Weekly Republican Address 2/1/14: Reps. Upton, Brooks, Harper, and Roby

Echoing a letter House Republican leaders sent to President Obama yesterday, the Weekly Republican Address for February 1, 2014 features four House Republicans discussing areas of common ground to help create jobs, expand opportunities, and build an America that works for everyone.

Doing the honors are Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN), Rep. Gregg Harper (R-MS), Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL), and Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

“To move our economy forward, we must work together on those issues where we can find common ground,” Chairman Upton said. “The House has acted on several bipartisan bills that will create jobs, embrace our energy abundance, and help improve the health and quality of life for American families.”

“People are tired of the endless political rhetoric from Washington,” Rep. Roby said. “Americans want leaders who will be real with them and talk about ways to fix the problems they are facing. I’m proud to join my fellow Republicans to discuss policy ideas on which both sides should be able to agree.”

“I urge the president to support areas of mutual interest, like the bipartisan, bicameral Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act — a bill that I authored to help some of our nation’s most vulnerable children,” Rep. Harper said.

“House Republicans are focused on creating new opportunities for anyone looking to improve their life with a higher paying job or more useful education,” Rep. Brooks said. “I look forward to joining my colleagues as we discuss common sense steps to make life better for families across America.”