Jeff Duncan

Jeff Duncan


Congressman Jeff Duncan Issues Veteran’s Day Statement


Laurens, S.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) released the following statement on Veterans Day 2018:

“On days like today, we remember that freedom comes with a price. Brave men and women have risked it all to maintain the freedoms and liberties we are blessed with in the United States. These patriots have answered the call to serve and protect the nation against those who want to do harm. Simply put, our veterans are the best among us – they are daring, courageous, and selfless.

“This Veteran’s Day, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to the men and women who have served this nation in uniform. We are forever indebted to you for your fearlessness and dedication to freedom.

“May God bless our amazing veterans and their families, and may God bless the United States of America.”


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Duncan Praises President Trump for Signing Opioid Package


Laurens, S.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03), Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, praised President Trump for signing H.R. 6, the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, into law:

“The opioid epidemic has devastated many individuals, families, and communities around the country. As I have said before, this is an all hands on deck situation that requires a response not only on federal, state, and local levels, but also on the doctor-patient level. This landmark legislation is aimed to advance treatment and recovery options, provide the much-needed resources to help communities, and strengthen the fight against illicit synthetic drugs. Too many families have been impacted by the scourge of the opioid epidemic, and I am thankful that Congress and President Trump came together to produce critical solutions to start addressing this ever-growing problem.”

To view details of H.R. 6, the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, click here.

To view the work the House Energy and Commerce Committee has done to combat the opioid crisis, click here.

To view details for the upcoming National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on October 27, click here.


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Seven GOP congressmen call for House and Senate Ethics investigations into leaking of Ford letter


Rep. Duncan on the Confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh


Laurens, S.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) praised the Senate’s confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court:

“Congratulations to Brett Kavanaugh, a highly-intelligent, supremely qualified Judge on his confirmation to the Supreme Court bench. This confirmation is long overdue, and also extremely saddening that his good name and reputation were destroyed by the Democrats and many in the media. Many Democratic Senators opposed him within the hour of President Trump’s announcement, signaling that they didn’t really care about his record, his rulings, or his judicial philosophy. Right from the very start, this process was not about advice and consent – it was about political power. As a result, Judge Kavanaugh has suffered, his family has suffered, and our nation has suffered through this grueling process.

“I commend the Senate Judiciary Committee for taking thorough and exhaustive measures to investigate 11th-hour allegations against Judge Kavanaugh – allegations that always need to be taken seriously. After extensive research and supplemental investigations, the facts pointed to partisan attempts to tarnish a man’s reputation and derail a nomination, and not anything in Judge Kavanaugh’s past. Chairman Grassley and his team did an excellent job separating facts from feelings, and I couldn’t be happier with the job they did working against constant false narratives and obstruction by Democrats and legal teams. 

“I am proud to now call Brett Kavanaugh an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. I am thankful for his willingness to serve after going through one of the worst smear campaigns in the history of the country.”

“I revere the Constitution. I believe that an independent and impartial judiciary is essential to our constitutional republic. If confirmed by the Senate to serve on the Supreme Court, I will keep an open mind in every case and always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American rule of law.” – Brett Kavanaugh, Wall Street Journal


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SC Members of Congress Respond to Boeing Letter


Laurens, S.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03), along with Members of the South Carolina delegation, responded to a recent letter regarding the Charleston Boeing facility:  

“It seems that Members of Congress from states other than South Carolina think they know what is best for our businesses and our workforce. Companies, like Boeing, come to the Palmetto State for our amazing business atmosphere, our talented and dedicated workforce, and our right-to-work status. We don’t need a group of liberal Congressmen dictating labor policy in our great state. I hope that with this response, these Members of Congress will focus on their own constituencies, understanding that South Carolinians stand with and support Boeing in Charleston.”

To view the letter to Boeing from Members of the South Carolina delegation, click here.

To view the Senate Democrat letter on the same issue and Congressman Duncan’s response , click here.


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Sen. Scott, Rep. Duncan state their support for Trump's new trade deal with Canada, Mexico


Duncan on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement


Laurens, S.C. – Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) praised the Trump administration for the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA):

“President Trump successfully negotiated a new trade deal with both Mexico and Canada. The deal eliminates Canada's protectionist dairy tariffs, requires wage increases for Mexican autoworkers to prevent American jobs from being sent across the border, and includes a host of other updates and reforms that will benefit the United States. This is a huge win for the American worker – another promise made and another promise kept. I applaud President Trump and his team for keeping America first, and I look forward to reviewing the final language.”

