Together, Let’s End Human Trafficking

House Republicans are taking action by voting on several bills that boost support and protection for human trafficking victims, increase and streamline law enforcement resources, enhance victims’ services, and strengthen our laws to ensure that both buyers and sellers engaged in sex trafficking are held accountable for their crimes.


Our nation is in the midst of a criminal epidemic and our children are the target.

Most people think that human trafficking only happens in other countries. But it happens every day right here in America.

Traffickers and their buyers are targeting our sisters and daughters, treating them not as human beings, but as objects to be used for profit and pleasure.

It’s estimated that child sex trafficking in the U.S. is nearly a ten billion dollar industry today.

Today, advances in technology are being used by bad actors to spread this epidemic.

Together, we must step up and stop this horrific crime.

Because our children are not for sale.

Congress is taking action to stop child trafficking. Everyone involved in these crimes must be held accountable.

We must provide crucial resources to victims that will help rebuild their lives.

And we must work to put human traffickers out of business and in jail.

Together, we can treat those who buy and sell other people as criminals.

Together, we can rescue children from oppression and help restore their lives.

And together, we can prevent future children from knowing the horrors of this crime.