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Opposing the Decommission of the Lower Klamath Hydroelectric Project

2022-11-17 23:24:54

Commitment to America - Energy Independence

2022-10-27 22:23:47

Commitment to America - Secure the Border

2022-10-27 15:08:10

Commitment to America - A Government That's Accountable

2022-10-27 15:08:03

Congressman LaMalfa discusses drought and wildfires in the West

2022-07-29 18:46:28

Rep. LaMalfa: ESGs Are Hindering Domestic Food and Energy Production

2022-07-20 18:54:02

Congressman LaMalfa condemns illegal marijuana grows of federal land

2022-07-15 18:21:28

LaMalfa discusses the national gas price crisis

2022-06-16 18:08:01

LaMalfa on ABC Live

2022-06-10 20:49:34

Rep LaMalfa on the impacts of the Ports Crisis on families, farmers, and businesses.

2021-11-03 18:17:53

Congressman LaMalfa gives the August 14th Republican Address to the Nation

2021-08-14 17:00:42

Rep. LaMalfa speaks on the floor of the House on water, forestry and the war on the west

2021-07-22 15:33:33

Rep. LaMalfa bulldozes organized crime grow site under judges order for destruction

2021-07-20 23:03:25

Rep. LaMalfa exposing the pollution at the Illegal cartel grow site

2021-07-19 23:38:08

Rep. LaMalfa, Sheriff LaRue, and Supervisor Haupt at the illegal grows

2021-07-19 16:24:15

Siskiyou OES Visit to Discuss Lava Fire and illegal grows

2021-07-19 16:20:42

LaMalfa Visits Butte County Testing Center

2020-05-07 21:28:50

LaMalfa on Partisanship Surrounding Coronavirus Response

2020-02-28 15:58:28

LaMalfa On $500,000 Grant for Chico Municipal Airport for Route to LAX

2020-02-19 21:14:34

LaMalfa Debates Colorado Wilderness Bill

2020-02-12 20:27:34

Contact Information

408 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3076

Doug LaMalfa is a fourth generation rice farmer and business owner who has lived in Northern California all his life. Doug attended local schools and grew up learning the value of hard work and community service. Doug earned his degree in Ag/Business from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He now manages the family farming business originally founded by his great-grandfather in 1931.

Doug is a strong voice for the North State’s agriculture and resources based economy and for the first district’s farms and businesses.

A conservative leader, Doug LaMalfa has opposed increasing taxes and is a stalwart defender of California’s Proposition 13. With a proven record of fighting on behalf of working families, Doug believes that taxpayers know better than bureaucrats and politicians how to spend and invest their own hard-earned money.

Doug is a strong supporter of private property rights and the author of a Constitutional Amendment to protect Californians against eminent domain abuse.

Water is the North State’s most precious natural resource and Doug LaMalfa believes in protecting our water rights and developing more water storage. He has continually advocated for increasing California’s water supply, supporting planned projects such as Sites Reservoir and the Auburn Dam. Doug has been a leader in opposing burdensome environmental regulations that place fairy shrimp and fish ahead of human needs.

Agriculture and Forestry have been the backbone of northern California’s economy for generations and Doug LaMalfa has made it a priority to educate his fellow Representatives on the importance of resource industries and the beneficial stewardship they provide. Doug successfully authored and passed California’s Forest Fire Protection Act of 2004 to allow landowners to make their rural lands fire-safe.

Doug LaMalfa’s firm beliefs are that government should do no harm and that limited government means government should do only what people cannot do for themselves, in the most efficient manner possible.

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