House Republicans Give Americans the Balanced Budget They Deserve

WASHINGTON – House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) issued the following statement today upon the release of The Path to Prosperity: A Responsible, Balanced Budget:

“The House Republican budget unveiled today by Chairman Paul Ryan is not just a document full of numbers, charts and graphs. It’s a pledge to our fellow Americans. It’s a pledge to balance the government’s budget within ten years, and to encourage growth and create more opportunity for all Americans.

“Washington spending is out of control, with a national debt already over $16 trillion, and climbing every second. It’s a simple fact that you can’t spend more money than you take in. American families understand this but the Democrats who run Washington don’t, which is why their budget will never balance – ever. This irresponsible spending threatens Americans from every walk of life and at every stage of life. Our college students and recent graduates feel it when they are told to prepare for five years of unemployment. Our seniors feel it when programs like Medicare, which deliver benefits they’ve earned after a lifetime of hard work, are in danger of going bankrupt. These are our moms, dads, children, neighbors, and most importantly our fellow Americans. They deserve a balanced budget. And that’s what House Republicans’ Path to Prosperity provides.”