McMorris Rodgers: Solutions for a better life


Chair McMorris Rodgers, Remarks as Prepared for Delivery:

“I want to tell you about some of the people I’ve met with back home in Eastern Washington: our neighbors in Spokane, struggling to find good-paying jobs; the husband who now works just part time; the Gonzaga student who dropped out of college because she cannot afford tuition; the single mom who lost her coverage and can no longer see her doctor. Now, more than ever, Americans need solutions. Solutions to help create jobs, build a healthy economy, and lead to greater opportunity. Solutions that will empower all Americans – no matter who you are or where you came from. That’s what House Republicans advance every single day.

“Our American solutions – the ones we pass every day – are based on the promise of a better life for every single person in this country. Whether it’s putting more money in people’s paychecks, or providing skills training, or giving people more choice with their health care – we have passed hundreds of solutions to make people’s lives better. Now we need – we urge – the Senate to act on them.

“It’s time to end the Senate’s era of inaction and come together to solve the problems that face those neighbors, that husband, that college student, and that single mom. Our American solutions do that. Now it’s time for the Senate to join us in advancing them.”