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Chuck Fleischmann


STATEMENT: Fleischmann Remarks on Government Shutdown


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement upon the Senate’s failure to pass the Continuing Resolution (CR):

I cannot fathom how Senate Democrats, knowing the severity of the issues in question, acted with such insensitivity using our children and our military as pawns, putting party over country. Due to their decision, our service members and country will suffer tremendously. Furthermore, about 9 million children risk being kicked off health insurance impacting over 70,000 children in Tennessee alone. I stand ready to work tirelessly to reopen our government and put our country back on the path forward.”


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RELEASE: Fleischmann Votes to Keep Government Open


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement upon voting in support of the Continuing Resolution (CR) which will keep the government open until February 16, 2018:

“This evening I voted for the Continuing Resolution (CR) to prevent a government shutdown and allow Congress to continue work on our 2018 legislative agenda. Most importantly, this legislation will provide necessary funding for our military and their mission to keep our nation safe from international and domestic threats. In addition, my vote for this stop-gap measure was a vote for the reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) which directly impacts the well-being of children in Tennessee and across the United States. Finally, the House Appropriations Committee worked hard to pass all 12 government funding bills, and a government shutdown would have a detrimental impact on an extensive array of federal programs that rely on government funding. It is my hope that we can reach a budget agreement in the near future to prevent these inefficient short term solutions, but right now I urge my colleagues in the Senate to act quickly and approve this resolution so that we can keep the government open and continue working for the American people.”


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STATEMENT: Fleischmann's Eastern Band Cherokee Historic Lands Reacquisition Act Reported out of Committee Markup


Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement upon his bill, the Eastern Band Cherokee Historic Lands Reacquisition Act, being reported out of markup, the process by which a committee amends legislation, from the House Committee on Natural Resources prior to a vote by the House:

“I was pleased to introduce the Eastern Band Cherokee Historic Lands Reacquisition Act last January after extensive conversations with the Eastern Band regarding the specific lands, which comprise a portion of the southeastern part of my district in Monroe Country. After introducing the legislation, I received overwhelming community support as well as the strong support of county leadership. I remain steadfast in my dedication to protecting the historic home of the Cherokee Indians and promoting the economic development of the region. I thank the committee for taking up my bill, and I look forward to the legislation going to the Floor in the near future.”


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OP-ED: Recipe for Healthy Holidays


By: Mrs. Brenda Fleischmann

Recipe for Healthy Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, which means parties, indulgent meals and busy schedules—not exactly the ingredients for healthy living. Eating a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight and doing regular physical activity are important to your overall health and can reduce your risk of cancer. Unfortunately, these aren’t always priorities, especially this time of year. Let’s change that.  This year, mix in new traditions focused on wellness. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your own recipe for healthy holidays.

  • Give health and fitness gifts. You might expect a “Bah! Humbug!” from recipients of these gifts, but put thought into what each of your family members and friends would appreciate. Whether it’s a new yoga mat for your best friend, a basketball for your niece or nephew, a fitness tracker for your brother or sister, or a gym membership for your partner, your gift can provide extra motivation to loved ones for a healthy start to the new year. On a budget? Give “fitness date” coupons to be shared by you and a loved one.
  • Organize family (or workplace) outings that revolve around activities rather than food. Run or walk a 5K race, take a stroll around the neighborhood to see the festive lights or volunteer at a food bank together. If your office hosts a holiday gathering, suggest an activity, such as bowling or ice skating, rather than a party centered on food.
  • Bring a salad or vegetable to your holiday meal. Casseroles and desserts are never in short supply at potluck dinners, so make sure plenty of vegetables and salads make it to the table too.
  • Plan your workouts and meals ahead of time. The family calendar is hectic this time of year. Schedule your workouts in advance so they are part of your routine. Meal planning and prepping on the weekend can help you make smarter choices throughout the week.  

You might not be able to resist your office cookie exchange or give up the family movie marathon after dinner, but moderation is key. By making your health a priority this season, you’ll have many more holidays ahead of you to celebrate. To learn more ways you can reduce your cancer risk, visit

Brenda Fleischmann is a member of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program, and the spouse of U.S. Representative Chuck Fleischmann



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RELEASE: Fleischmann on the Emergency Disaster Aid Package


Washington, D.C. — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement in support of H.R. 4667, the Emergency Disaster Aid Package:

“Wildfires continue to burn hundreds of thousands of acres across the Californian terrain, and the results of relentless flooding from storms Harvey, Irma, and Maria reduced neighborhoods throughout Texas and the southern United States to ruins, leaving Americans with no place to call home this holiday season. This is a heartbreaking reality for thousands of families, and while emergency agencies have been working tirelessly to provide assistance since these tragedies occurred, there is still a great deal of work that remains.

Today, the House passed $81 billion in FY18 emergency funding. Of the $81 billion, $27.6 billion will be used to replenish the depleted funds for FEMA operations and the Disaster Relief Fund for all areas affected by hurricanes and wildfires. An additional $27.8 billion will go towards Transportation, Housing and Urban Development restoration of public transit and FAA facilities in conjunction with community relief efforts. $12.11 billion will be designated specifically to provide the Army Corps of Engineers with the means to assist Puerto Ricans in their efforts to rebuild.

