicans because the Democrat Senate led by Harry Reid (D-NV) threatened to oppose any spending bill that was less than the President’s original request of $50.7 billion.


After the longer-term amendment was adopted by a vote of 228-192 (38 Republicans and 190 Democrats voting in favor, 190 Republicans and 2 Democrats voting against), the combined $50.7 billion bill was passed by a vote of 241-180 (49 Republicans and 192 Democrats voting in favor, 179 Republicans and 1 Democrat voting against). The bill then passed the Senate by a vote of 62-36 and was signed into law by President Obama.


“I support the appropriate use of federal funds to help when disaster strikes. However, unlike the $50.7 billion relief package we voted on for Sandy in 2013, disaster funds must go directly to needed areas with no added pork. It’s important to note that the President’s original request included $100 million for the federal Head Start day care program, the President’s climate change projects, TV tourism ads, and roof repairs at the Smithsonian.  It’s these kind of political games that caused 179 House Republicans to vote against the Sandy bill, including members of the Louisiana Congressional delegation.


“With more than 60,000 households affected, is is critical that federal emergency spending augments the immediate needs for shelters, meals, medications, and initial clean up efforts. Emergencies are not the time and place for extra spending. Funds must go directly to the emergency at hand.”

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Minden Press Herald | Fleming: Supporting the Value of Life


The ability to affirm our nation’s traditional values is central to the First Amendment and America’s way of life. The inherent worth of an unborn child and the sacred religious traditions we practice—these are the foundations that create strong family units, and an even stronger society. As an elected official—but perhaps more importantly, as a husband, father, grandfather, and fellow American—I intend to fight continually for the freedom to practice these rights without being hindered by the government.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Texas state laws designed to protect women by requiring that abortion facilities meet certain health and safety standards. We’ve already seen what happens when poorly managed clinics are not held to the same specifications as other health clinics: negligence, unsanitary conditions, and—within the walls of Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia clinic—even murdering women along with their children. The abortion industry’s goal is to make money, not protect women, their children, or their families.

I have been unwavering in voting to support the value of life, beginning with conception. I fully support the investigative work of the Select Panel on Infant Lives, which has exposed the abortion industry’s selling of baby body parts. This panel has provided further evidence to justify the votes we’ve taken to defund America’s abortion giant. We’ve also passed legislation to prevent the abortion of infants after they can feel pain at the 20-week threshold. These bills strengthen our resolve to care for our future: our children.

Now, a new assault is taking place in the abortion debate: coercion.

Congress recently passed legislation through the House of Representatives that I’ve been working on since 2011, the Conscience Protection Act. My bill will ensure no one is forced to participate in any way in an abortion. My legislation affirms the decisions of hospitals, insurance providers and health care plans that do not want to offer, participate in, or fund abortions. The bill also ensures a private right of action, meaning a day in court, for victims of government discrimination. This is crucial to protecting the medical community and others from the whims of the government. Doctors should never be forced to end human life and nurses shouldn’t be threatened with the loss of a job or their license for choosing not to facilitate the destruction of human life. Yet, this is what some deem as a natural progression for the pro-abortion movement. They argue that providing abortion on demand as SCOTUS has done guarantees that all health care professionals will comply and provide abortion services. Those who fail to fall in line are accused of “discrimination.”

My bill was also fully supported by House Leadership, and passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support. My bill isn’t about overturning Roe v. Wade or reinstating the pro-life Texas laws, both of which I think are important. The Conscience Protection Act is about preserving the right to abide by your conscience, your faith, and your professional ethics.

After four decades-worth of life-affirming state and national responses to SCOTUS’ landmark decision in Roe v. Wade, one thing is clear: the court cannot be allowed to circumvent an individual’s right to disagree with the court’s conclusion on such fundamental principles. Without the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious liberty our nation would not be where it is today. Now, more than ever, we must fight to ensure its preservation.

Dr. John Fleming is Chairman of the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans and is a member of the House Armed Services Committee. He is a physician, small business owner, and co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus. He represents the 4th Congressional District of Louisiana.

