Meadows: Tell Washington Democrats It’s Time To Move On

REP. MARK MEADOWS: Their plan, without getting into the specifics, their plan is really looking at each and every aspect, whether witnesses are brought forward, but also looking at the record of what we have. I can tell you they’ve been preparing for weeks. They’ve looked not only at testimony, but they’ve talked to John Ratcliffe, Jim Jordan, myself, Doug Collins, and others, where we were able to give some historical context and actually a lot of the story that perhaps has not been covered to date that is to the President’s not only defense, but it will be a compelling case for the American people to say, ‘You know what, we need to get all this behind us and start focusing on reducing prescription drug prices, fixing our roads and bridges,’ doing things that are important like keeping the economy going that has been the hallmark of this President’s presidency. 
SANDRA SMITH: Just final thought on that: Sekulow indicating that witnesses are unlikely at this point. Where do you fall on that, likely or unlikely?

REP. MEADOWS: I think witnesses are unlikely. Once the defense team for the President actually presents their case I think it becomes a house of cards and starts to fall down around our House impeachment managers because what they’ll start to see is the dots that they’re connecting actually don’t connect, the lines that they’re drawing paint a picture, but it’s not the picture that would support their case.