Chris Collins

Chris Collins


Congressman Collins Introduces Legislation that Red Lights Funds to States that Provide Driver Licenses to Illegal Immigrants


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Chris Collins introduced The Red Light Act, his new legislation that withholds federal highway funds from any state that grants driver licenses or identification cards to illegal aliens present in the United States. Congressman Collins' legislation comes on the heels of Governor Andrew Cuomo recent signing of the Green Light Bill into law last month. This new state law grants driver license privileges to illegal immigrants.

“Once again, Governor Cuomo has put his socialist agenda ahead of the safety of American citizens,” said Congressman Collins. “Governor Cuomo should be enforcing laws that protect Americans instead of supporting those who break our laws. Citizens should feel safe behind the wheel, but now in New York there will be a strong likelihood that illegals could be driving uninsured and unregistered vehicles wreaking havoc on our roads.”  

"Cuomo has threatened the lives of New Yorkers who are legal U.S. citizens with this legislation,” added Collins. "If he wants to help illegal immigrants avoid the law while threatening highway safety, he can pay for it.”

If enacted, the Collins’ legislation would withhold funds beginning in fiscal year 2020 and each fiscal year thereafter. Any funds withheld from noncompliant states will be appropriated to states that do not allow illegal immigrants to have a drivers license or identification cards. 

A text of the legislation can be found here.

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Congressman Collins Announces $124,767 in Federal Funding for the Genesee County Airport


Washington, D.C. -  Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) announced $124,767 in federal funding from the Federal Aviation Administration for the Genesee County Airport, located in Batavia. This grant will provide funding for the airport’s design phase of two major projects.

“Utilizing grant funding to support our local governments is a smart investment and a responsible use of federal tax dollars,” said Congressman Collins. “Investing in infrastructure projects like the Genesee County Airport’s pavement rehabilitation will significantly improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of its daily operations. These efforts will allow the Genesee County Airport to continue to grow and positively impact our local economy for years to come.”

The airport plans to reconstruct the existing west apron pavement, which has reached the end of its useful life. Additionally, the airport will remove a T-hanger building obstruction in the runway object free area to meet the Federal Aviation Administration design standards.

The Congressman’s office remains available to assist any local government pursuing a federal grant.

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Congressman Chris Collins Announces USDA Funding to Improve Water Infrastructure for the Town of York


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) today announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is providing a $1,038,000.00 loan and a $830,000.00 grant to the town of York in Livingston County. This loan and grant will help eliminate the public health risks associated with the poor quality and quantity of ground water in the area.

“The USDA’s investment in the Town of York will improve the quality of life for residents,” said Congressman Collins. “Access to clean water is essential, and I applaud the Trump administration for investing in rural communities, especially in Western New York.”

The funds will be used to construct the Anderson Road waterline extension and extend the public water service to 189 residential users in the town that do not have safe potable water.

Rural community leaders can apply for these funds electronically by using the interactive RD Apply tool. They can also apply through one of USDA Rural Development’s state or field offices.

For more information on USDA’s projects to upgrade water and wastewater systems in rural communities, click here. Municipalities seeking assistance from the USDA are encouraged to call Collins’ Clarence District Office at 716-634-2324.


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Congressman Collins Announces DOT Funding to Improve Four Area Airports


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Collins (NY-27) announced that the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has allocated over two million dollars in funding to improve the Niagara Falls International Airport, the Greater Rochester International Airport, the Ley Roy Airport, and the Buffalo-Lancaster Regional Airport. These improvements will help ensure the longevity of the airports’ infrastructure.

“Our regions’ airports play a considerable role in our daily lives, whether it is moving cargo or people.  We have to ensure they are functional and safe,” said Congressman Collins. “Not only do our airports get us from one place to another, they support millions of jobs across the nation and keep America competitive. These grants will provide these airports with the ability to make improvements that could ultimately increase air-traffic.” 

The Niagara Falls International Airport will receive a total of $135,000.00 to remove tree obstruction from the airport’s runways. An additional $315,000.00 was granted to reconstruct the existing pavement that has reached the end of its useful life. 

The Greater Rochester International Airport will receive $1,500,000.00 to remove hazardous obstructions from the airport’s runway to enhance the overall safety of the tarmac.

The Ley Roy Airport will receive $144,875.00 to conduct an environmental impact to study to evaluate any potential effects that may ensue during the airport’s tree obstruction removal project.