This article originally appeared on the Minden Press Herald here. 
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Fleming: Resources Available for Louisiana Flood Victims


Shreveport, LA. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following information for Louisiana flood victims following the devastating storm system that wreaked havoc across the southern part of the state

  • Twenty Louisiana parishes are eligible for federal assistance including: Acadia, Ascension, Avoyelles, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Evangeline, Iberia, Iberville, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, Livingston, Pointe Coupee, St. Helena, St. Landry, St. Martin, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Vermilion, Washington and West Feliciana.

  • If you need to file a flood insurance claim, FEMA recommends you notify your insurer to start the claim, document the damage, and complete a proof of loss. Find the three steps in detail here: Filing a Flood Insurance Claim

  • To contact loved ones or let others know you are safe, visit the Red Cross Safe & Well web page to list yourself as safe, or search for others.
  •    Contact my Leesville office at 337-238-0778 with any questions. 
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Fleming: St. Landry and Evangeline Parishes Eligible for Federal Help for Flood Damage


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after a massive storm left eight people dead and 40,000 homes affected in Southern Louisiana. On August 14, 2016 the President issued a major disaster declaration for the State of Louisiana. The initial declaration has been amended to provide residents of several parishes, including St. Landry and Evangeline Parishes, with federal assistance to help with storm recovery.


“My prayers are with all Louisianians affected by this historic flooding, particularly those that have tragically lost loved ones over the last few days. While it is discouraging for our state to bear the brunt of another deluge, the important thing is to get out of harms way and quickly provide assistance and help for those who have experienced extensive flood damage.” 


If you live in St. Landry or Evangeline Parish you can register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for federal assistance either online at or via phone at 1-800-621-3362, TTY at 1-800-462-7585, or for any using 711 or Video Relay Service (VRS) at 1-800-621-3362. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact my Leesville Office at 337-238-0778.

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Fleming: Untraceable Cash to Iranians Is More Dangerous Foolishness from Obama


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement seeking additional answers for the Obama Administration’s decision to transfer $400 million in hard currency to Iran.

“The situation has been shrouded in mystery from the beginning. The White House has kept Congress in the dark about the January cash transfer to Iran, but one thing is certain: Obama gave Iran and its terrorist network a desperately needed, untraceable infusion of cash. Gaining access to hard currency is a terrorist’s delight and the Iranians are now free to fund more terrorist cells, unbeknownst to our intelligence agencies. It seems that preventing the cash from falling into the hands of America’s enemies was of no concern to either President Obama or Secretary Kerry, despite the fact that there is zero traceability for these sorts of transactions. Contrast this with what Americans go through to access their own money from banks when converted to cash. Once again Obama places Iranian priorities above American priorities.  


“This is completely unacceptable. In September I will be introducing a resolution of inquiry demanding answers and documentation from the White House and agency officials at State and Treasury on any agreements between the United States and Iran specifically related to the January cash transfer. I find it astounding that the President handed over $400 million in cash to a State Sponsor of Terrorism. He must be held accountable.”

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The Hayride | FLEMING: We’ve Got To Begin Taking Our Defense Seriously


By Rep Fleming


According to a December 2015 Gallup poll, Americans named terrorism as our country’s top concern. That was before the recent terror attacks in Orlando, Paris, and Istanbul. It should be no surprise then that Americans are worried about when, not if, the next terrorist attack will occur. While giving in to fear is not an option, we should remain vigilantly aware of today’s current threats and proactively address terror threats before they happen.  


One of the most important and fundamental functions of the federal government is to provide for the common defense. Yet, despite increased threats from ISIS, Russia, Iran and North Korea, this Administration erroneously believes that climate change is our biggest threat to national security.


