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Bruce Poliquin


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Poliquin’s Bipartisan Amendment Aimed At Cutting Costs for Lobster Industry Passes Unanimously

2018-07-11 22:03:39

600+ Jobs in Aroostook County: Poliquin Acts to Protect Hardworking Maine Defense Workers

2018-05-23 19:46:16

Senior Safe Act & Small Business Bill Pass House, Clear Path to Becoming Law

2018-05-22 21:50:15

Poliquin Supports Improving Vets’ Health Services & Funding for Maine Hospitals

2018-05-16 20:48:51

With Maine Rural Veterans Health Services On the Line, Poliquin Pushes for Solution

2018-05-08 17:36:05

'Who's Got The Guts?': Poliquin Calls on Politicians to Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment

2018-04-12 20:01:02

Poliquin's Acadia Harvesting and Boundary Bill Passes House, Will Help Protect Hundreds of Jobs

2018-03-13 22:08:21

500 Jobs: Poliquin Calls for Solution to Costly Regs on Local Dam That Could Force Its Removal

2018-02-07 19:12:50

Republicans & Democrats Join to Pass Poliquin’s Bill to Disclose Secret Funds of Iran

2017-12-14 13:22:15

NEWSCENTER Reports on Poliquin at VA Hearing: 'This Mismanagement is Breathtaking'

2017-12-04 22:31:34

Poliquin Pushes for Environmental Protections in Maine

2017-12-01 15:10:19

Addressing Harassment on Capitol Hill

2017-11-29 20:24:55

Rep. Poliquin Stops at Dysart's to Talk About His Family, Lobster and Maine

2017-11-17 19:30:19

Rep. Poliquin’s Third Bill Passes the House This Year

2017-11-08 15:08:25

Rep. Poliquin Questions Former Equifax CEO

2017-10-05 19:15:34

Poliquin & Pingree Work to Remove Harmful Regulations on Maine Urchin Harvesters

2017-09-07 22:11:17

Supporting the Rural Veterans CHOICE Program & Lease for Maine VA Health Clinic

2017-07-28 15:50:43

Ensuring the Horrific Malpractice Reported at Veterans’ Facilities Never Happens Again

2017-06-13 21:39:29

Rep. Poliquin Supports Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Increase for Our Vets

2017-05-23 20:33:01

Rep. Poliquin Speaks on Bill to Help Create Economic Development and New Jobs in Old Town

2017-05-17 22:23:20

Contact Information

426 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-6306
Fax 202-225-2943

Committee Assignments

Financial Services

Veterans Affairs

Congressman Bruce Poliquin is a third generation Mainer from a big-hearted Franco-American family.

Like most central Maine families struggling to get by, Congressman Poliquin’s parents worked hard, spent wisely, and always made time to help their neighbors and volunteer at church. These values led Congressman Poliquin to run for public office and he continues to call on them as the Representative for Maine’s Second Congressional District.

After being elected to Congress, Congressman Poliquin was appointed to the House Financial Services Committee where he works on a wide range of issues related to providing oversight of the financial services sector and helping to grow the American economy.

Prior to Congress, Congressman Poliquin started his business career in Chicago and then the City. It was a big adjustment and tough environment for a small town kid from Maine. However, he worked hard and learned what it takes to create jobs and grow an economy.

In 1989, Congressman Poliquin and his high school sweetheart returned home to Maine and got married. They were excited to start their own family back in Maine among family and long-time friends. Their wonderful son, Sam, was born the following year.

Shortly thereafter, a family tragedy left Congressman Poliquin raising Sam as a single dad while he was still in diapers and using bottles. Congressman Poliquin quickly learned first-hand how fragile and precious life is. He has a deep understanding of how rewarding but challenging it is to raise a child alone.

As State Treasurer, he advanced fiscal discipline, business common sense, and real solutions to Maine’s serious problems. His goal has been to help build a pro-economic growth climate that creates more jobs, less welfare, more liberty, and better lives for our citizens. He helped lead the successful initiative to better secure the retirement benefits for Maine teachers and state employees while addressing the State’s fiscal crisis.

In Congress, Congressman Poliquin will continue to use his life, business and government experiences to help hard-working businesses grow, create jobs and grow Maine’s economy.

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