Chuck Fleischmann

Chuck Fleischmann


STATEMENT: Fleischmann on Claude Ramsey


CHATTANOOGA, TN — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement on the passing of Claude Ramsey:

“I am deeply saddened by the loss of my friend and mentor Claude Ramsey. Across the state, Claude was known as a true civil servant beginning his career in 1972 when he was elected to the Tennessee General Assembly, to his incredible service to Tennessee’s Third District as mayor of Hamilton County among other roles, and statewide as deputy to the governor. Claude was instrumental in the promotion of business in Tennessee using his expertise to form local, state, and federal partnerships that will continue to benefit our great state for years to come. It was an honor and a pleasure to know Claude Ramsey, and there is no doubt that he will be missed dearly by many. I send my condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time.”


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STATEMENT: Fleischmann on United States - North Korea Summit


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement in recognition of the historic U.S. – North Korea Summit:

“Last night, President Trump exemplified what it means to be a leader, becoming the first sitting president of the United States to meet with a North Korean head of state. I applaud the President for taking this courageous step and I am hopeful that despite North Korea’s history of deception, this summit marks the beginning of a new era of relations between North Korea and the United States. As Secretary of State Mike Pompeo leads U.S. negotiators in follow-up discussions with their North Korea counterparts, incorporating the knowledge of experts from the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration will be of paramount importance. Much of this expertise resides in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and I look forward to continuing to support NNSA’s nonproliferation mission. While there is still a great amount of work that lies ahead, this summit was a tremendous first step and marked yet another milestone for the Trump Administration.”


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RELEASE: Congressman Fleischmann and Secretary Perry on the Debut of Summit


OAK RIDGE, TN — This afternoon, the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Lab unveiled their newest supercomputer, Summit. Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) and Secretary of Energy Rick Perry responded to this historic event showcasing American leadership and innovation in the race to exascale:

“With today’s debut of Summit, the smartest and most powerful supercomputer in the world, Oak Ridge National Laboratory has again demonstrated the strength of American science,” said Congressman Fleischmann. “Summit, in addition to offering scientists 200 petaflops of performance, is capable of performing certain calculations at exascale speeds. From the performance of scientific calculations at gigaflop speeds in 1988, to teraflops in the 1990s, petaflops a decade ago, and exaops today, ORNL continues to lead the way in supercomputing.”

“Today’s launch of the Summit supercomputer demonstrates the strength of American leadership in scientific innovation and technology development. It’s going to have a profound impact in energy research, scientific discovery, economic competitiveness, and national security,” said Secretary Perry. “I am truly excited by the potential of Summit, as it moves the nation one step closer to the goal of delivering an exascale supercomputing system by 2021. Summit will empower scientists to address a wide range of new challenges, accelerate discovery, spur innovation, and above all, benefit the American people.”

According to Oak Ridge National Lab, Summit is capable of about eight times the performance of its predecessor, Titan.

“Summit’s unprecedented power will enable scientists to tackle some of the most complex challenges facing our nation and the world today,” added Congressman Fleischmann. “When I reflect on Titan’s tremendous contributions to countless disciplines, I can only imagine the impact that Summit will have.

I want to congratulate Dr. Thomas Zacharia and his team at ORNL and extend my thanks to all the scientists, engineers, and researchers that have worked tirelessly to make Summit a reality. I look forward to continuing to advocate for our nation’s science and technology research in Congress.”


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RELEASE: Fleischmann on Passage of First Package of 2019 Appropriations Bills


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement upon the passage of H.R. 5895, the Energy and Water, Legislative Branch, and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act:

“As a member of the House Appropriations committee, I am proud to see the House take swift action and pass three appropriations bills,” said Congressman Fleischmann. “This package directly takes into account the current national and nuclear security needs of our nation, and provides the members of our military, past and present, with the tools and resources they deserve.

First, this legislation includes a $1.5 billion dollar increase in funding to address and support our nation’s nuclear security priorities. This bill allows the Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration to maintain the safety and readiness of our nuclear weapons stockpile, address aging infrastructure in our weapons complex facilities, and support the nuclear cleanup mission.