The President has pushed heavily for a green agenda, even within the military context. This is a distraction, at best. The reality is that “going green” diverts the military from its core mission, funneling time, energy and resources into agenda driven politics instead of focusing on tangible threats. Let’s look at real life examples. The U.S. Navy is now being required to create a “green fleet” that will run on biofuels instead of traditional diesel fuel, even though diesel is cheaper and easier to get. Or take, for example, the Naval Station Norfolk, where the solar array cost the Navy $21 million but only provided two percent of the base’s electricity. According to the Inspector General’s office, it will take 447 years for the savings to pay the cost of the project. Solar panels, however, usually only last about 25 years. 


Federal Department of Defense resources should not be consumed on arbitrary and inflexible green energy quotas and CO2 benchmarks. This is simply not the mission of the U.S. military, and in the broad scope of national security, they accomplish nothing.


It is unfortunate that our outgoing President has consistently failed to take national security seriously. Besides turning our military green, he vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) last year – which funds our military – in hopes of diverting more money into projects he believes are more worthwhile: green energy subsidies, Obamacare, and executive orders. Let’s hope that there’s not a repeat veto on this year’s NDAA.


There is a movement afoot to reduce our troop numbers at a time when our military needs to be stronger than ever to face growing national and international threats. The fiscal year 2017 (FY17) NDAA under consideration right now, includes language to reverse troop cuts by increasing active-duty Army by 5,000 soldiers. As a Member of the House Armed Services Committee, I have fought to prevent some of the major reductions other military installations around the country have suffered, and will continue to fight for high troop levels and our military bases in Louisiana. The size of our army is directly tied to how ready our troops are to go into battle.


It’s time that the United States, together with allies around the world, crack down on terrorism whether through our resources, tightening of borders, or prevention strategies. We also need to ensure our troops have the support and resources they need to continue carrying out their mission, and protect our nation at home and abroad. Our government’s number one priority should always be on the safety and security of American citizens.  


This article was originally published at the Hayride HERE. 

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House Passes Fleming Pro-Life Bill


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after the House passed the Conscience Protection Act, legislation he introduced and worked on since 2011.


“Passage of the Conscience Protection Act, H.R. 4828 and S.304, was a victory for pro-life doctors and nurses, and affirms the decisions of hospitals, insurance providers and plans that decline to facilitate or participate in abortion. Even more than that, my bill today provides a strong protection for the medical profession: the federal government must respect your choice not to participate in the destruction of human life. Physicians should never be threatened with the loss of a job or their license for choosing not to dismember, poison, or destroy human life. I am very delighted to see my bill receive bi-partisan support.


“The immediate need for my legislation became more evident under the Obama administration. There is a growing list of health care providers, churches and religious organizations that are being coerced by state governments into covering abortion through their health plans. Without the Conscience Protection Act, there is no reprieve against this discrimination.  Additionally, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the sole federal agency tasked with investigating these instances of abortion coercion, has turned a deaf ear to the ongoing discrimination. The CPA prevents abortion coercion of doctors and nurses, and assures a private right of action - a day in court - so that the medical community isn’t subject to the whims of HHS."


The bill codifies the Weldon Amendment and provides a right of action for any infringement that might occur.

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Fleming Introduces Resolution to Impeach IRS Commissioner


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after introducing a resolution to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.


“Americans are sick and tired of the lack of accountability after clear malfeasance by government officials. This is part of a string of cover-ups, including Secretary Clinton’s emails and Fast and Furious. In this case the IRS commissioner presided over the erasing of 24,000 of Lois Lerner's emails after they had been subpoenaed by Congress. He deliberately kept Congress and the American people in the dark, making materially false statements under oath. Koskinen needs to be held accountable and in this case that means impeachment. We can no longer wait.”


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House to Vote on Fleming Conscience Protection Legislation


“I anticipate that H.R. 4828 will come to the floor this week using a Senate bill as its vehicle so that the Senate can give it its quick attention.  My bill has 85 co-sponsors and I have introduced the bill every Congress since 2011.  Speaker Ryan has shown great leadership in making this a priority for this Congress and I thank him for his commitment on this important issue.