As our fellow Americans continue to put pieces back together after the natural disasters of 2017, I am committed to do my part to help those in need."


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RELEASE: Fleischmann Votes for Final Passage of H.R.1, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act



Washington, D.C.— Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) released the following statement upon the passage of the Conference Report to Accompany H.R. 1, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:

“The last time Americans witnessed tax reform was 1986, and I am proud to have voted to change that today,” said Congressman Fleischmann. “This legislation demonstrates what can happen when Members work in a bicameral fashion toward one common goal- tax relief for families, workers, and businesses. I commend the leadership of Chairman Brady and the tireless work from Members of the Conference Committee, and look forward to seeing this legislation on the President’s desk.”

In detail, the Conference Report to Accompany H.R. 1The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will:

  • Increase the standard deduction to $12,000 for single files, $18,000 for heads of household, and $24,000 for joint filers.
  • Simplify the Corporate Tax Rate to a single-rate, 21 percent income tax.
  • Expand the Child Tax Credit to $2,000.
  • Repeal Obamacare Individual Mandate Penalty.

*Information courtesy of


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RELEASE: Fleischmann on Concealed Carry Reciprocity


Washington, D.C.— Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) released the following statement upon the passage of H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act:

"For far too long law-abiding gun owners have had to navigate a treacherous and ever shifting labyrinth of local and state gun laws while traveling with their concealed carry permits," Fleischmann said. "H.R. 38, The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, will provide certainty to properly licensed individuals who travel with a firearm to carry in all states that already allow for concealed carry. I was proud to vote for H.R. 38 to ensure that upstanding citizens are not deprived of their Second Amendment rights or threatened with needless jail time due to crossing a state border."



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STATEMENT: Congressman Fleischmann on President Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel


Washington, D.C. — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) released the following statement in response to President Trump's announcement to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel:

"Today, President Trump made the historic announcement to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel. For years, Jerusalem has been regarded as Israel’s capital city by the Knesset, the United States Congress, and the people of Israel. The President’s announcement reaffirms the longstanding friendship and support between United States and Israel. I applaud President Trump for his decision, and will continue to stand with Israel as our ally in the Middle East."


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OP-ED: This November, Reduce Your Lung Cancer Risk


By: Mrs. Brenda Fleischmann

This November, Reduce Your Lung Cancer Risk

In today’s society fewer Americans are smoking and lung cancer rates are declining, yet the disease remains the number one cause of cancer death. November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and reminds us that we have more to do to prevent lung cancer.

About 220,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer in the U.S. each year, and more than 155,000 men and women are expected to die of the disease. In Tennessee alone, an estimated 5,830 will be diagnosed and 4,590 will die of lung cancer this year. The biggest way to reduce your risk of lung cancer is to never smoke. Smoking is responsible for about 80 percent of lung cancer cases in the U.S. Although smoking is the main risk factor for lung cancer, secondhand smoke, exposure to radon gas, or occupational exposure to certain toxic substances or radiation may also increase your risk.

Lung cancer symptoms, including a persistent cough, constant chest pain, hoarseness lasting a long time or shortness of breath, don’t usually occur until the disease has progressed. If you are or were a long-time smoker, talk to a health care professional about the pros and cons of low-dose spiral CT screening, which can detect lung cancer at earlier stages, when successful treatment is more likely.

Quitting smoking is not easy, but a health care professional can connect you to resources to help you quit. Visit to learn more. 

Brenda Fleischmann is the spouse of Representative Chuck Fleischmann and is a member of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program. (Statistics provided by the American Cancer Society and FDA.)


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Oak Ridge Breaks Ground on Facility Enabling Large-Scale Y-12 Cleanup


Congressman Chuck Fleischmann participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for Outfall 200, the new Mercury Treatment Facility, at Y-12 National Security Complex. The facility will play an important role in the remediation of mercury contamination and pave the way for further cleanup work, such as the demolition of contaminated buildings. 

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Contact Information

230 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3271
Fax 202-225-3494

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann is a conservative Republican who represents the 3rd District of Tennessee. The District is made-up of 11 counties: Anderson, Bradley, Campbell, Hamilton, McMinn, Monroe, Morgan, Polk, Roane, Scott and Union.

Chuck received his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Illinois. He received both Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude honors. He then went to the University of Tennessee law school where he received his Doctor of Jurisprudence.

For 24 years Chuck and his wife ran a small business together in Chattanooga after they both graduated from law school at the University of Tennessee.

Chuck has served on the board of the National Craniofacial Association and on the board of the Cherokee Area Council of Boy Scouts of America. He served as the president of the Chattanooga Bar Association and chairman of the Chattanooga Lawyers Pro Bono Committee.

During his first two years in Congress, Chuck voted to repeal Obamacare, cut $1.6 trillion from the federal budget and has a 100% pro-life and 2nd amendment voting record.

Chuck serves on the Appropriations Committee which is vitally important to the residents of the 3rd District.

Chuck and his wife, Brenda, live in Ooltewah, Tennessee with their 3 boys: Chuckie, Jamie and Jeffrey.

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