In addition, this bill gives peace of mind to our veterans and provides for our current men and women in uniform. Included in this legislation is a 4.8 percent funding increase for our veterans, while also reinvesting in those who are currently serving, equipping our men and women overseas with means to be successful.

I urge my colleagues in the Senate to follow suit and act quickly to pass this legislation in the best interests of our nation.”


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STATEMENT: Fleischmann Celebrates Anniversary of Tennessee's Statehood


CHATTANOOGA, TN — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement in celebration of the 222nd anniversary of Tennessee’s statehood:

“On June 1, 1796, the future of our great state was decided with a vote in Knoxville as Tennessee became the 16th state to join the Union,” said Congressman Fleischmann. “Today, we look back on the many accomplishments of the Volunteer State – from the instrumental role of Oak Ridge in leading our country to victory during WWII to the creation of one of the first bottles of America’s iconic drink, Coca – Cola, in Chattanooga. It is said that that the name of our state was derived from the Native American word meaning “meeting place”, and time has shown Tennessee to be a place where influential minds have come together to produce ideas and innovations that have shaped the future of our nation. Please join me in celebrating 222 years of statehood. Happy Birthday Tennessee!”


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OP-ED: Are You Doing Enough To Prevent Skin Cancer?


By: Mrs. Brenda Fleischmann

Are You Doing Enough To Prevent Skin Cancer?

Are you doing enough to prevent skin cancer? May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and with summertime just around the corner, it’s time to remind yourself and your loved ones of the steps you should take to reduce your risk. Skin cancer is dangerous, but in most cases, you can prevent it.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. An estimated 91,270 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma—the most deadly form of skin cancer— in 2018, and about 9,320 Americans are expected to die from melanoma this year. In Tennessee alone, about 1,900 people will be diagnosed this year.

And while Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, Basal Cell and Squamous Cell skin cancers can lead to significant pain and disfigurement if they are not detected early on—and if left untreated, they can also be lethal.

Most skin cancer develops from sunburns experienced as a kid, so sun protection should begin early. Make sure your entire family wears broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or higher, and be sure to reapply. If possible, you should also avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and wear hats, sunglasses and long sleeves.

Applying sunscreen when you’re outdoors for long periods of time in the summer is a step in the right direction, but often is not enough. Skin damage can occur any time of year, even on cloudy days and during short periods of time outdoors. Indoor tanning is not a safe alternative -- no tan is safe.

Use the ABCDE Rule when looking at moles (Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color that is not uniform, Diameter greater than 6 mm, and Evolving size, shape or color) to examine your skin, and visit a health care professional if you notice any of these characteristics. For more ways to reduce your risk of cancer, visit

Brenda Fleischmann is the spouse of Representative Chuck Fleischmann and is a member of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program. Statistics provided by the American Cancer Society.

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STATEMENT: Fleischmann on Opening of U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement in celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary and the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem:

“Congratulations to the people of Israel on the celebration of 70 years of statehood and the unveiling of the U.S. Embassy in their true capital city of Jerusalem,” Congressman Fleischmann said. “In celebrating the relocation of the U.S. Embassy, we also celebrate the friendship and partnership between the United States and Israel. Our longstanding alliance with the Jewish people is characterized by respect for peace and sovereignty, and it is my hope that in the years to come other nations will cultivate such diplomatic relations. I commend President Trump for acting quickly on his promise, just months prior, of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s rightful capital, and keeping that promise today.”


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STATEMENT: Fleischmann on President Trump's Announcement to Withdraw from Iran Deal


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement after President Trump’s announcement to withdraw from the Iran Deal:

“The Iran Deal has always been a serious cause for concern. In fact, in 2015 I wrote an Op-Ed in opposition to the deal, and three years later I have not wavered in my stance. The previous administration argued that the Iran Deal was a better option than continued imposition of economic sanctions. However, it is now clear that this presumption is false. Iran has continued on its malicious, murderous mission to destabilize the Middle East and act as a state sponsor of terrorism all the while advancing its ballistic missile program. I stand behind President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Deal and await further details as we enter the implementation period, details which I hope take into account the concerns of our international allies and aid in the creation of an agreement to advance global security.”