“I was pleased to meet the witnesses following last week’s Energy and Commerce forum on H.R. 4828 and conscience protection. The panel of physicians, nurses, and pastors along with the original amendment author, Congressman Dave Weldon M.D., presented personal testimony on the present day need to preserve the rights of health care providers to practice medicine according to the dictates of their conscience, and for churches to be able purchase health care plans absent abortion. Medical experts, in particular, are facing a real life crisis. The government is pushing harder and harder to replace expert medical opinion, experience, and choice with bureaucratic decisions and coercive abortion practices. 


"I’ve been a family physician for over 30 years and can tell you that those in the medical field are some of the most dedicated and caring individuals out there.  The government has zero business forcing these men and women to participate – in any way – in an abortion.”


H.R. 4828 codifies the ‘Weldon Amendment’ which has passed every year since 2004.  The bill enjoys strong support from groups like the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops; Catholic Medical Association; American College of Pediatricians; American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists; Susan B. Anthony List; Family Research Council; The National Association of Catholic Nurses; National Right to Life Committee; and the American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals. Please see this letter of support for additional coalitions. 


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Fleming Responds to Dallas Police Tragedy


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after five police officers were killed in a protest in Dallas last night and seven others injured.


“The ambush of police officers in Dallas should direct our attention to what the Dallas Police Chief David Brown said this morning, ‘We don’t feel much support most days. Let’s not make today most days.’


“Too many of our elected officials have had a hand in fostering this sentiment and allowing undercurrents to exist. Seeking justice is always our goal but we see many too willing to circumvent that.  Seeking peace is another goal. I introduced H.Res 430, a Congressional resolution calling upon the President to declare a National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement. Unless we see leadership at the highest levels ready to defuse the violent rhetoric and seek peaceful dialogue, this trend will only continue. We owe our law enforcement officers the highest respect. Police work is a dangerous job to begin with, and as the Dallas Police Chief noted, getting more dangerous by the day. While we must condemn any misuse of their authority, let’s not forget that by far police are fulfilling their duty to protect and serve. Please join me in praying for the victim’s families today, and for protection and appreciation for the majority of men and women in law enforcement doing their job.”

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John Fleming grew up in a working class family in Mississippi. After his father suddenly died, John, as a teenager, took on added responsibility for his disabled mother and his younger siblings. He worked his way through college and attended medical school on a Navy scholarship. John served six years in the Navy as a Medical Officer

After his time in the U.S. Navy, John and his wife of 34 years, Cindy, settled in Minden, Louisiana. With a young family and no money in the bank, he started a medical practice that continues to serve the community today. He also began to build from scratch a group of non-medical small businesses that today provide hundreds of jobs in the region.

John was first elected to Congress in 2008, to represent Louisiana’s Fourth Congressional District. The district covers most of western Louisiana, stretching from Caddo and Bossier parishes east to Union, and south to Beauregard, and then east again to include parts of St. Landry parish. The district has abundant assets, including the agriculture, defense, and energy industries.

Fleming serves on two House committees – Armed Services – from which he focuses on the missions of Barksdale Air Force Base and Fort Polk’s Joint Readiness Training Center, and Natural Resources – from which he seeks to support the maximization of the Haynesville and Tuscaloosa Marine Shales, two sources of energy which have created tens of thousands of jobs for 4th District families.

John is focused on preserving the same freedoms that gave him the opportunity, as a young man from a working class family, to work for the American dream. He believes that the people he represents are best served when they are able to create their own success in an environment that embraces individual liberty and is not hampered by high taxes or unnecessary regulations. When government is efficient and accountable, the economy can grow and good jobs will be created.

Dr. Fleming was the Louisiana Family Doctor of the Year in 2007. He has worked in Congress for sensible health care reforms, and authored legislation urging all Members of Congress to participate in the same health care system that they create for the American people. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus, a group that includes 14 physicians who work to develop patient-centered health care reforms. Dr. Fleming has also championed conscience protections for medical personnel who choose to not participate in abortion practices.

John Fleming’s primary goals are to uphold the U.S. Constitution and to be a servant leader to the people he represents. He’s been named a “Defender of Liberty” by the American Conservative Union, a “Congressional Sentinel” by Heritage Action for America, and a “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business.

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