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Garret Graves


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Rep. Garret Graves on Mornings with Maria to discuss Transportation and Infrastructure

2021-06-16 12:56:49

Graves’ Bill to Restore Lake Pontchartrain Basin Passes the U.S. House

2021-06-15 18:04:21

Graves’ Legislation to Expedite Airport Infrastructure Projects Passes U.S. House

2021-06-15 18:05:52

Rep. Graves Urges POTUS and FEMA to Declare Presidential Disaster Declaration for Louisiana

2021-06-01 21:34:31

Rep. Graves explains the BUILDER Act, which would expedite projects to deliver results

2021-05-19 15:05:51

Energy Policies Designed to Kill Domestic Energy Production | Natural Resources Hearing 4.28.21

2021-05-04 20:45:50

Rep. Graves - cutting domestic energy production harms our economy and environment

2021-05-04 13:13:20

Rep. Graves - cutting offshore energy production reduces funding for key programs

2021-05-04 14:44:44

Rep. Graves - Asks DOI for an analysis looking at the adverse impacts of access to reliable energy

2021-05-04 13:10:53

Graves - NEPA Amendments pertaining to scope, codify federal decisions, & threshold considerations

2021-05-04 13:11:52

Rep. Graves - these bills are a backdoor way to prevent domestic energy production

2021-05-04 13:14:13

Rep. Graves - NEPA should be based on existing data and information, and be limited in litigation

2021-05-04 13:12:19

Rep. Graves - Amendments 1-6 in House Natural Resources Markup

2021-05-04 13:11:19

Rep. Graves unravels the mantra of oil & gas production as largest contributor of methane emissions

2021-05-04 14:20:48

Rep. Graves - the celebration of bad agreements doesn’t take us in the right direction

2021-05-04 13:14:05

Rep. Graves - if we see reduction in energy revenues due to policies, then reduce GAOA funding too

2021-05-04 13:13:47

Rep. Garret Graves | Comite Diversion Project Updates - Questions from Constituents

2021-04-23 20:27:48

Rep. Graves remarks on Offshore Energy Production and Wind in the Gulf

2021-04-21 17:42:04

Rep. Graves remarks at T&I Water Resources and Environment hearing on Wastewater Infrastructure

2021-04-21 17:07:57

Rep. Graves discusses the abysmal CARES Act Fisheries Funding with KFLY

2021-04-21 15:44:29

Contact Information

2402 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3901
Fax 202-225-7313

Congressman Garret Graves represents Louisiana’s Sixth Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.  More than 750,000 people live in the 13 parishes that make up the sixth district, which includes most of Garret’s hometown of Baton Rouge, the bulk of the Capital City’s suburbs, parts of parishes along both sides of the Mississippi River to the western shores of Lake Pontchartrain and continues south through Thibodaux to Houma.

For the 116th Congress, Garret is the Ranking Member for the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Aviation and is the Ranking Member for the new Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.  He also serves on the House Natural Resources.

Last Congress, Graves chaired the Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment and was instrumental in the development, passage and enactment of a range of policy wins on rivers, levees, flood protection, coastal issues and Corps of Engineers reforms. He also brought about critical upgrades to federal disaster response and recovery programs, streamlining FEMA operations, creating faster recoveries and helping make communities across the nation more resilient to disaster.

Though he has only been in office a short time, Garret and his team have established a record of advancing Louisiana’s priorities through Congress – making a positive difference here at home.

Garret’s leadership on transportation, infrastructure, energy, maritime, fisheries, coastal restoration, disaster and other issues critical to our state’s economy and way of life are an asset in Congress.

Garret is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he resides with his wife Carissa and their three children.

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