Meadows: The President’s Counsel Will Cite The Facts

REP. MARK MEADOWS: Over the next couple of days what you are going to hear from the Trump defense team is a rigorous and vigorous defense using the facts. For the last three days, what we have had is a false narrative, actually I would say a club sandwich filled with unbelievable falsehoods, sandwiched between hyperbole and conjecture, and so as we look at this, it is time that we all allow the American people to see the facts, and when the facts are presented, starting today, what you will see a number of statements that Adam Schiff and my Democrat colleagues on the House Managers team have made are simply not true. And we saw that last night. Adam Schiff was able to offend 53 Republican senators by suggesting the President of the United States said something to him and to them, that all of them knew was not true. And so for the first time they got to experience what we’ve experienced for the last three months is that Adam Schiff is willing to make false statements when he thinks it to his advantage. That will be called out today. It will be called out in the days to come and ultimately the President of the United States will not be only vindicated but he’ll be exonerated from these false claims.