Office of the United States Trade Representative: United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement


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Duncan on Passage of Tax Reform 2.0


Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) praised the passage of the Tax Reform 2.0 bill in the House of Representatives:

“Our economy has been on fire since the passage of historic tax cuts last year, and it’s just getting started. Americans have been seeing more money in their pockets, bonuses, improved benefits, and enhanced retirement packages as companies have more flexibility to invest in their employees. We have seen companies bring back wealth from overseas, create jobs, and invest in employees like never before.

“I have been calling for legislation to make these middle class tax cuts permanent right from the start, so it’s exciting to see yet another promise made to the American people. We need the Senate to act on this legislation quickly so that middle class tax cuts stay here for good!

“Let’s keep Making America Great Again!”


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Duncan Praises Passage of Resolution Disavowing Illegal Immigrant Voting


Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Jeff Duncan praised the passage of House Resolution 1071 which disavows illegal immigrant voting in the United States:  

“As I have said time and time again, being an American citizen comes with great benefits and responsibilities, which includes voting in elections. For generations, brave men and women have fought and died in order to protect the fundamental right of American citizens to participate in free and fair elections.

“However, Democrats are pushing a far left agenda across the country by starting to allow noncitizens and illegal immigrants to vote in local elections. This is a very dangerous road to go down. We simply can’t allow noncitizens or illegal immigrants to water down the desires and vision of the American people.

 “While this resolution is a critical starting point, we must do more to eliminate foreign interference in our elections. I will continue to push towards defunding municipalities and localities that allow noncitizens or illegal immigrants to vote in local or statewide elections.

“Let’s protect the voting booth. Let’s protect the rule of law. Let's protect American values. And let's always put America first.”


Congressman Duncan introduced legislation to protect the integrity of American elections nationwide by eliminating federal funding for any municipality that allows noncitizens or illegal immigrants to vote in local or statewide elections.

The phenomenon of allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections is growing increasingly more common, with the most recent example being San Francisco allowing noncitizens and illegal immigrants to vote in school board elections. Congressman Duncan’s bill is a commonsense solution to eliminating foreign intervention in American elections.

The Eliminating Foreign Intervention in Elections Act has two key components:

  1. Empowers the U.S. Census Bureau to collect and publish information on which States or localities have noncitizen voting policies in place.
  2. Defunds localities that allow noncitizens to vote in elections for State or local office.

To read the bill, click here.

To watch Congressman Duncan's floor speech, click here


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ICYMI: Duncan Receives Awards for Protecting Taxpayers, Businesses, Farmers


ICYMI: Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC-03) recently received several awards by protecting tax-payer dollars, standing with America’s farmers and small businesses, and advocating for a limited federal government:

“Taxpayer’s Friend Award” – National Taxpayers Union (NTU)

“Only lawmakers with a voting record that is the best-of-the-best will earn NTU’s Taxpayers’ Friend Award. Rep. Jeff Duncan has demonstrated a tireless commitment to supporting taxpayers’ interests in Washington, and a dedication to solving the government’s tax-and-spend problems with action rather than just words. Fixing America’s budget problems takes hard work, and Rep. Jeff Duncan has been doing that work every single day.” – Pete Sepp, president of NTU.

“Friend of Farm Bureau” – American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) & South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation

“The American Farm Bureau Federation gives the Friend of Farm Bureau award to members of Congress who have supported Farm Bureau’s positions on policy issues, as demonstrated by their voting records, and who were nominated by their respective state Farm Bureaus and approved by the AFBF Board of Directors. The voting records are based on issues selected by the AFBF Board. Congratulations, and thank you for your support of America’s farmers and ranchers and food security for America’s consumers.” – AFBF.

“Hero of Main Street” – National Retail Federation (NRF)

“Retailers and consumers are feeling good about the state of the U.S. economy, and a big part of that is the result of lawmakers who have made economic growth and job creation a top priority. As a Hero of Main Street, Rep. Jeff Duncan truly understands that the decisions made in Washington have a real impact on local businesses and communities across the country.” – Matthew Shay,  president and CEO of NRF.

“Guardian of Small Business Award” – National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Awarded for “small business voting record in the 115th Congress” and “support of small business and free enterprise.” – NFIB.


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Contact Information

116 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-5301
Fax 202-225-3216

Committee Assignments

Energy and Commerce

Jeff Duncan is a South Carolina native and a 1988 graduate of Clemson University. Prior to being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, Congressman Duncan served as branch manager and an Assistant Vice President during his seven years of working in community banking. Later, he became the President and CEO of J. Duncan Associates, a South Carolina based, family owned real estate marketing firm which specialized in statewide real estate auctions.

Duncan served as a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives from 2002-2010, where he served as the Chairman of the House Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Committee from 2007 to 2009.