The Buffalo-Lancaster Airport will receive $142,500.00 to evaluate any potential environmental impacts related to a proposed obstruction removal project.

For more information about the airport infrastructure grants, click here:

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Congressman Chris Collins Applauds Funding for Numerous Initiatives Across WNY included in the FY20 Appropriations Bill.


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) applauds funding for the University of Rochester OMEGA Laser Facility, the Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP), and the Mount Morris Dam that are included in the FY20 Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act. 

“From making sure our remedial action sites are not harming residents, to expanding research opportunities for the University of Rochester, to funding the operation at the Mount Morris Dam, many priorities of Western New York are taken care of in this bill,” said Congressman Collins. “I applaud the Committee on Appropriations for understanding importance of each of these programs.”

Congressman Collins’ priorities that are in the FY20 Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act include:

  • $155 million for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) that includes the Niagara Falls Storage Site;
  • $80 Million for OMEGA at the University of Rochester to expand their nuclear fusion laser lab facility; and,
  • $3.604 Million for the Mount Morris Dam.

Congressman Collins led the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) appropriations letter to Chairwoman Marcy Kaptur and Ranking Member Michael K. Simpson requesting $150 million in funding for the program.  The Appropriations Committee approved $5 million more than requested. The FUSRAP program clears remedial action sites from uranium, thorium, and radium, which can be hazardous to human health. Congressman Collins was also successful in securing $80 million for the nuclear laser lab at the University of Rochester to improve measurements and collect better data on the behavior of matter under extreme conditions. Finally, Collins was successful in obtaining $3.604 million for the Mount Morris Dam to provide funding for routine maintenance and operations.

Congressman Collins did not support the appropriations package as a whole for the unrealistic topline funding level that exceeded the current budget cap by $1.76 billion and with there not being consensus on a budget agreement for FY20.


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Congressman Chris Collins Announces $225,000 in Federal Funding for Cytocybernetics


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) announced $225,000 in federal funding for Cytocybernetics in Tonawanda. This grant was awarded through the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase 1 project which improves the safety testing of new drugs for approval by the FDA.

Cytocybernetics, founded by University of Buffalo medical researchers, developed the Cybercyte device that combines electronics with individual cells to test how new medicines affect the cell’s electrical activity. Currently Cytocbernetics focuses on the heart muscle to study how the electric current affects the heart cells. They have tested a variety of pharmaceuticals, from allergy medications to antidepressants to find fatal side effects such as heart attacks. Over time, Cytocybernetics plans on developing the Cybercyte for use with neurons, cells located in the brain. This will allow researchers to use the Cybercyte to study how drugs being developed for neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, affect the electrical activity within the individual brain cells. 

“Cytocybernetics is paving the way for researchers to study the reaction our major organs have with pharmaceutical drugs,” said Congressman Collins. “This grant funding will allow researchers to expand their studies and ensure the medications we are taking will not put our health at risk.”

This grant funding will be used for developing a platform for superior predicative analysis of HERG Ion Channel-Drug Interactions for the Comprehensive Invitro Proarrhythmia Assay (CiPA).

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Congressman Chris Collins Announces Rural Technical Assistance Provided by the Rural Community Assistance Partnership


Clarence, NY – Congressman Chris Collins announced that the Letchworth Gateway Villages and the Rural Outreach Center will receive technical assistance provided by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) initiative called Rural Economic Development Innovation. Each organization will receive assistance for up to two years to help create and implement economic development plans.

“This assistance is crucial to improve the local economy of our rural communities throughout Western New York,” said Congressman Collins. “I applaud the USDA for taking the initiative in ensuring rural communities are not forgotten and a part of making America great again.”

The Letchworth Gateway Villages is a collaboration of towns designed to accelerate economic growth and new tourism-related market for the communities surrounding the Letchworth State Park. This assistance will help identify solutions to depopulation, outmigration of young people, unemployment, a growing opioid epidemic, increased suicide rates, and persistent poverty.

The Rural Outreach Center provides a holistic approach to providing education, job creation, and child programs to help grow self-sufficiency. This center will use the assistance to support workforce development and public-private transportation for the community.

In April 2017, President Donald Trump established the Interagency Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity to identify legislative, regulatory, and policy changes that could promote agriculture prosperity in rural communities.

