McSally: Prioritizing Merit

When Martha McSally (R-AZ), history’s first female fighter pilot to fly in combat, learned about the Administration’s recent decision to exclude the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) from the Arlington National Cemetery, she took action. “The WASPs were the first women to fly planes in the military and stepped up to serve when we needed them most,” says Mcsally. “Now, just like then, they are being told their service isn’t good enough.”

As Republicans build an agenda for a more confident America, Rep. McSally is using her own experience and the challenges she faced to ensure that women who accept the call of duty to serve this country are properly honored – so they may keep making history for generations to come.

“Sexism kept these women from receiving the honored they earned 70 years ago,” McSally says in her op-ed published in The Hill. “Let’s not make the same mistake today. The administration should immediately reverse their decision, but if they refuse to act, Congress will.”

Catch Rep. McSally’s full op-ed on her WASP legislation by CLICKING HERE.