McMorris Rodgers Kicks off Women’s History Month, Celebrates Women Making History

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March is Women’s History Month, and as we celebrate the accomplishments of those trailblazers who came before us, this is an opportunity to “…focus on a bright future where every American – especially women – live courageously, follow our hearts, see potential, believe in ourselves, and persevere as someone who makes a difference in the world and leaves a mark,” writes House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers in an op-ed featured on BlogHer. “It’s all part of a Republican agenda to restore a confident America, where every American feels secure in their lives and futures, and where women keep making history for years to come.”

To kick off the month, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) will join Rep. Kristi Noem and Rep. Mimi Walters on Wednesday, March 2, for an online town hall with SheKnows Media. Ahead of Wednesday’s event, McMorris Rodgers highlights the diversity of the women in Congress, celebrate the trailblazers among their ranks, and looks forward to future generations of stronger, more empowered women in her op-ed on BlogHer. Following are highlights from the McMorris Rodgers op-ed:

On Feminism and the Need for Role Models:
[Young girls] need to look up to courageous women in every field who inspire them to dream, so they can say ‘She’s cool. That’s what I want to do, too.’ It’s been nearly 100 years since women earned the right to vote. We’ve overcome quite a bit in the past century, particularly as public servants. We now have a record 104 women in Congress. We are still vastly outnumbered by men, but it’s not always about the numbers. It’s about the values and dynamism that comes with those numbers. It’s about what the representation of the women behind those numbers means for the next generation.”

On Women as Leaders:
“Our Republican Conference is reflective of the nation as a whole. …For women in every corner of this country, we care about achieving a better life for ourselves and for our children, and that’s why we’re tackling five big priorities this year: national security, jobs, health care, upward mobility, and balance of power. What I believe as a lawmaker is what I believe as a mother of two young girls – we should not be defined by where we come from, but empowered by what we can become.”

To read the full op-ed, click here.