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1.19.21 | Rep. Van Drew Speaks on House Floor Addressing President Biden's Failures

2022-01-19 19:44:41

1.18.21 | Newsmax | Rep. Van Drew Calls on Biden to Speak to Own Party About Anti-Semitic Remarks

2022-01-18 14:45:07

Chief of Police William Priole Speech

2022-01-14 16:14:31

Jeffrey Ropiecki Speech

2022-01-14 16:09:41

Doris Barnes Speech

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Eric Fetrow Speech

2022-01-14 15:47:32

Casel's Marketplace One Minute

2022-01-14 15:43:54

1.12.21 | FOX Business | Rep. Van Drew: "Fauci Lied and Our Men and Women Died"

2022-01-14 15:26:30

1.1.22 | Newsmax | Rep. Van Drew Slams Biden Admin on Foreign Policy & Looks Ahead to 2022

2022-01-11 19:10:56

12.25.21 | Newsmax | Rep. Van Drew: "This is the Big Biden Christmas Lie"

2022-01-11 18:59:38

1.2.22 | FOX News | Rep. Van Drew: BBB "Harms the Real Integrity and Structure of This Country"

2022-01-10 16:35:22

1.3.22 | FOX News | Rep. Van Drew: "The Democratic Party Has Consistently Changed More and More"

2022-01-10 16:31:27

1.4.22 | FOX Business | Rep. Van Drew: These Federal Vaccine Mandates Should be "Struck Down"

2022-01-10 15:18:54

12.7.21 | FOX Business | Rep. Van Drew Says Supply Chain Crisis is "Unacceptable"

2021-12-08 19:56:29

12.2.21 | Rep. Van Drew Joins Colleagues in Co-Sponsoring the Crucial Communism Teaching Act

2021-12-02 20:33:53

12.1.21 | Rep. Van Drew Speaks on House Floor Opposing Expanding the IRS

2021-12-02 20:01:51

12.2.21 | FOX Business | Rep. Van Drew on New Variant "We Don't Need to Put More Mandates on People"

2021-12-02 19:12:45

11.26.21 | FOX News | Rep. Van Drew Says Inflation is the "Biden Tax"

2021-11-30 15:30:28

11.24.21 | FOX Business | Rep. Van Drew President Biden "Energy Policy is Unbelievably Destructive"

2021-11-30 14:29:59

11.27.21 | Newsmax | Rep. Van Drew: "Vaccine Mandate are Going to Create More Inflation"

2021-11-29 21:30:29

Contact Information

2447 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-6572

A lifelong advocate for South Jersey, Jeff Van Drew is delivering results for veterans, seniors, consumers and children.

On November 6th, 2018, constituents in New Jerseys Second Congressional District elected Jeff Van Drew to represent them in the United States House of Representatives. He was sworn in on January 3rd, 2019.

Van Drew previously served four terms in the New Jersey State Senate. He has earned a reputation as a strong advocate for southern New Jersey municipalities, but especially for veterans, senior citizens and consumers. He demonstrates a willingness to work on a bipartisan basis, addressing issues of vital concern to the residents of his district. Dr. Van Drew recently retired from dentistry after 30 years of practice in South Jersey. He and his wife have two children and one grandchild, and reside in Dennis Township.

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