Bolstering American Security and Freedom

Courtesy of Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.)

Protecting America from an ever-increasing array of threats is a core congressional responsibility inscribed in our nation’s Constitution. Republicans are committed to providing for the common defense and defending allies like Israel on the world stage.

House Republicans are also clear-eyed about the rogue regimes and terror groups that seek every day to undermine American security and freedom. Our strategy for tackling these threats must be dynamic, vigorous, and bold – whether we are seeking to counter China’s malign influence, thwart Iran’s aggressive terrorist activities, or eradicate terror groups such as the Islamic State. Making bad deals with rogue regimes—such as the Obama Iran nuclear deal—can no longer be an option.

Key among our national security challenges today is the war against terrorism. Our fight must be rooted in a clear conditions-based strategy. We must protect the Homeland and secure our borders.

We must also keep an eye to the future and ensure that our country can tackle developing threats and challenges yet to come and unforeseen. And we must make sure that our Service Members have every resource they need to defeat the threats facing America. House Republicans are committed to just that.

On the House Financial Services Committee, my Republican colleagues and I have spent considerable time highlighting the need for new and innovative ways to disrupt illicit and terror financing networks that groups like Hezbollah, for example, use to spread terror, threaten Israel, and fund their illicit activities.

Support for Israel is a central tenant of the Republican agenda. From supporting the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, to recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, House Republicans are committed along with President Trump to defend Israel from her enemies and support her on the world stage.

Republicans have long worked to provide for the national defense. We will continue our efforts to support our brave men and women in uniform—who, through their courageous sacrifice, every day secure the safety and freedom of millions of Americans.