McMorris Rodgers: One Year Later, A Reminder of the Work We Have Left To Do

“The VA has systematic failings that must be addressed – a symbolic change in management is not enough.”

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON – Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following statement on the one-year anniversary of the resignation of Veterans Affairs’ Secretary Robert Shinseki. A year after the unacceptable wait times at VA hospitals were revealed and the Secretary of the agency resigned, little progress has been made.

“Our veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, but their struggle should not continue when they return home. Last year, when the abhorrent treatment of our heroes was discovered, I demanded action. Unfortunately, the long wait times, insufficient care, and an unresponsive VA management did not end with the resignation of Secretary Shinseki. The VA has systematic failings that must be addressed – and a symbolic change in management is not enough. In the last month alone, the House has passed several bills that will make our veterans’ lives better, from economic opportunity to accountability within the VA. But this is only the start. I will not waver in my fight to create a a 21st century Department of Veterans Affairs. I look to the future with hope that we can act swiftly and compassionately – to not only demand answers from the VA – but to pass long-term solutions for the veterans who have served our nation.”