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CBS Evening News: FBI docs show State pressured FBI to declassify email, 10/17/16

2016-10-18 02:34:52

CNN: FBI docs refer to "quid pro quo" between State and FBI, 10/17/16

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Special Report: Panel on immunity agreements, 9/23/16

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Chaffetz questions NPS about hostile work environment, 9/22/16

2016-09-23 23:13:38

Chaffetz Opening Statement - Sexual Harassment at NPS, 9/22/16

2016-09-23 17:59:02

Public Lands Initiative Committee Debate: Ruiz/Bennally

2016-09-22 22:28:01

Chaffetz Opening Statement: Contempt of Congress Resolution, 9/22/16

2016-09-22 16:17:03

Chaffetz EpiPen Q&A with Mylan CEO Heather Bresch

2016-09-22 16:08:03

Chaffetz Opening Statement: Rising Price of EpiPens, 9/22/16

2016-09-22 15:07:57

Today Show EpiPen hearing preview, 9/21/16

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Chaffetz Q&A with IRS's John Koskinen, 9/21/16

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CBS: Lawmakers seek answers on EpiPen pricing, 9/21/16

2016-09-21 14:09:33

Chaffetz on NYC Attack: Start by assuming it's terrorism, 9/19/16

2016-09-19 21:46:05

Chaffetz to Bartiromo: My job is to expose the facts, 9/19/16

2016-09-19 21:41:39

Varney & Co.: Clinton witnesses should be singing like songbirds, 9/16/16

2016-09-18 01:05:21

Americas Newsroom, Dealing with Pagliano's failed subpoena compliance, 9/16/16

2016-09-16 14:57:05

CNN New Day, EpiPen CEO to testify next week, 9/16/ 16

2016-09-16 14:35:50

Contact Information

2464 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-7751
Fax 202-225-5629

Selected by House leadership to chair the Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense and Foreign Operations, Jason Chaffetz enters his third term in Congress with energy, enthusiasm, and a determination to continue reforming Washington, D.C.

Believing in the core conservative principles of a strong national defense, fiscal discipline, limited government, and accountability, Mr. Chaffetz distinguished himself as a budget hawk by co-founding the Sunset Caucus, identifying budget cutting measures, running a lean office that returned more than $600,000 of his office budget in his first term, and sleeping on a cot in the closet of his office.  He was asked by House Speaker John Boehner to chair the House Technology Operations Team, was featured regularly on CNN’s freshman year, and consistently appears in local and national media outlets to communicate the conservative message.

On November 4, 2008, Mr. Chaffetz was elected by a 37-point margin to represent Utah’s Third Congressional District.  To secure the Republican nomination, Mr. Chaffetz unseated a 12-year incumbent by a 20-point margin, and did so with no paid campaign staff, no polling, no free meals for potential voters, no campaign office, and a refusal to go into debt to finance the campaign.  Despite being outspent by over $600,000, Mr. Chaffetz’ approach to conservative principles resonated with voters and resulted in an unprecedented victory.

Mr. Chaffetz comes to Congress with a 16-year history in the local business community, executive branch experience in Utah State government, a reputation for running strong political campaigns, and a distinguished college football career.

Mr. Chaffetz, who grew up in California, Arizona, and Colorado, was invited to Utah in the mid-1980s by the legendary Brigham Young University football coach LaVell Edwards to be a placekicker.  His years at BYU literally transformed his life.

After a successful football career that included two years as the starting placekicker and two school records, Mr. Chaffetz earned a degree in communications and married Julie Johnson of Mesa, Arizona.  In February, Mr. and Mrs. Chaffetz celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

In 1995, Mr. Chaffetz’s mother passed away after a long fight with cancer.  Consequently, he was deeply touched by the overwhelming generosity of the Utah-based Huntsman family in fighting the disease that killed his mother.  Their commitment was more than words as they personally donated hundreds of millions of dollars to research and treat cancer.

Upon reading an article about Jon Huntsman, Jr. potentially running for Governor of Utah, Mr. Chaffetz sought to meet the man who had given so much to fight cancer.  Through a mutual friend, a meeting was set up and Mr. Chaffetz eventually joined the Huntsman for Governor staff.  Shortly thereafter, Mr. Chaffetz was named Campaign Manager.  In a crowded field of contenders, Huntsman triumphed by running a well-organized, positive campaign and became Utah’s 16th Governor.  The Governor invited Mr. Chaffetz to continue working with him as his Chief of Staff.

Mr. Chaffetz used his time in the Governor’s Office to learn about the federal delegation and the issues that matter to the State of Utah.  As Utah’s representative in Congress, he is committed to represent Utah to Washington, not Washington to Utah.  Mr. Chaffetz made a commitment to voters in 2008 that he would seek to return this country to the core conservative principles of fiscal discipline, limited government, accountability and a strong national defense.  As he concludes his second term, he has a distinguished record of promoting legislation to restore those values.

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