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Fred Keller


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WETM covers PA Congressional Delegation's progress in Wolf-Levine nursing home investigation

2020-07-06 23:23:00

Nexstar covers Congressman Keller's views on the Democrats' plan to ban fossil fuels

2020-07-01 13:24:44

WETM covers Congressman Keller's views on H.R. 1425

2020-06-30 13:12:00

Congressman Fred Keller speaks in opposition to H.R. 1425

2020-06-29 21:45:23

Congressman Keller discusses Democrat obstruction of police reform on One America News

2020-06-29 13:09:43

ABC 27 covers GOP House Select Subcommittee letter to AG Shapiro re COVID-19 nursing home order

2020-06-27 18:20:32

WJAC covers Congressman Keller's views on law enforcement improvement legislation Part 2

2020-06-27 18:17:45

WJAC covers Congressman Keller's views on law enforcement improvement legislation Part 1

2020-06-27 18:15:07

Congressman Keller speaks on House Floor in opposition to veto override of Borrower Defense Rule

2020-06-26 16:13:19

Congressman Keller offers the Republican Motion to Recommit on D.C. Statehood

2020-06-26 15:22:06

Congressman Keller recognizes UPMC Williamsport Dr. Rutul Dalal for work during COVID-19 pandemic

2020-06-26 13:01:41

WYOU covers Congressman Keller's opposition to the Justice in Policing Act

2020-06-25 23:56:32

Nexstar affiliates cover Congressman Keller's opposition to the Justice in Policing Act

2020-06-25 21:34:50

ABC 27 covers Congressman Keller's opposition to the Justice in Policing Act

2020-06-25 18:35:07

Congressman Keller appears on Fox News to discuss JUSTICE Act and in opposition to flag burning

2020-06-24 12:10:17

WETM / Nexstar covers Congressman Keller's support for the JUSTICE Act

2020-06-24 00:19:15

Congressman Keller testifies before the U.S. House Appropriations Committee

2020-06-23 16:40:40

Congressman Keller discusses nursing homes, business liability protection, and a COVID-19 2nd wave

2020-06-22 19:30:12

ABC 27 covers Congressman Keller's thoughts on members of Congress and financial transparency

2020-06-20 14:46:09

Fox 56 covers Congressman Keller's co-sponsorship of the JUSTICE Act

2020-06-19 12:18:52

Contact Information

1717 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3731

Fred Keller is currently serving his first term in Congress, after being elected in a special election to fill the unexpired term of Congressman Tom Marino. Prior to Congress, Fred served five terms in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, where he developed a proven record of working hard to grow Pennsylvania’s economy and attract jobs, standing up for taxpayers, promoting agriculture, and tirelessly supporting local families and businesses.

During his 25-year career at Conestoga Wood Specialties, Fred rose to serve as Plant Operations Manager at the company’s Beavertown facility, managing over 230 employees and a $50 million-dollar annual budget. While building his career at Conestoga, Fred started his own successful small business managing properties and serving as a general contractor.

In Harrisburg, Fred consistently worked to pass timely and balanced budgets with no tax increases or general fund borrowing. As a firm believer in government that is open and accountable, Fred has built a record that is rooted in the values of his constituents.

Prior to voting for increased transparency in State Government that required state agencies to post expenses online, Fred set the example by posting his personal and office expenses online.

Fred is a Life Member of the National Rifle Association. He has been a member of the First Reformed Church in Sunbury for over thirty years and served as a Deacon in the church.

Fred currently serves on the House Committee on Education and Labor and the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

Fred has been married to his wife Kay for 34 years. They have two adult children, Jamie and Freddie, and two granddaughters. Fred coached his children in youth sports and was a local Cub Scout Den leader.

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