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OP-ED: The Importance of Dental Care Goes Beyond Cavities


By: Mrs. Brenda Fleischmann

The Importance of Dental Care Goes Beyond Cavities 

The importance of dental care goes beyond cavities—it’s also about cancer prevention. April is National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Month, and your dentist or dental hygienist may be your first line of defense against oral cancer.

More than 50,000 Americans are expected to be diagnosed with oral or oropharyngeal cancer (cancer of the back of the throat, including the base of the tongue and the tonsils) in 2018 and 1,170 will be diagnosed in Tennessee alone. Routine dental exams can detect cancer or pre-cancers at early stages. If you notice a persistent sore or pain, swelling or changes in your mouth, or red or white patches on the gums, tongue, tonsils, or lining of the mouth, visit a doctor or dentist so they can examine your mouth more closely.

Some people diagnosed with oral cancer have no risk factors, so it’s important for everyone to keep those dental appointments. If you use tobacco, drink alcohol in excess, or have the human papillomavirus (HPV), you are at increased risk for oral cancer. Oral cancer is more common in older adults, particularly men, but oropharyngeal cancer is on the rise in middle-aged, nonsmoking white men between the ages of 35 and 55. The majority of these cancer cases are caused by HPV. 

Take charge of your health to reduce your risk of oral cancer. Limit your alcohol consumption to no more than one drink a day for women or two for men. If you have children, talk to their doctor about the HPV vaccine, which is available for girls and boys ages 11 and 12; a “catch-up” vaccine is also available for young women up to age 26 and most young men up to age 21.

You can be your own best advocate. Check the inside of your mouth in the mirror each month, and speak up to your dentist or hygienist if you notice any changes that concern you. Ask about cancer screenings when making your dental appointments. To learn more about cancer prevention, visit

Brenda Fleischmann is the spouse of Representative Chuck Fleischmann and is a member of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program. Statistics are provided by the American Cancer Society, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Oral Cancer Foundation.


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RELEASE: Fleischmann Amendments Included in FAA Reauthorization Act


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03) issued the following statement in support of H.R.4, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, which included two amendments offered by Congressman Fleischmann:

“Today, the House voted for a long-term plan to rebuild our nation’s aviation infrastructure. Included in this legislation are two amendments I was proud to offer aimed to improve our nation’s airports and ensure that our skies are safe to travel for years to come.

As we modernize our airports, we must capitalize on tools that have the ability to increase the lifespan of our current airport infrastructure. Geosynthetic materials have proven to be both versatile and beneficial as we rebuild our runways, taxiways, and aprons. These materials have also been a source of jobs and a boon to the US economy. Simply put, the use of Geosynthetics should be encouraged, and I offered an amendment to do just that.

My second amendment provided a straightforward solution to reduce the cost of and construction time for critical pavement projects while maintaining the highest level of safety. Our nation is home to over 5,000 General Aviation Airports that should not have to be subject to burdensome regulations at the expense of the maintenance and upkeep of our airport runways.

The FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 is a huge step forward as we work to deliver on the President’s Infrastructure Initiative and uphold the gold standard for our nation’s infrastructure.”  


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Contact Information

230 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3271
Fax 202-225-3494

Congressman Chuck Fleischmann is a conservative Republican who represents the 3rd District of Tennessee. The District is made-up of 11 counties: Anderson, Bradley, Campbell, Hamilton, McMinn, Monroe, Morgan, Polk, Roane, Scott and Union.

Chuck received his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Illinois. He received both Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude honors. He then went to the University of Tennessee law school where he received his Doctor of Jurisprudence.

For 24 years Chuck and his wife ran a small business together in Chattanooga after they both graduated from law school at the University of Tennessee.

Chuck has served on the board of the National Craniofacial Association and on the board of the Cherokee Area Council of Boy Scouts of America. He served as the president of the Chattanooga Bar Association and chairman of the Chattanooga Lawyers Pro Bono Committee.

During his first two years in Congress, Chuck voted to repeal Obamacare, cut $1.6 trillion from the federal budget and has a 100% pro-life and 2nd amendment voting record.

Chuck serves on the Appropriations Committee which is vitally important to the residents of the 3rd District.

Chuck and his wife, Brenda, live in Ooltewah, Tennessee with their 3 boys: Chuckie, Jamie and Jeffrey.

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