During his tenure in the South Carolina House of Representatives, Jeff was known as one of the most conservative House Members, earning recognition as a “Taxpayer’s Hero” from Governor Mark Sanford for his work combating wasteful government spending and fighting against tax increases. Jeff has also received the “Guardian of Small Business” award from the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB); he had an A+ rating from the Club for Growth; he was awarded the Palmetto Leadership Award from the SC Policy Council during his Freshman term; “Legislator of the Year” recognition from both the SC Recreation and Parks Association and the SC Wildlife Federation.  In 2010, Jeff Duncan was awarded The Order of the Palmetto, the highest civilian honor awarded by the Governor of South Carolina.

Congressman Duncan is passionate about American Energy Independence.  While a State Legislator, Jeff served on the US Department of the Interior’s Outer Continental Shelf’s 5 year Planning Sub-Committee which was charged with making recommendations for oil and natural gas leases on offshore areas. In addition, he served on the state’s Natural Gas Offshore Drilling Study Committee and was appointed to represent the state of South Carolina on the Southern States Energy Board.

Elected in 2010 to the 112th Congress, Jeff currently sits on three House committees including the Natural Resources Committee, the Homeland Security Committee, and the Foreign Affairs Committee.  He also serves as the Subcommittee Chairman of Homeland Security’s Oversight and Management Efficiency Subcommittee. Additionally, Congressman Duncan was appointed by Speaker John Boehner to the Executive Committee for the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission.

The Natural Resources Committee gives Duncan an outlet to promote US energy policy. He is an integral part of the GOP’s House Energy Action Team (HEAT) which supports expedited permitting of energy projects and the use of currently undeveloped areas for energy production in the United States, including areas such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other Federal land.

Jeff takes a particular interest in the promotion of nuclear energy, a topic especially important to South Carolina, home of the Savannah River Site nuclear complex.  Energy independence is vital to national security and a segue to job creation.  Congressman Duncan views nuclear power as a key ingredient in that equation. He supports the use of the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada as a long-term storage site for nuclear waste.  Although he is a strong proponent of American solutions to American energy issues, Congressman Duncan is not in favor of federal energy subsidies for alternative energy or ethanol.

As a Member of the Natural Resources Committee, Jeff can advocate for some of his passions:  the enjoyment of the great outdoors as an avid hunter and fisherman.  Jeff sits on the subcommittee for fisheries and wildlife.

A member of both the Republican Study Committee and the Tea Party Caucus, Jeff took a strong stand on major fiscal issues in the 112th Congress. Dissatisfied with the level of spending cuts offered, he split from a majority of Republicans in his opposition of: the final fiscal 2011 spending deal; the final debt limit increase deal in August 2011; both versions of a bill to keep the government operating at the start of fiscal 2012; and the final FY 2012 Appropriations bill.  A strong believer in the Constitution, Jeff fought against ambiguous language in the National Defense Authorization Act which he feels could put certain American liberties in peril.

In February 2011, he introduced a resolution that would create a new committee called the Committee on the Elimination of Nonessential Federal Programs, with the express purpose of reducing federal outlays. He supports taking a closer look at any government agency that is not included in the constitutional role of the federal government.

Jeff strongly believes that border security does fit the Constitutional definition of a federal duty and is proudly a member of the Border and Maritime Security subcommittee. He advocates an “all-of-the-above” strategy for border enforcement, including physical fencing, greater use of surveillance technology and increased manpower. His stance on border security includes an immigration policy aspect, as well as a national security element. He supports stronger enforcement of immigration laws and opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants already in the country.

Duncan has also worked the national security angle to border enforcement from his position on the Foreign Affairs Committee. When news reports broke in October 2011 that the Iranian government allegedly wanted members of Mexican drug cartels to carry out an assassination on U.S. soil, Duncan introduced a resolution urging the government to consider Iran a threat to the Western Hemisphere when formulating counterterrorism strategy.

Act! for America presented Representative Duncan with the “2011 National Security Patriot Award” because of his strong and enduring commitment to protecting our national security and democratic values.

Jeff also serves as the co-chairman of the Sovereignty Caucus along with Colorado Republican Doug Lamborn. The Caucus seeks to combat the influence of international organizations and multilateral agreements on United States policy. He urges greater scrutiny of foreign aid and has been an advocate for blocking economic assistance to governments that oppose the United States in the U.N. General Assembly.

In September 2011, Duncan became the only member of Congress with a 100 percent rating on the Heritage Action for America legislative scorecard “covering the full spectrum of conservatism.” He finished the 112th Congress at the top of the House leader board.

Jeff has been married to his wife Melody for twenty-five years and they have three sons: Graham, John Philip, and Parker. The Duncan family are members of First Baptist Church of Clinton, South Carolina.

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