We Don’t Need a Political Fix, We Need a Permanent Solution

WASHINGTON – House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following statement today after the President announced “administrative” changes to Obamacare. 

“The President’s announcement today is further evidence that this health care law is unworkable and unsustainable.  For months the President has enacted myriad modifications, repeals and delays to his own law – and not a single one solves the problem.  We need a permanent solution – not another temporary, political fix – that ensures Americans will be able to keep their plans, their coverage and their doctors.  Today’s newest regulation, coupled with the astoundingly low enrollment numbers released yesterday, reveal that this law is beyond a simple ‘administrative fix.’  It’s a broken law that cannot be fixed unless it is fully repealed.  We need fundamental, long-term solutions that put patients first, not the government.  As we work toward those solutions, the House will vote tomorrow on the Keep Your Plan Act – a one-page bill that gives Americans the certainty they need instead of another temporary fix.  The President’s announcement today simply delays the problem – it doesn’t solve it.”