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Congressman Chris Collins Introduces Legislation to Protect Uninsured Americans


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) introduced legislation which provides a financial solution for uninsured Americans seeking medical procedures by hospitals. The Protect the Uninsured Act of 2019 would amend Title XI of the Social Security Act to require hospitals and critical access hospitals to offer the uninsured individual access to the lowest negotiated price for any service or procedure.

“Hospitals are supposed to take care everyone, the uninsured are often saddled with debt far beyond what they can pay while others are receiving steep discounts for the same procedures,” said Congressman Collins. “People are putting their health at risk by avoiding important procedures due to inflated costs while hospitals are writing off uncollected debts as charity work.”

Hospitals negotiate discounts with insurance companies to determine costs of procedures or services they are willing to accept. This negotiated discount is subtracted from an inflated total cost of a procedure or service, the individual then pays a copay while the insurance company covers the remaining expenses. Under current law, an uninsured patient is forced to cover the full cost of the procedure with no discounts, leading to uninsured patients mounting debt or avoiding necessary care. This legislation will provide financial relief to those who are uninsured by allowing the individual to receive the lowest discount negotiated with an insurance company for a procedure or service by a hospital.

A text of the bill can be found here.

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Congressman Collins Applauds Firefighter Cancer Registry Funding in FY20 Appropriations Bill


$2.5 million included in the FY20 Labor, Health, Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill


Washington, D.C. - Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) applauds $2.5 million in funding for the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act included in the FY20 Labor, Health, Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations bill.

“Eighteen years ago, we witnessed a horrible tragedy, yet we also witnessed the heroic actions of America’s brave first responders who went running towards the destruction while many were running away from it,” said Congressman Collins. “The Firefighter Cancer Registry is the first step in addressing the increased rate of cancer among firefighters due to the hazardous conditions when fighting fires. I applaud the Committee on Appropriations for recognizing how important this funding is to our first responders.”

The House Appropriations Committee originally appropriated $1.6 million in funding for the Firefighter Cancer Registry. Congressman Collins and Congressman Pascrell introduced an amendment providing an additional $900,000 to fully fund the authorized amount of $2.5 million. The amendment passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 413-10.

“It is essential that the registry receives full funding and be implemented to find links between fighting fires and the increased risk of cancer. I am proud to continue working with Representative Pascrell in introducing this amendment during the appropriations debate to protect these brave men and women who risk their lives every day,” added Collins.

The Firefighter Cancer Registry will improve collection capabilities and activities to address the enormous gap in research on the health impacts of cancer incidence among firefighters – career and volunteer. Firefighters may experience detrimental health effects due to smoke inhalation and other harmful, toxic substances. Funding for this registry is crucial to take the first steps towards gathering this information to develop new protocols, safeguards, and equipment to protect these men and women. 

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Congressman Chris Collins Re-Introduces Legislation Aiming to Improve Veteran Halls


Washington D.C. – Congressman Chris Collins (NY-27) and Congressman Peter King (NY-2) reintroduced the Renovate and Enhance Veterans’ Meeting Halls and Posts (REVAMP) Act. This legislation will grant organizations access to federal funding for maintenance and improvements to veteran halls and posts.

American Legions and VFW Posts provide a place where veterans can come together to share their stories, get help with VA claims, and get involved in the community,” said Congressman Collins. “I would like to thank Congressman Peter King for once again joining me in introducing this vital legislation that ensures our veterans have the resources they need to maintain and improve their facilities.”

“Veterans organizations like the VFW and American Legion continually provide and open their facilities to our communities,” said Congressman King. “It is only fair that we provide them with the opportunity to upgrade and repair these facilities to ensure continued use.”

The REVAMP Act allows organizations who are classified by the IRS as 501(c)(19) non-profit organizations and comprised primarily of past or present members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their family members to be eligible for funding through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). This legislation uses existing CDBG funding to make veteran organizations eligible for that particular funding and does not add to the deficit

Text of the legislation can be read here.

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Contact Information

2243 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-5265
Fax 202-225-5910

Congressman Chris Collins represents New York’s 27th Congressional District in the House of Representatives. The 27th District of New York includes 105 towns spread out over eight counties in Western New York and the Finger Lakes. The residents of NY-27 first elected Mr. Collins to Congress in November of 2012 and he won reelection in November of 2016 and November of 2018.

Previously, Congressman Collins served on the House Small Business, Agriculture and Science, Space and Technology committees, and The House Energy and Commerce Comittee.

Chris comes to Capitol Hill with extensive experience in both the private and public sectors. Before serving as Erie County Executive, Chris built a career as a business owner and entrepreneur, creating and saving hundreds of American jobs.

Private Sector Businessman

Chris Collins is a successful small businessman with 36 years in the private sector, saving and creating hundreds of good-paying jobs in Erie, Niagara, and Monroe counties. His current companies include:​

  • Mead Supply – Equipment rental company

  • Oxygen Generating Systems Intl. (OGSI) – Oxygen generation machinery

  • Schlyer Machine – Custom design of vivarium cage and bottle washers

  • Volland Electric – Electric repair shop, crane & hoist and electrical distributor

  • ZeptoMetrix Corporation – Biotechnology (infectious disease)

The key to success at all of these companies is the implementation of Lean Six Sigma, which drives efficiency and quality.

The Congressman began his professional career with Westinghouse Electric in 1972, spending eleven years with the company in various positions of increasing responsibility including Manager of the Westinghouse Gear Division. When Westinghouse announced it was closing its Buffalo facility, Collins purchased the assets of the Gear Division and founded Niagara Falls based industrial gear manufacturer Nutall Gear Corporation in 1983.

Erie County Executive

In 2007, Chris Collins was elected Erie County Executive despite a voter enrollment of almost two Democrats for every one Republican. He took over the largest county in Upstate New York with a $1.2 billion budget and 5,000+ employees. At the time, Erie County was effectively bankrupt; having a state imposed control board, no cash surplus, runaway debt, and many roads, bridges, parks, and beaches inoperative. Remarkably, Collins’ business mentality and implementation of Lean Six Sigma resulted in a staggering turnaround for Erie County. In 4 years, Erie was transformed from a county in the worst financial shape of any county in New York State to one with financial prospects and upward trajectory. During his tenure, Collins’ accomplishments included:

  • Reduced overall debt by over $120 million

  • Created a cash surplus in excess of $100 million

  • Reduced county employment by over 1,200 employees (22%) saving $72 million per year

  • Reopened every bridge, road, park and beach that was closed and even rebuilt the historic toboggan runs

  • One of the few large counties to fully pay state imposed pension costs without borrowing

  • Got rid of the State imposed fiscal control authority in 18 months and got approval for a 4 year plan (2012-2015) that would further reduce county debt by another $100 million

Core Values

In Erie County, Collins articulated 6 core values that formed the basis for his decision-making. Now, he carries these core values to Washington as the Congressman for New York’s 27th Congressional District.

  • Smaller Government – reforming the tax code lowering rates and eliminating loopholes

  • Personal Accountability – refusing to increase entitlement programs

  • Local Decision Making – stopping Washington from telling us how to live our lives

  • Fiscal Discipline – balancing the federal budget in 10 years

  • Government that Serves Taxpayers – implementing programs that serve individuals, not interests

  • Respecting Future Generations – ensuring a bright future for our children and grandchildren

Leadership in times of emergency

In February 2008, Erie County experienced a Hepatitis A emergency when an infected employee handled produce at a popular supermarket.  Over the course of several days, the County vaccinated and inoculated 10,000 people to protect the public.  The event was one of the largest vaccination events in the history of the United States.

One year later, tragedy struck Erie County when Continental Flight 3407 crashed in a residential neighborhood, killing all 49 passengers and crew on board, and one person on the ground in Clarence Center.  Collins was one of the first public officials on the ground and immediately declared the situation a State of Emergency. Throughout the night and over the next several days, Collins worked to ensure the cooperation of Erie County departments and other government agencies in the recovery, investigation and family support efforts.

In the summer of 2009, flooding devastated Southern regions of Erie County. Dozens of homeowners lost the contents of their basements and first floors.  Collins mobilized the County’s Emergency Services and Public Works departments to assist local governments in their recovery efforts.  Erie County also successfully lobbied the Federal government to provide FEMA aid dollars to both local governments and individual homeowners.


Chris lives in Clarence, NY with his wife Mary. He has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. He has a BS Mechanical Engineering from NC State and an MBA in Finance from University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is a life-long member of Boy Scouts, an Assistant Scoutmaster, an Eagle Scout, a member of the Executive Board – Greater Niagara Frontier Council (GNFC) and chairman of the GNFC National Jamboree for 2001, 2005, 2010, 2013, and 2017 as well as the World Jamboree for 2007. Chris is the recipient of the prestigious Silver Beaver Award for service to scouting and named 2005 Horizon Citizen of the Year.

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